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  • Recognize intercollegiate athletics as an important part of the student and alumni experience.
  • Credit student athletes for their commitment to academic and athletic excellence and their efforts to compete within the rules of each sport.
  • Promote the Big 12 athletic conference by upholding high standards of scholarship, competitive performance and spectator behavior.
  • Develop an appreciation for fairness, openness and support of coaches and players.
  • Avoid negative comments and gestures that dishonor the teams, their schools and the Big 12.
  • Support conference partners competing against non-conference opponents.
  • Support and encourage university spirit teams, marching bands and mascots.
  • Respect the athletic history and traditions of each opponent.
  • Treat spectators, players, coaches and officials courteously, win or lose.
  • Apply these standards of sportsmanship and spectator behavior to individual campuses, stadiums and arenas, communities, and encourage alumni to do likewise.

    (Adopted by the Big 12 Alumni Directors, May 23, 2000)

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