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April 18, 2010

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Texas Tech Head Coach Dan Spencer

On winning three consecutive Big 12 series:
"We don't have a lot of bodies but we have tough kids. We don't have a lot of numbers, obviously, on the mound but we are getting just about everything they have out of them. So, as long as we continue to do that and we continue to get better. We have to progress Jay (Johnson) and he knows it. Jay needs to throw more strikes so he can pitch longer and deeper into games. For his second start, against a good offensive club, I know he pitched around some walks, but the thing about Jay is you know he is going to compete and you can live with that. Especially when you have Chad (Bettis) at the end, you can live with that. We scored enough runs early to put a little pressure on them and relax a little bit ourselves and it played out just like the Red Raiders wanted it."

On starting pitcher Jay Johnson's performance:
"I think he is getting better. I know he walked too many guys, and he knows that. He is getting better. I know I feel more comfortable. I am getting more comfortable with him. He is learning to control his emotions and we talked today. Don't go to effort go to command. He is getting better and the thing about Jay is if Jay gets rolling we really have to a couple of weapons in the starters in (Bobby) Doran and Jay. With Chad at the back and the rest of those guys filling in, we have a chance."

On Jay Johnson controlling his emotions:
The book is out there that he is (very emotional). The other club has a tendency to run their mouth at him and try and get him off his deal, try and get him all sparked up. He has done a good job of controlling his emotions. He is a tough kid and we are glad he is a Raider."

Pitcher Chad Bettis

On if coming into the game earlier than normal in the sixth inning affected him any: "No, not at all. I knew coming into today that I had nine outs guaranteed, whether or not they wanted to give them to me or not, I wanted to take it. So coming in for those extra three outs didn't affect me at all. It was a lot of fun coming out and facing these same guys again."

On what it means for this team winning their third consecutive Big 12 series:
"It's great. It's a step in the right direction for sure. We are progressing in the right way. Winning three, our confidence level is going up. We're just excited to see where we stand at the end of they year."

On if the team is making a push for the postseason right now:
"I think that's exactly right. Coming out here and getting another great start from Jay Johnson was a huge step for our pitching staff in general. Everyone believes in everyone behind them and as a pitching staff, we are starting to make plays like we should be."

On the team's improvement from March:
"I think we're progressing in the right way, like I said. I don't think we're at the top of our game yet but that's where we're headed. Back in March, we had that seven-game losing streak which took a toll on us as a team. We're just going to remember that and make sure it doesn't happen again."

On the team's effort as a whole:
"Everyone's giving it their all. We're just progressing as a team and individually, everyone is making sure that if you believe in the person behind you that can get their job done, it will take less stress off you."

Pitcher Jay Johnson

On today's series-clenching win against Oklahoma: "It feels good. I didn't have really good stuff but I was able to get guys out and compete a little bit. I just kind of worked from there and I got guys out. I got in a little trouble there in the third and fourth (innings) but luckily, Colt Farrar came in and got a big double play and then Chad (Bettis) closed it out."

On the team's confidence level right now:
"We've got a lot of confidence right now in the dugout and in the clubhouse. Guys are clicking and everything is going well right now."

On how much today's win over Oklahoma means for the team and the season:
"A series win is real big. That's what we try to do. We run out there every weekend to hopefully get a series win. In the Big 12, that's tough to do. We're playing well. We're hitting well and pitching well. If we keep going with that, take care of the ball, we'll get a couple more series wins."

On gaining respect throughout the conference:
"Absolutely. We've got a lot of guys in there who can play. People are starting to see that and people are recognizing that. Hopefully we'll start getting a little more respect going into weekends and keep on winning them."

Outfielder Michael Reed

On coming back after losing the first game of the series:
"After the first game, we knew we just needed to bounce back after the loss and give it our best effort, and come back and win the next two."

On having a comeback mentality:
"Every time we get down we know we are going to have to battle back and we just can't let it get to us once we get down early. We just have to keep striking."

On the confidence level of the team:
"It is pretty high right now, but we can't let it get too high. We have to come out and take care of our business like we do every weekend."

Oklahoma Head Coach Sunny Golloway

On his team's performance in today's loss:
"We had opportunities even before we brought (Ryan) Duke in, but we left guys on. Our DH Max White came on, I don't know how many opportunities to drive in runs and he's a good hitter, but he's really frustrated. We didn't have a plan, I didn't know how long we would go with Duke and they had us right there from the first inning on and we were struggling just to try and stick around. That's not how we had it scripted up and not one of those things where it was a could-have or should-have. We got beat soundly in two games and we understand when their No. 1 (John Neely) got hurt and broke his hand they didn't change their rotation. They do a good job of setting teams up. We've got a young club of all freshmen and sophomores and we got set up by the 12-1 win and we thought it would be easy. You can tell them until you're blue in the face but they've got to live it. You can look at the rankings and we're 11th or 12th in the country but that's not where we are. Clearly, Texas Tech is a better baseball team and that's hard for me to say, but they're a better team than we are today."

On Texas Tech's team:
"We could have got out of the inning on two of those balls and not given up any runs. I think that really hurt us and we're pressing. I think, right now, Texas Tech is a better baseball team than us. (Barrett) Barnes is clearly a better hitter than anybody we've got in our lineup and the arms that they rolled out, (Bobby) Doran and then with (Chad) Bettis closing that's better than anything we've got. That's what I had to tell my club and that's not a 'feel sorry for Oklahoma,' that's not the case. Right now, we've got to understand that Texas Tech's a better team, Texas Tech's ranked higher in the Big 12 for a reason. They won it on the field. If we want to do anything to salvage our season we've got to work hard and get better."

On his team overall:
"What's frustrating is I think that when we got a lot of practice time early in the year, we'd have a pretty good team. We were fundamentally sound and we were pretty good. Now we're just playing games all the time and players have run away from the fundamentals of the game. That's truly what I think got us beat this weekend was not playing fundamental baseball. We're not attacking balls in the zone, we're chasing balls out of the zone and we're letting too much of the emotion of the game get involved, and then not fielding routine balls."




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