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April 21, 2010

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Texas Tech Head Coach Dan Spencer

On his team's performance in today's win:
"We were not good offensively. We had enough hits, we just didn't do anything with them. We ground into double plays the least amount of any club in the Big 12 and we did it three times today. We pitched well though and we threw a lot of strikes and we played good defense. That will give you a chance to win even when you don't score. We'll take it. They played well. Their guys pitched; they threw strikes. They made all the plays they were supposed to make. We'll take the win."

On his pitching staff's effort when the offense struggled today:
"It was real good. Brennan Stewart and Colt (Farrar) were outstanding. They both did a good job. This club (Alabama A&M) struggles offensively, obviously we saw that last night. They're a danger still, though, because they can run. If we minimize their chances and the times they get to first base by throwing strikes, you got a chance. Our guys did that. We did a better job with the running game as far as holding and picking today. We're not too proud to take the 3-0 win at all anywhere."

On if the offense thought today would be easy after last night's big 18-4 win over the Bulldogs:
"I told them yesterday that today would be a harder game because you guys have been out here, scored some runs and you've seen them play so the natural reaction is to start thinking about going to Kansas. You're always waiting for someone else to do something instead of locking in and doing it yourself. The next thing you know, it's in the sixth inning and it's 0-0 and now anything can happen. Hopefully we'll learn from it and we'll move on. We'll take the win. Sometimes you have to win ugly. It's a baseball game. We'll take it."

On if his team is playing their best baseball right now:
"I think we're playing pretty well. I think it all comes down to how good of a start we get on the mound. If we get a pretty good start, you've got a dogfight on your hands. If we don't, we're going to be trailing and chasing then in to the part of the bullpen that pitches when we're behind like they did Saturday here against Oklahoma. When we get a pretty good start, we've got a pretty good chance to do something. We need to be good offensively early. We were last night, we were at times against Oklahoma this weekend but we need to take a little pressure off that starting pitcher and really execute offensively to give him a little room to breathe with a two, three run lead. Those are nicer to pitch with."

On what junior closer Chad Bettis has meant to the Red Raider baseball program:
"In my opinion, last year, he was the most valuable player for us and in the league for us. I think the same thing again today. The closer role is made for him. Because of the kind of athlete he is, he can repeat and throw on a bunch of days. I would hate to think where we would be this year, especially with all the guys hurt, without him."

Third Baseman Nick Popescu

On the difference between last night's offense and today's offense:
"We had some good at-bats and we obviously had some bad at-bats. Sometimes when you put up 18 runs the night before, things like that happen. You just try to scrap through it and get runners on base and get some knocks early on. Our pitching was phenomenal today. Brennan Stewart got up there and threw strikes and Colt Farrar finished then we had Chad Bettis throw that one pitch. Just throw strikes. That's the whole thing, you get a 3-0 shutout win, that's all about pitching right there."

On the team's ability normally to get key hits unlike in today's game:
"I think it was just not being ourselves, chasing a few extra pitches. As soon as we settled down, all of us had some great at-bats later in the game. It was all about pitching today. Our offense last night showed up and our pitching backed us up today.

On the team's attitude and progression heading into the Kansas series this weekend:
"I feel like three weekends ago, starting against Kansas State, they were highly ranked and we came in here and did our thing. We went to Oklahoma State, and then Oklahoma came in here. Now we've got two wins during midweek. We're off to a great start midweek and we're looking to continue that in Lawrence."

Pitcher Chad Bettis

On tying the school record for all-time career saves as a Red Raider with 14:
"To be tied with one of the greats and with 14 saves, it's a great experience and a great honor. I just hope I can keep it rolling into this weekend and the rest of this year."

On his performance, one pitch, in today's win:
No I wasn't (expecting to pitch today) actually. We put up a bunch of zeros, which was good for us but the offense struggled a little bit early but they came through and we still got the win. It was a little ugly but we still got it. I had to come out here and throw just that one out which was really nice."

On how the team is playing right now:
"I think we have that right swagger. We're not too overconfident and I don't think that we'll ever get there. I think the way we're playing right now is how we should be playing and how I hope we play the rest of the year. We have this swagger and we know that we can get jobs done even if we struggle early or late hopefully we just pick each other up."

On possibly overlooking Kansas because of their standings in the Big 12 right now:
"Not shot. We need to come out there with the fight in us to know that anyone can beat us and also, we can beat anyone. So we just have to play with that potential we have and the swagger we have right now."




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