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April 2, 2010

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Head Coach Dan Spencer

On his take on the game and the events prior to first pitch:
"We've seen runs scored in our park and all over the league, so for Bobby (Doran) to go six and get us to Chad (Bettis) and get into the seventh with Chad (Bettis) , and for Chad (Bettis) to pitch out of that jam a little bit and get a double-play ball and for us to score four more (runs), it kind of ices it. A lot of it is trying to install a killer instinct in your guys, and they did a good job tonight of staying on the gas and scoring runs when we needed to keep scoring. You can't say enough about a guy like Mike Reed, who's sick-sick and throws up this morning, and (Scott) LeJeune gets hit in the head, and we say `hey, you know what, you need to play,' and he says, `Oh, I'll play. I only get dizzy when I'm running.' It makes you feel good when you're running in the outfield, and the wind's blowing in the sun. The option was a dizzy Mike (Reed) in left or (Scott) LeJeune seeing double in right, so we sat (Scott) LeJeune and rested him. He only had four knocks yesterday, so you've got to earn you keep around here. Hopefully, Scotty (LeJeune) will be fine tomorrow, and we'll play them both and see if we can't win again."

On freshman Jamodrick McGruder's performance tonight:
"He's a special kid; he's a special athlete, but he's a very good competitor and he's a fearless kid. He works hard on his game, and he understands what he's trying to do. The thing about Jamodrick is I'm sure the wind helped that ball a little bit (on the home run), but that ball hit in the first inning was scorched, and we've seen him hit balls like that in other ballparks. The thing is Jamodrick can leave the house and he can bunt for a single, so he's the whole package. As long as he keeps playing defense like he's playing, he's an explosive player, no doubt about it. I'm sure glad he's wearing the Red Raider (uniform).

Infielder Jamodrick McGruder

On the team recovering from injury:
"We were kind of down for a little bit, but then we just had to play through it. Good teams play through things." On the seven-run third inning:
"The seven runs were a big deal. Coach (Spencer) was telling us that we needed to put it on them and we went out there and did it."

On getting the first series win of the season:
"It is very exciting to get the series win, but we have to go out and get another one tomorrow."

Designated Hitter Kevin Whitehead

On the seven-run third inning:
"It was great. Obviously things are going to go your way when you put up seven but older guys ran out great at bats and we ran them out all day. Barrett (Barnes) put out a great bunt, (Taylor) Ashby put down a great bunt, Mike Reed, you know still sick, he did get two hits but still getting into the rhythm. We just hit them where we were supposed to and we did a good job there."

On the hitting despite the injuries and illness:
"We are all locked in but when (Michael) Reed gets sick, we have Bonham Hough off the bench, a really experienced guy. We are pretty deep hitting, we have a lot of confidence in whoever is out there. We have five guys on the bench who we feel can go out there and do well. It is unfortunate having them out, but other guys get chances and they are just as locked in."




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