Yearly Pitching Leaders

Year    Wins            Inn Pitched     ERA Leader      Complete Games      Appearances     Saves           Strike Outs
1997    11-Gooding      116.0-Gooding   3.49-Gooding    7-Gooding           28-Ralston      7-Ralston       137-Gooding
1996    12-Miller       110.2-Miller    3.16-Ralston    5-Frush             23-Frush        4-Frush         116-Frush
1995    11-Miller       118.1-T.Smith   2.97-Frush      5-Peck/Mllr/Smith   24-Frush        4-Frush         97-Smith
1994    11-Nye          116.0-Nye       2.25-Nye        7-Nye               18-Peck/Smith   2-Smith         120-Driskill
1993    10-Driskill     120.2-Driskill  2.83-Driskill   9-Driskill          17-Hnnh/Drskll  3-Gage          120-Driskill
1992    10-Brandenburg  145.0-Brndenbrg 2.48-Varney     12-Brandenburg      18-Brandenburg  1-Vrny/Gg/Dvs   107-Brndnbrg  
1991    12-Brandenburg  147.1-Brndenbrg 2.59-Steph      12-Brandenburg       8-Brandenburg  2-Gg/Brunbrg    87-Brndnbrg
1990    9-Chaidez       121.0-Chaidez   4.10-Chaidez    7-Chaidez           17-Chaidez      1-Mct/Krk/Grry  78-Chaidez
1989    7-Beck          91.1-Beck       3.05-Beck       6-Beck              19-Boesiger     2-Shipley       102-Steph
1988    6-Steph         87.1-Beiras     3.98-Steph      5-Steph             23-Shipley      2-Shipley       59-Kirk
1987    6-Beiras        70.2-Beiras     4.62-Schutt     3-Schutt            18-Blck/Mshll   1-Schutt        47-Beiras
1986    7-Vidales/Schut 84.0-Vidales    6.51-Chapin     6-Chapin/Vidales    17-Schtt/Hllck  2-Waite         58-Schutt
1985    6-Marshall      77.1-Marshall   5.43-Chapin     5-Marshall          19-Puckett      2-Waite/Moore   52-Decker
1984    6-Hollock       75.0-Hollock    4.15-Puckett    3-Hollock/Simon     20-Vidales      2-Puckett       41-Hollock
1983    8-McDowell      86.1-McDowell   5.53-McDowell   9-McDowell          14-Lamar        2-Lamar         41-McDowell
1982    5-Carroll       47.0-Petty      3.04-Carroll    4-Carroll           16-Wood         2-Can Anderson  41-Petty
1981    8-Kahrenthold   92.1-Carroll    4.09-Carroll    9-Kahrenthold       unav.           9-Kahrenthold   60-Karenthold
1980    7-Ibarguen      85.0-Ibarguen   4.42-Johnston   13-Ibarguen         21-Johnston     0-              65-Ibarguen
1979    n/a                             3.02-Johnston                       29-Miller
1978    6-R. Hall       81.0-R. Hall    3.42-Moyere     3-Hall/Bolton       19-Jhnstn/Myer  5-M. Johnson    41-R. Hall
1977    8-Black         83.1-House      3.67-House      8-House             15-Black        5-M. Johnson    92-House/Blk
1976    9-House         78.2-Morin      2.88-House      5-House             14-House        8-Black         59-House
1975    5-Moarin        64.1-Runkel     4.20-Runkel     6-Davidson          12-             2-Cummings      46-Runkel
1974    5-Prince        67.2-Prince     4.63-Prince     7-Prince            12-Prince       1-Davidson      53-Prince
1973    3-3 tied        44.1-Bickley    3.66-Bickley    2-Prince/Barnes     NA              1-Prince/Avery  32-Prince
1972    8-Garcia        76.0-Garcia     2.51-Knight     3-Garcia            NA              N/A             109-Garcia
1971    8-Garcia        84.2-Garcia     0.74-Garcia     8-Garcia            NA              NA              113-Garcia
1970    4-Garcia        49.0-Garcia     2.20-Garcia     3-Pierce            NA              NA              63-Garcia
1969    5-Washington    63.1-Washington 1.51-Pierce     2-Pierce            9-Washington    1-Hurt/VanStvn  35-Prince
1968    3-3 tied        45.2-McKean     2.57-Hampton    NA                  9-Callerman     NA              55-Hampton
1967    5--Abbtt/Cllrmn 79.2-Callerman  1.65-Abbott     NA                  NA              NA              58-Callerman
1966    6-Callerman     92.0-Callerman  1.17-Callerman  11-Callerman        12-Callerman    1-Callermann    51-Callerman
1965    unavailable
1964    2-4 tied        36.1-Fox        3.09-Tarter     4--M. Dudley        8-Fox           n/a             28-Ray
1963    9-Tartar/Dudley 58.1-M. Dudley  2.16-M.Dudley   6-M.Dudley          9-TGartar/M.Dudley              36-M.Dudley
1962    unavailable
1961    3-Evans         39.1-Bromley    2.46-Evans      NA                  NA              NA              37-Bromley
1960    unavailable/
1959    2-Mils/J.Johnsn 33.0-J./Johnson 3.32-Curry      2-J. Johnson        5-Jhnsn/Pwll    na              18-J. Johnson
1958    unavailable
1957    3-Chase/Powell  43.2-Chase      3.10-Chase      3-Chase             3-Chase         n/a             31-Powell
1956    3-Chaase        60.0-Chase      4.03-Hawkins    5-Chase             8-Chase         n/a             33-Bradley
1955    1-3 tied        38.1-Reeves     n/a             2-Chase             n/a             n/a             25-Webb
1954    1-Webb          30-Reeves       n/a             1-Webb              n/a             n/a             19-Webb
1929    1-Hill/Howell   26.0-Hill       n/a             4-Hill              n/a             n/a             19-Hill
1928    2-Howell        36.0-Gray       n/a             3-Gray              n/a             n/a             17-Howell
1927    2-Waller        63.0-Waller     n/a             7-Waller            7-Waller        n/a             55-Waller
1926    4-Hill          47.0-Hill       n/a             4-Hill              5-Hill          n/a             26-Hill
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