Yearly Hitting Leaders

Year    Average         Hits            RBI             2B                  3B          HR              SB
1997    .426-Ginter     106-Ginter      89-Dillon       29-Landreth         7-Huth      33-Dillon       29-Ginter
1996    .424-Kastelic   114-Kastelic    100-C.Bryant    28-Clapp            8-Clapp     20-Rucker       51-Kastelic
1995    .435-Totman     109-C.Bryant    93-C. Bryant    24-Totman/Bryant    5-Totman    17-Ruecker      46-Kastelic
1994    .373-Welch      65-Bustos       47-Bustos       12-Totman           4-Totman    11-DuRoss       15-Gregg
1993    .373-Kinney     72-Kinney       55-Bustos       15-C. Bryant        6-C. Bryant 12-Bustos       37-Kinney
1992    .304-Shook      62-Shook        48-Shook        12-Shk/Petrie/Klfrd 5-Shook     5-Shook         44-Blasingame
1991    .341-Hammesley  73-Shook        49-Kobza        14-Tijerina         6-Shook     13-Shook        29-Blasingame
1990    .330-Moore      61-Moore        43-Jordan       16-Tijerina         5-M. Adams  12-Jordan       27-Boydston
1989    .373-Kobza      69-Kobza        49-Kobza        14-Arrandondo       7-Kobza/Hrrs10-Kobza/Harris 16-C. Moore
1988    .407-Humphreys  87-Humphreys    73-Humphreys    18-Hernandez        7-Harris    18-Humphreys    23-Deller
1987    .392-Ragan      65-Ragan        57-Humphreys    19-Ragan            2-Chrstinsn 12-Ragan        9-Lowery
1986    .374-Maldonado  76-Maldonado    70-Vidales      17-Vidales          4-Geck      14-Humphreys    17-Lowery
1985    .372-Vidales    68-Dobyns       52-Vidales      15-Gross            3-Drnll/Hwy 12-Howey        10-Dobyns
1984    .306-Grimes     80-Grimes       79-Grimes       22-Michna           3-Howey     24-Grimes       11-Dbys/Sllvn
1983    .368-Zachry     57-Zachry       47-Zachry       10-Allbriton        5-Howey     12-Zachry       11-Sullivan
1982    .336-Grimes     52-Kohler       35-Grimes       12-Kohler           4-Kohler     9-Grimes       9-Dvnsn/Zchy
1981    .372-Kohler     61-Kohler       55-Kohler       14-Kohler           5-Kohler     6-Kolher       15-Dawson
1980    .382-Selby      71-Kohler          Khlr/Wallace 15-Laughlin         4-Kohler    10-Wallace       6-Laughlin
1979    .342-Rankin                                                                     7-Keller
1978    .339-Selby      56-Selby        33-Newton       12-Newton           2-5 tied    4-Keller        4-Vestal
1977    .376-Cowan      68-Cowan        54-Ashby        11-Ashby            6-Ashby     11-Ashby        11-Cowan
1976    .389-Mattson    74-Mattson      46-Mattson      10-Johnston         5-Hlwg/Bwly 8-Bewley        15-Cowan
1975    .359-Johnston   56-Mattson      42-Bewley       7-Ashby             8-Mattson   7-Bewley        11-Mttsn/Hrtn
1974    .336-Kilmere    39-Mattson      19-Mattson      8-Mattson           5-Mattson   3-Bewley        6-Kilmer
1973    .297-Wilkes     23-Lewis        14-Mattson      7-Norris            3-Norris    2-Norris        6-Reese
1972    .475-Ault       70-Ault         50-Ault         10-Hoffpauir        5-Alt/Hffpr 6-Norris        15-Hoffpauir
1971    .369-Ault       54-Ault         35-Ault         10-Owens            5-Ault      6-Norris        26-Walker
1970    .323-Martin     30-Thorley      18-Thorley      10-Thorley/Spain    2-Nrrs/Thrly3-Shaw          8-Walker
1969    .344-Martin     27-Montgomery   13-Martin       6-Owens             3-Martin    3-Walker        7-Walker
1968    .369-Haggard    31-Haggard      12-VanStavern   4-Wtts/Chmpn        2-Montgomry 2-3 tied        12-VanStavern
1967    .309-McIntyre   21-McIntyre     13-McIntyre     8-McIntyre          3-Schuesslr 2-McIntyre      18-McIntyre
1966    u/a
1965    u/a
1964    .364-F.Williams 28-Cannon       18-FWllms/Fldr  4-Cnnon/Fldr        4-Ayers     4-J. Dudley     6-Fielder
1963    .339-B Wilson   23-F. Williams  12-B. Wilson    4-3 tied            1-4 tied    3-B. Wilson     5-Wlsn/Cnnon  
1962    u/a
1961    .417-Willett    28-Willett      31-Davis        5-3 tied            1-Prichard  8-Harrison      4-3 tied
1960    u/a
1959    .429-Garrison   18-Reeves       16-Garrison     5-Reaves            1-5 tied    3-Byd/Grrsn     5-Miller/Allen  
1958    .313-Warren     15-Warren       8-Warren        5-Warren            1-Wetter    1-Dean/Garrison 8-Allen
1957    .343-Henderson  12-Henderson    11-Potter       3-Summers           2-Hunt      2-Huggins       7-Hndrsn/Smmrs
1956    .291-Bigham     18-Garrison     12-Bnghm/Grrisn 3-Smith/Henderson   2-4 tied    3-3 tied    na
1955    .357-Elmer Wilson     n/a       12-Bnghm/Grrisn 5-Wilson            1-Grvs/Hwkn 2-Alxndr/Wddf   
1954    .333-Elmer Wilson     n/a       10-Smith        3-Wilson            1-Mllr/Wrgt 1-Mllr/Smith
1929    .314-Hodges           n/a       11-Marshall     4-Rigney            2-DeWitt    3-Marshall
1928    .354-Marshall         n/a       12-Marshall     3-Rigney            2-Waller    4-Marshall
1927    .347-Marshall         n/a       19-Marshall     3-Kaufman           6-DeWitt    4-Marshall      
1926    .529-Hill           18-Hill     17-Hardwick     4-Curtis            3-Hill/Hydn 2-Curtis        4-3 tied
NOTE:  Hitters must have two official at-bats per game to quality

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