Jones Stadium

Jones Stadium, a reinforced concrete cast-in-place structure which currently seats 50,500 will be renovated and expanded to enhance the spectator's football game day experience. The renovation will provide an enhancement of seating opportunities, including accessible seating at various levels. Approximately 10,000 seats will be added for a total of about 60,500 seats. The stadium was expanded once before in 1961: the east side seating was moved to the east to permit the lowering of the field to its current location of 25 feet below grade. The renovation will enhance all spectator amenities as Jones Stadium moves towards becoming one of the top facilities in the country. These enhancements will include new concession, toilet, and ticket facilities. A new three level press box will be constructed to include 40 suite boxes and 500 club seats. Site improvements will include new trees, plantings, fan amenities, and the relocation of Raider Alley to west of the press box. New field lighting will be included to provide the required lighting levels for nationally televised games. The All Sports Facility located in the south endzone will be expanded to serve the needs of the Athletic Department Administration and provide space for the Red Raider Club offices. There will possibly also be additional VIP boxes added to the area above the current main level.

The existing press box has become undersized and inefficient. Access to the press/VIP facilities is difficult. The new press box will have three levels with new food service and entertaining enhancements. The press box will provide accessible seating and multiple elevator service to each of the three levels. The lower level will consist of 500 stadium club seats and 18 private suite boxes. The middle level will contain 22 private suite boxes. The upper level will include press/operations seating and facilities.

The concourses will be renovated to provide better facilities such as toilets, concessions, novelties, and ticketing to enhance the game day experience for the Texas Tech fans. The renovated concourse will provide circulation through the facility to which is more efficient than currently exists. The new facilities will meet all code and ADA requirements. The existing utility lines will be improved to handle the new construction. This includes electrical, mechanical, and plumbing services.

The All Sports Facility in the south end zone of Jones Stadium will be renovated and expanded to provide up to date facilities for the Texas Tech Athletic Department. The Athletic Department offices and meeting facilities will be renovated and expanded. Medical training and treatment will be consolidated into a single, state of the art, facility. The renovation will include new offices for the Red Raider club. The locker rooms will undergo a facelift and expansion.

The implementation of the "Spanish Renaissance" style of architecture will tie the stadium back to the rest of the campus. The renovation and expansion of Jones Stadium is needed to bring Jones Stadium equal to and ahead of the top collegiate football stadiums in the Big 12 conference and the country.

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