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Undergraduate Program for Athletic Training




Jan. 23, 2012

The Athletic Training Program at Texas Tech University is an undergraduate internship program which prepares students who are interested in pursuing a career in athletic training.

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Once accepted into the athletic training program by the Texas Tech Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, students will major in Exercise and Sports Sciences, with the Athletic Training option. Students will complete a noncredit internship of at least 1,800 hours over a minimum three-year period, under the direct supervision of the university's full-time athletic training staff.

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In addition, students must complete the following courses:
ZOOL 2403,
ESS 3301,
ESS 3305,
ESS 3323,
ESS 4325,
ESS 4327,
and one course from Health, Nutrition, or First Aid (ESS 3321).

Upon completion of these requirements, students will be qualified to sit for the Texas Athletic Training Licensure Examination.

Athletic training students at Texas Tech have the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art facilities with many of the nation's top student-athletes and coaches. The Football Training Facility is home to the main athletic training complex, with five additional training rooms located at various Athletic Department venues. Texas Tech also features one of the finest aquatic therapy centers in the state, which includes a HydroWorx 2000, ThermalPlunge pool, and PolarPlunge pool.

Our current and former athletic training students have enjoyed internships with the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, have experience in major bowl football games and collegiate championships, have been accepted into graduate and allied health schools, and have been employed with high schools, rehabilitation clinics/hospitals, professional sports teams, and in collegiate athletic departments.

Texas Tech Athletics strives for excellence by supporting the total development of the student athlete and departmental staff by providing equitable opportunities for male and female student athletes and promoting diversity throughout the athletic department. The primary goals of the Texas Tech Athletic Training Unit are to prevent athletic injury from occurring and to provide a welcoming and caring atmosphere for the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of all athletic injuries that do occur.



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