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Feb. 26, 2010

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Head Coach Dan Spencer

On tonight's loss to Washington State:
"That was a real good game. Both teams played well defensively. They made a couple of really good plays in the outfield that kept us off the board again by adding another run. But the line is fine, the margin for error is slim when they have a good bullpen and we knew they did. They pitched real guys. You can't walk the leadoff guy in the eighth, and then hit the next guy. And then you're in a position where the next guy makes a perfect bunt, he earned it, he did his job and now we have the bases loaded and they haven't hit a ball past the infield. That's frustrating, giving up runs late. But we'll bounce back. We'll show up again tomorrow. They're a good club, a solid bunch. I thought that was a good ball game."

On his team facing adversity for the first time this season:
"I think that'll be important for our guys especially with Bethune-Cookman coming up. They are a good club and our guys need to respect them. We're going to be fighting for our lives early in the game so we need to make sure we show up with the right intensity and attitude and get after them."

On reliever Jay Johnson's performance tonight:
"I think he was all right. He is always amped up. I thought his stuff was fine. I thought he got in to frustration after he hit a guy and put himself in a tough situation. You get a guy with the bases loaded and now they're swinging early in the count because they have men in scoring position. It was just a tough situation because we didn't kill a couple of guys early in the inning."

On starting pitcher Bobby Doran's performance tonight:
"Bobby was great. I thought that, with men on base, he was really good. When he was real aggressive and got the leadoff guy out, he was clean. He pitched out of trouble and showed a lot of character and courage. He gave us a tremendous start."



Shortstop Joey Kenworthy

On tonight's loss to Washington State (the first of the season):
"It was bound to happen. Coach Spencer just said to come back tomorrow, put it behind us, and come ready to compete against Bethune-Cookman because they are going to come out competing as well."

On Washington State:
"They are great competitors over there. They did a good job of staying on our pitching staff, staying with their approach at the plate and they didn't shy away from it. They did a good job of fighting for all nine innings."

On facing adversity for the first time this season:
"I think we will be fine. I think Coach Spencer is really good at just turning things around and having a short memory. Baseball's a game where you just have to put things behind you really quickly and I think we will do that tomorrow. He just told us to come with the same approach and we will be fine against B-CU."

On giving up runs in the late innings of the game:
"You can't ignore that because that was a huge part of our loss tonight. I think tomorrow, in the seventh, eighth and ninth innings, we are going to have a different mentality on the mound. They'll (the pitching staff) come back and bounce back tomorrow and do their job and we will do ours."

Pitcher Bobby Doran

On tonight's loss to Washington State:
"We just have to come out tomorrow and do what we do best: hit the ball a little bit, pitch it and try to get back in the win column."

On his ability to pitch well with runners on base:
"It is a good feeling to be able to pitch with runners in scoring position and be able to get us out of situations. I hope I don't have to pitch that much again with those many runners on base though."

On his second start in comparison to his first start of the season:
"Well I went further, hey that's improvement. I went almost three innings further, so that's a good thing. I threw more strikes this time. I didn't exactly know where the ball was going but I'll take it."

On Washington State's performance tonight:
"They like to hit the ball. They don't hit anything soft really either. It seemed like everything they made contact with was hard. You just have to can this and move on."

Pitcher Jay Johnson

On tonight's loss to Washington State:
"It's the game of baseball. It happens sometimes. Coming out in the eighth, I wasn't as sure as I have been. I was just sticking to the game plan. I was going to throw fastballs and see if they could hit them. Tonight they could and tomorrow and Sunday, I'm going to make that not happen."

On Washington State:
"They're a good team. A bunch of strong kids. They have some strong hands and they can hit the ball in the iron part of the plate. We just need to try and get more ground balls and get the ball out of the air with this wind."

On the team facing adversity for the first time this season:
"We're good. We have a lot of leadership on the field and in the dugout. Joey (Kenworthy), (Taylor) Ashby, they've been here a while. We know how to be a good team. We've got a good group of guys who can really play. Strong heads. We're going to bounce back and finish this weekend out well and then go down to Houston and win there too."


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