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Feb. 21, 2010

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Head Coach Dan Spencer

On the team's performance:
"I thought the first game we got a really good start out of Louie (Head) and then Cooper really swallowed up some innings for us. With the pitching staff being a little thin, we need all the help we can get. Offensively, we were pretty good the first game. Obviously, we scored in a lot of innings early and we made it a long day for Michigan. They're a good club. We just played pretty crisp outside of the first play of the game."

"We did. And we needed it, especially on the last days of the weekend. I thought our approaches got better. I thought it was good we had some live at-bats, and our new ones could get through the nerves. We had some good at-bats from some guys who played today for the first time. We thought we had 12 or 13 guys who could hit and that keeps the competition going. We will have Justin Berry back and healthy again next weekend so we'll see how it shakes out."

On Michael Reed's performance:
"It was outstanding. I think (Michael) Reed's going to have a great year. He stretched his groin out a little bit running to on that triple. He could have played that second game but we don't need to lose him for any extended period so we shut him down for the day. He obviously had a great day."

On the test his pitching depth had today in games three and four:
"I thought (Jordan) Stern did a good job, they didn't score. He pitched around some jams. He wasn't very efficient though so that got us in an inning earlier. Brandon (Petite), being a first-timer, wasn't very efficient either. He got some people out for us though and did a good job. Same with Scott (Erzinger), he walked a guy. It was just the combination of giving the opponent too many base runners. We hit too many guys too. I think John (Neely) was amped up and throwing the ball all over the place a little bit. But if you look back at how many runs they scored, which was eight, I know we had eight or ten runners for base on balls or hitting someone so we'll clean that up. I thought our pitching staff did a great job of that the last three games by really minimizing the efficiency issues. The other teams really had to get a hit to get on base. That's how you have to play. We played good defense this weekend. I think the pitching will clean up now that some of them got experience, like Brandon (Petite) and (John) Neely. Those guys are reliable guys and they will be."



On Barrett Barnes being named Most Valuable Player of the Red Raider Classic:
"I think that's good. Barrett's a great player. Now the reports are going to get out so people are going to start pitching him tough, and with him batting in the three hole, there's no doubt they will. He's in a pretty good position though because he's hitting right in front of (Scott) LeJeune. Everyone knows he (LeJeune) can hit. So if Barrett (Barnes) can stick with it, and manage the peaks and valleys of being a good player and being a freshman in this league, he's going to do great."

Outfielder Michael Reed

On his 5-for-5 performance at the plate in the 18-5 win over Michigan today:
"I just came out wanting to put a lot of barrel on the ball. I haven't been squaring up well lately so I just tried to make solid contact all day."

On the team's overall performance all weekend:
"We came out really strong. We had a lot of great pitching and the defense backed it up. Also, our hitting was timely."

On Coach Spencer's message after last night's 4-2 victory over Michigan:
"He just said we needed to come out swinging because they will be looking for revenge. So I think we just came out looking to put the ball in play."

On the upcoming match-up against New Mexico on Tuesday:
"We have to come out and play hard like we do every day. We have to have great pitching, solid defense and timely hitting and we'll do great."

Outfielder Barrett Barnes

On his overall weekend performance:
"I didn't expect to probably play as well as I did but I always come out expecting to play good and to help my team win a ball game. But this weekend was definitely a special weekend. It was a blessing. I had a lot of fun. We all played well as a team and came out with four wins. Can't ask for anything more than that."

On the older guys commenting on "how are you this good?"
"I've been around of it my whole life because I'm a little younger, I skipped a grade, so I've always played with older kids. I've grown used to it over the years."

On being named Most Valuable Player of the 2010 Red Raider Classic:
"It was kind of shocking because today I didn't have such a great day. I felt good at the plate, but things just weren't going my way. But I'm proud I got the MVP. I feel good about it. I've never gotten an award like that before, so it was a first for me. I was really excited."

On as the season progresses and facing tougher pitchers/pitching:
"I expect things to get a lot tougher when we start playing better teams, especially on Tuesday when we play New Mexico, who is coming off their two big wins over Texas. That should be a challenge. I'm just looking forward to it though, to come out here, have fun and win some more ball games."


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