Meyers Siblings Unite at Texas Tech

Kyal and Karlyn Meyers

Kyal and Karlyn Meyers

Nov. 22, 2010

By Ryanne Villareal, Texas Tech Athletics Communications

In a usual weekday practice, the Texas Tech volleyball team is nothing but focused on its next opponent. Junior captain Karlyn Meyers encourages her team in a friendly scrimmage between teammates while inspiring a competitive match between players.

At the end of practice, Coach Beth Falls leaves the team with an inspirational "work hard girls." Karlyn replies with a simple "always," showing her true dedication to her team.

Meyers joined the Tech volleyball team three years ago as a freshman and said though her experience as a student-athlete has been challenging, it's also been a great experience.

"I never realized how much work went into being a collegiate athlete," she said. "But it is so much fun; I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Having volleyball as my job is the best job I could ask for."

This year, Karlyn was joined by her younger brother, Kyal Meyers, making them the only brother-sister duo among Tech's 17 intercollegiate sports.

Kyal is a freshman pole-vaulter on the Tech men's track team, with a seemingly great future. As is the case with all freshmen, he said his first semester has been an adjustment from high school, but it has been a great experience as well.

The two siblings were high school athletes in China Spring, Texas before coming to Tech. Karlyn played volleyball for her mother, Stacy Meyers, and has been watching her brother pole vault since the 7th grade.

"Ever since we were little, she's always been the better athlete because I grew late," said Kyal, who, like his mother, will vault for Tech track and field coach Wes Kittley. "It was always fun trying to compete with her, but it was exciting once I grew a little and got stronger to be able to compete at the same level of intensity as her."

Just 21 months apart, the two are closer than ever this year.

"We live together, so we spend a lot of time together," Karlyn said. "It's just like when we were living at home. We bicker over the same things, like who's doing the dishes and stuff like that. We spend a lot of time together and we have a lot of the same friends so we end up doing a lot together. But we both have our times when we're both busy, so it's not too much."

Even though mom and dad aren't there to regulate arguments, the two seem to be getting along well, supporting each other in their respective sports and in life.

"The best thing is I know I always have someone cheering for me, and she'll always have someone cheering for her," Kyal said. "I go to all the home games and a couple away ones when I can, but I'm pretty busy with track, too. I always let her talk to me about issues she's having, and she's always there for me, too. "

Karlyn said having her brother at Tech inspires a competitiveness in her that is different than any other.

"He'll get out on the volleyball court with me and try to beat me and he's pretty good," Karlyn said. "He knows what he's doing. He's not scared to tell me when I'm not playing well. It's nice to have that person that is not my coach telling me `you need to play better next game.'"

Kyal said living with his sister this year has been a blessing; she makes his lunch for him every day, making it nice to have someone there to always keep him focused.

The two said having a sibling as a fellow student-athlete has taught them life lessons they couldn't have learned anywhere else, while Karlyn added that her brother's natural athletic ability has taught her to challenge herself to work harder.

"He is so naturally athletic that he can pick up anything and just do it," she said. "He didn't have his growth spurt until later in high school, so he worked hard to get as good as everyone when he was smaller and then once he grew, he was the best. He has such a hard work ethic."

Kyal said his sister's dedication to her team has taught him to be persistent. Karlyn is already among the top 10 setters in school history with 1,758 assists in almost three seasons, including 53 last Saturday in Tech's 3-2 victory over Colorado.

"Karlyn has taught me to not give up, and persevere through everything," he said. "Always put God first and He will take care of you."

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