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March 23, 2010

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Head Coach Dan Spencer

On his thoughts about majority of his starting lineup:
"I like our lineup. With a left-handed starter, we basically flipped (Stephen) Hagen for (Kevin) Whitehead in that group. Hagen did his job. He handles left-handers pretty well. He hit a home run, a double and got us going a little bit. It's nice. I was wondering when we were going to get a hit. By nature, we've had some trouble with soft left-handers. We had a little trouble with their guy today. We were fortunate that (Brandon) Petite gave us a great start and kept us in the game and didn't dig us a hole. He did a great job."

On giving starting pitcher Brandon Petite more chances to prove himself:
"We kept running him out there. For him, if he can solidify into a legitimate fourth starter and give us that option and progress, we may have something more than that at the end of the year. I hope he'll build on this one and be real good for us next time he goes out. Basically, we got him out of the game because he hadn't really been to 75 pitches yet. He's tried to throw 60-65 (pitches) in the innings he's worked before but spreading him out over that much time. We got in that inning and he walked the leadoff hitter so we went to our bullpen. Brandon (Petite) really did a good job and kept the tempo going. Outside of the one guy who wore him out, his stuff was pretty good."

On if Brandon Petite had a different approach coming into today's game:
"Only thing he really did was throw more strikes. He threw his fastball on both sides of the plate and that makes that slider, a pretty good pitch, it makes it pay off. That's really what he did.

"He's a talented kid. After those home runs, he got after the next batter both times. That's a big thing to see with young guys. After you give up a home run, usually, then you walk the next guy and then you're in a mess. But he didn't do that. He gave up a couple solo homers, and in this park today, that's not a bad deal. The wind was kicking pretty good for a while. He did a great job and was a great win for him."

On the production the bottom of the batting order gave today:
"I think our bottom of the order was more suited with a left-handed pitcher. Those right-handed bats down there against a left-hander really did a great job. We've had a lot of production out of the bottom of the order. Whether it's (Kevin Whitehead) Whitey or (Stephen) Hagen and then (Jeremy) Mayo's down there hitting six. (Taylor) Ashby is hitting in the seven hole but he's down there for a reason because he drives in runs. Taylor (Ashby) just gives us a real veteran presence and he's just an RBI machine down there. We don't mess with him. Every time you are tempted to move him up, his hole comes up with two men on in the seventh so we just leave him there."

On leadoff hitter Jamodrick McGruder:
"McGruder is a lightening rod. Unfortunately with J-Mac, he's young so you have to live with some of the explosiveness and some of the `I'm going to get picked off' every now and then. We just have to show him some film. I wouldn't trade what he brings for another guy who won't get picked off. If he doesn't get picked off at third with two outs in the ninth, we've talked about that. I don't think we'll have that happen again."

On lineup changes once some of the injured players return:
"Pops (Nick Popescu) is going to probably find his way back in the lineup. Other than that, I like the guys we have on the field. We would like to have everybody healthy and have the field covered. I think Bo (Altobelli) has done a good job at third base. He got a big hit for us tonight. He's played admirably considering he's a catcher. I think he's done a great job. Being on the turf, I think, helps him because this is the place that he's had the most work, defensively. He played a little bit of third base for us in the fall. We're hoping Pops can play this weekend. If he can't, we'll play Bo (Altobelli) and we may play Bo (Altobelli) anyways because he's playing pretty well. We'll see where we are at."

On the team's confidence scoring late in the game today:
"I think confidence yeah. I think they are a confident group. I don't foresee them not being confident. The extra runs. The 6-4 game in the ninth, I already had a stomachache the way it was there. Just scoring late and keeping the pressure on, it lets you do some things we shouldn't do in the ninth, like walk hitters, and still get a win."

On the starting pitcher for tomorrow's matchup against TAMU-CC:
"We're going to go (Ben) Flora tomorrow. We're in to our pitching. Benny's (Ben Flora) been a guy who's thrown for us, not as a starter but we're going to try and get 45 pitches out of him tomorrow and get back into our bullpen and see what we have."

Pitcher Brandon Petite

On his pitching performance tonight:
"I just tried to follow in Chad's (Bettis) footsteps from the game at A&M and keep it going. I just wanted to get as many zeros as I could."

On if he had different approach coming into tonight's game:
"I was pitching with confidence today. Instead of throwing a pitch and hoping they didn't hit it, I just threw to contact, threw my slider for strikes and they swung and missed."

On if it was a relief to get a good outing:
"It's good. It's finally good to throw a good solid five innings."

On the two home runs he gave up to TAMU-CC's Matt Holland tonight:
"He kind of had my number tonight. I couldn't throw a ball by him today. He just hit everything I threw. Other than that, I felt like I did a pretty good job."

Infielder Jamodrick McGruder

On being the leadoff hitter:
"I've been at the top my whole life. That's me. I'm a leadoff hitter. That's how I've been my whole life."

On his team-leading eight game hitting streak:
"I'm just trying to get on base and do my job. Just get on base any ways I can."

On Coach Spencer's comment about helping him with not getting picked off on base:
"I just want to steal as many bags as I can but I need to calm down a little bit. I'm getting thrown out a little bit too much."

On what this two-game winning streak means going into this weekend against Texas:
"This is big going into this weekend, especially playing Texas. It's the best thing we can do, get two wins and go into Texas and see what happens."

On lineup changes once some of the injured players return:
"Pops (Nick Popescu) at third base. I don't know where I'll be but I just want to play. Just put me in the game."




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