May 5 Red Raider Open Quotes

Quotes from the May 5 Red Raider Open at the Fuller Track and Field Complex.

Quotes from the May 5 Red Raider Open at the Fuller Track and Field Complex.
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May 6, 2012

Wes Kittley (Head Coach)

On the performance of today's meet:

"I really believe that this is the best meet we have had all year, and you see this before the Big 12, it makes us really excited about it. A lot of people have broken record tonight, so we are extremely confident going into the Big 12.  We have about seven or eight athletes we have told they need to carry the load, to get us into the national meet."

On the record-breaking 4x100 relay

"They have been wanting to break that record really bad. We switched the girls around, and I think we have finally found a good order for us to run in."

On Gril Roberts' performance in the 400 meter dash:

"I was really worried about Gil running today since he had not ran since Texas Relay's, but he ran really well today, and it was good to have him back. Gil has been an unbelievable leader, even when has been hurt he has been promoting the kids, but one that about Gil is that he is extremely tough."

Associate Head Coach Rock Light 

On Shade Weygandt's performance

"I am so thrilled for her, and she has been battling with her health so to see her come out today and set a personal best - it was really good for her."

On her impact on the pole vault program at Texas Tech

"As far as her performances are concerned, she has put Texas Tech on the map with our women's pole vault program. When she first got here she was setting new school records and won the freshman of the year and so there is obviously a lot of publicity there and had meant so much to our program. 

Assistant Coach Dion Miller 

On the build up for Gil Roberts' 400 meter race

We tried to stay relaxed, and it's always hard for the first one. This is his first race in the open since the indoor season, since coming back from Turkey. There was a lot of things going on with race memory and figuring things out, so we just wanted to keep him relaxed.


"I think he learned a lot since Turkey, and I think he has been hungry. He is just trying to stay humble. He is capable of going out there and competing with the best of them.

"We are excited that he had a good run today, so he can get a good lane at the Big 12 meet."

Senior Taylor Evans

On breaking the school record in the 4x100 relay 

"We felt honored about setting the record.  There are three seniors and one junior on the team, and we have been running that same order for three years, and we wanted the record on our home track. Last time we wanted it so bad, and we got it this time so we are ready."


"Today we were all focused on the same thing, at the same time.  Our coach was telling us to just relax on be comfortable with each other,  do what you have been doing, and just trust in your training."


"We train hard everyday, and we knew that if we keep training, keep our focus, have trust in our marks and the incoming runner we knew we could get the record."


Senior Gil Roberts 

On the expectations for this race: 

"I tried to just focus on what I had to do, and just stay in my own zone." "I have been doing the for some time so I try not to focus on expectations, because mine are higher than everybody else's."


On the carryover from his performance at the IAAF World Championship 

'Istanbul was a good moment for me. Every time I get knocked down I seem to come back stronger, and even better - because that motivates me more. In the indoor season I got off to a great start, but when you lose something, like at Istanbul, it gives you that much more motivation to try harder.  I came back to the states and trained harder than I ever had and the coaches got me right, so this track meet is a great indicator for where I am."

Senior Precious Nwokey

On the momentum that race gives you heading into the Big 12 meet

"I felt like this was a really good meet, and coming into it I had a lot of good practices. I high-jumped really well, and also did really well in the hurdle, so I am definitely ready for conference now." 

On the 100-meter hurdles: 

"Going in to the 100-meter hurdles I knew I needed to compete with Katie, Roxie, and LeTristan. The last home meet I hit hurdles six and seven, so I knew that if I came out here and ran a clean race that I could score a good time."





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