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Jacoby Franks

Jacoby Franks

Sept. 15, 2010

Written by: Jeremiah Washington

When Red Raider fans flock to go watch their favorite team take on their opponent this season, not only will they be chanting and yelling "Go Red Raiders!", they will also be seeing a great amount of "red" filling up the stands as well. Texas Tech Athletics announced a RED OUT initiative that encourages all fans to wear red to every single Texas Tech athletic event at any venue they attend, home or away.

Texas Tech football is undergoing many new and exciting changes this season which include a brand new parking garage for fans during home games, a stadium renovation which now seats up to over 60,000 Red Raider fans, and a new head coach and assistant coaches. With so many new and exciting changes it was fitting that head football coach Tommy Tuberville announced the new RED OUT initiative at the Red Raider club kickoff luncheon back in August.

"It's really important that our fans understand that they are a vital part of all our athletic teams," said Tuberville. "Every coach at Texas Tech has the goal of winning championships and we need our fans to help us every step of the way. When recruits come to our stadium, we want them to see a sea of red. When television cameras scan the crowd, we want people all across the country to see our fans-unified in red. We are the Red Raiders and we are going to show the rest of the world just how great that is."

As soon as the new RED OUT initiative was announced fans went out in a hurry to grab some new Texas Tech red gear.

"I bought two new red shirts," said Bridget Youngblood, senior exercise and sports sciences major at Texas Tech. "I think it is important to support our school and this is a new and easy way for fans to show their support."

"Tons of red clothing has been selling more," said Callie Spry who is senior fashion merchandise major from Abilene, Texas, and an intern at an upscale women's boutique in Lubbock. "People are definitely buying more red for the games."

Students on campus and fans in the Lubbock community are showing their support for the Red Raiders and the new RED OUT initiative. During the Red Raiders season opener against the SMU Mustangs, Jones AT&T Stadium saw a record attendance of 57,528 full of Texas Tech fans showing their support by wearing red.

"I like it. I think it unites us fans in our stadiums and shows huge spirit," said Amanda Mills a senior public relations major from The Woodlands, Texas. "I think everyone should join the fun. I mean otherwise they're the only ones standing out in a sea of red. I think the word should get spread across the town for all the fans that will attend."

Kaysey Pollan who is a resident in the Lubbock community and works as an Emergency Operations Planner at the South Plains Association of Governments says people in her office are excited about the new RED OUT initiative.

"To see co-workers participating in wearing red really gets everybody in the office excited about the game and excited to support the Red Raiders," said Pollan. "I think it's important anytime a school and community can ban together in any sort of unity. It not only boosts the morale of the team and school, but is also intimidating for the opposing school to see."

Not only does RED OUT inspire fans on campus as well as in the Lubbock community, it motivates and gets the athletes excited and ready to play on game day.

Texas Tech football standout wide receiver Lyle Leong who with only two games so far in the 2010 season has had 16 receptions, 217 yards, and 5 touchdowns thinks the new RED OUT initiative is "unique."

"I think it is different and unique. I look forward to seeing it on game day," said Leong. "At the SMU game everybody was real excited to see it in the stands and it pumped everybody up."

Leong's teammate, linebacker Julius Howard, also agrees and thinks it is important for fans to get on board and fill the stadium up with red.

"I think it is very important because we as players feel the energy from the fans," said Howard. "It was exciting to see all the red."

With the students on campus and the fans in the community supporting the RED OUT initiative, other teams should be aware whenever they play the Red Raiders they need to be ready for the RED OUT and a "wipeout".

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