Learning Assistance Program and Tutoring

The Learning Assistance Program within the Marsha Sharp Center for Student-Athletes provides individualized learning services for student-athletes at Texas Tech University. The mission of the Learning Assistance Program is to build the essential academic skills necessary to allow independent learning while providing the resources that will assist Texas Tech student-athletes in reaching their academic potential. The Learning Assistance Program consists of initiatives that bridge the gap between application and academic excellence:

  • The Learning Specialist Program
  • Psychoeducational Testing Program
  • Tutorial Program
  • Academic Coaching Program

The Learning Specialist Program

Learning Specialists work with student-athletes in individual sessions to overcome learning concerns and build essential academic skills necessary to allow independent learning. They recognize the root causes of learning disabilities and the concerns of under-prepared students and how these affect their classroom performance. Learning Specialists develop detailed academic support plans for student-athletes. These plans can include specific skill areas on which to focus, tutor support needs, time management and organization assistance, and additional educational and developmental services to employ. They act in cooperation with Academic Advisors as a liaison to faculty and coaches to convey student-athlete needs. Learning Specialists also assist in course selection and monitoring of academic performance.

Psychoeducational Testing Program

Every incoming student-athlete completes an initial learning assessment that includes a background history, learning style inventory, and a writing sample. Through this assessment an individual learning profile is created that assists students and MSC staff in utilizing strategies that promote an effective learning environment for each individual. Students will become familiar with their particular learning styles and staff interaction will be crafted to maximize learning potential. These profiles inform the learning specialists of any learning concerns and can identify potential candidates for further psycheducational evaluation. The MSC has positive relationships with numerous doctors/psychologists across Lubbock to serve the needs of our student-athletes when further evaluation is needed.

Tutorial Program

The tutorial services at Texas Tech are divided into two programs - subject and general. The subject tutoring program is based on the notion that some students only need help with content in specific classes. For example, if a student is struggling in chemistry, he/she will receive additional assistance in chemistry. The general tutoring program helps students acclimate to the rigors of college demands. The objective of this program is to help the student-athletes develop positive, quality study skills and learn strategies needed to be successful students.

Texas Tech currently employs over 100 qualified tutors who can tutor well over 750 classes offered at Texas Tech. Each tutor carries over a 3.0 GPA and has spent at least one full semester at Texas Tech. All tutors on staff undergo a thorough initial tutor training which includes all the NCAA compliance/governance and Texas Tech academic integrity rules. Each tutor will also complete at least 15 hours of additional training throughout the semester furthering their knowledge of working with the student-athlete population.

Academic Coaching Program

Academic coaches serve as an extension of the academic counselor. The academic coach will meet with the student-athletes as deemed necessary by the academic counselor. In the sessions, the student-athlete and academic coach will review the current week's work, check the completion of upcoming assignments, and review previous weeks graded assignments for grade verification. The information will also be reviewed with the academic counselor at least once a week. Any information that is of high importance will be shared immediately with the counselor. The academic coach will:

  • Provide organizational assistance to the student-athlete by helping the student-athlete remember their academic priorities throughout the week.
  • Review assignments for completion and ensure they are submitted correctly.
  • Provide accurate academic information to the academic counselor, as well as verify any information that is presented to the academic coach.
  • Help the academic counselor monitor the academic progress of student-athletes whom the counselor may want more contact with but doesn't have the opportunity to meet that particular student-athletes’ academic need.
  • Meet at least once a week with the sport's academic counselor to review the week's meetings and to exchange information about the coming week.

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