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Honor. Respect. Pride. Tradition.

The Raider Power campaign has a simple objective: To promote spirit and sportsmanship by defining Raider Power as Honor, Respect, Pride and Tradition.

  • Raider Power is honoring Texas Tech as an institution and honoring the game and the opponents during every competitive event.
  • Raider Power is respect for what and who Texas Tech represents and respect for the school and team against whom we are competing.
  • Raider Power is the pride of being a part of the Red and Black of Texas Tech.
  • Raider Power is the tradition of being a fan of the game and about showing the hospitality and friendliness of Texas Tech fans and of the Lubbock community.
  • Raider Power is an attitude, a culture. It is being a true Red Raider fan by showing a tremendous amount of spirit while displaying the ideals of sportsmanship.
  • Raider Power is keeping the home field/home court advantage that every Red Raider team has, but keeping that advantage the right way.
  • Raider Power starts with loving the game and respecting its competitors, officials and every other fan around you.
  • Raider Power is winning...the right way.
  • Raider Power is showing honor, respect, pride and tradition in everything you say and do as a fan of Texas Tech University.

    Every time you see the symbol of Raider Power, remember that there is POWER in numbers and that it does, indeed, matter how you play and support the game.

    I agree to represent Texas Tech with Honor, Respect, Pride and Tradition.

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