May RRC Scholar-Athlete: Henry Todd

May 6, 2014

By Kayla Curry
Texas Tech Athletics Communications

Texas Tech golfer Henry Todd grasped success early and is looking to continue that success as the Red Raider Club May Scholar-Athlete of the Month.

Todd got his start younger than most and it all grew from there.

"I started playing when I was three," Todd said, reminiscing on where it all began, "tournament play when I was seven."

Todd was always surrounded by the sport and just needed a push by a close family member.

"I got started in golf because my dad was really in to golf," the Trophy Club native said. "He wanted me to play, and we live in a town built around a golf course. I've just always been in to all of the junior stuff out there."

Head coach, Greg Sands, noticed him early and Henry was able to leave a lasting impression.

"We recruited him pretty early," Sands said. "It was in between his freshman and sophomore year of high school that he had a really good tournament. He made it to the USA Junior, which is kind of the national championship for juniors."

While the Tech coaching staff was taking notice of Todd's talent, he was looking for a school that felt just right.

"In high school, I just wanted to find a school that I thought was a good fit," Todd said. "I wanted to stay close but far enough away at the same time. I went on visits to North Texas, Houston, and Rice and none of them seemed like they were the right choice. Coach Sands was always great to me. That was really the main reason. I really liked the fit."

Both Todd and the Tech golf program were excited to see what was to come in the next four years.

"He was playing really well at a young age," Sands said, "and he was a big kid so we felt like he could hit the ball a long way and we felt like he was going to be a prototypical college player at an early age. We identified him early and offered him early and thankfully for us he committed to Texas Tech."

Todd came in his freshman year and immediately filled a spot on the starting lineup, along with three other freshmen.

"Freshman year was fun," Todd said. "We had four guys come in and we all started playing right away. It was good for us to build as a team. We could really relate to each other. So I think it was just a really good experience and building process for us because we could all relate to each other."

Although Todd did have some area for improvement on the course, he always had things take care of in the classroom.

"There were some bumps in the road," Sands said. "He had some good tournaments and some things that surprised us. He had some struggles like every freshman, but he handled those well. He always did well academically, so that was never a struggle for him."

Todd said the key to his success academically was to determine what worked best for him to balance as soon as possible.

"Balancing school with golf was difficult at first," the accounting and marketing dual major said. "You just have to learn time management straight away. You can't wait for things to happen. You just have to do it. Trying to figure out practice, school, and homework, and group projects all that takes time but you're just thrown in the mix of it and you have to deal with it right away."

Aligning that balance so early set Todd up for future success.

"I was first team Academic All-Big 12 the last two years," Todd said with pride. "Hopefully I can continue that just because I think that's a good accomplishment to have along with athletic performances."

Todd would like to continue earning this achievement because it shows the world he is more than just an athlete.

"It's something you can brag about," Todd said.

With both success on the course and in the classroom, Sands said a coach can not go wrong with a player like Todd.

"He's a very compliant kid, always does what we ask him to do," Sands said. "He always shows up on time and always practices hard. He's a kid that you'd never have any problems if you had ten Henry Todds on you team."




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