Football Recruiting Rules and Information |

Recruiting Materials

  • Recruiting materials and correspondence from Texas Tech may be sent beginning September 1 of the prospects junior year in high school. Examples include: Media Guides, Note Cards and Letters.
  • Questionnaires and camp brochures may be sent prior to September 1.

Electronic Communication

  • Emails/faxes may be sent after September 1 of a prospects junior year by coaches or staff.
  • Coaches may not send text messages to prospects at any time prior to the signing of a NLI.
  • Coaches may not reply to text messages from prospects at any time prior to the signing of a NLI.
  • Coaches may not chat with prospects via a wall feature (Face Book), on message boards or via instant message.
  • Prospects may follow a Coach on Twitter, however a coach may not use the @reply message.

Unofficial Visits

A visit to campus at the prospects expense.

  • Prospects may visit the Texas Tech campus "unofficially" an unlimited number of times.
  • Prospects may receive up to three complimentary admissions to a Texas Tech home athletic event.
  • Unofficial visits are limited to on-campus activities only.

Telephone Calls

Calls are permitted only by a Texas Tech coach and include video calls and returned calls

  • One call from a TTU coach during the spring evaluation period April 15 through May 31 (junior year).
  • Additional calls may not be made by coaches until September 1 of a prospects senior year.
  • After September 1 prospects may receive one call per week outside of a contact period.
  • Calls to prospects are unlimited during a contact period (six weeks in December/January).
  • Calls at a prospects expense are permitted at any time.
  • Toll-free or collect calls are permitted after July 1 following a prospects junior year in high school.


Off-campus recruiting activities designed to assess the academic qualifications and playing ability of prospects. No contacts shall be made during this time.

  • Two evaluations during the April 15-May 31 evaluation period (Four weeks selected by Texas Tech - one academic and one athletic evaluation can occur).
  • One evaluation during the fall evaluation period (September, October, November).


An off-campus face-to-face meeting between a prospect and/or their family and coaching staff members.

  • Coaches may only make contact with prospects during the Dec/Jan contact period (senior year).
  • Coaches are limited to six in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts (including contact with family).
  • One contact per prospect is permitted during each week of the contact period. All contacts occurring on the same day (12:01 a.m. to midnight) shall count as one contact.
  • The head coach is only permitted one off-campus contact with each prospect.

Official Visits

An expense paid trip to visit campus.

  • Prospects may take five official visits. Not more than one to a single institution.
  • Prospects may visit on or after the opening day of classes your senior year in high school.
  • Prospects must present the institution with a transcript and a test score (PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT, PACT PLUS).
  • The official visit must not last longer than 48 hours.
  • Parents or legal guardians must provide their own transportation unless they ride in a car with you.
  • Upon arrival to campus, Texas Tech can pay for lodging and meals of your parents, legal guardians and/or spouse.
  • Prospects may receive three complimentary admissions to a Texas Tech home athletic event.
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