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April 30, 2010

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Texas Tech Head Coach Dan Spencer

On the tough 12-8 extra inning loss to Missouri tonight:
"We had chances to win it. We had our guy in the game. It didn't play out for us. We fought our way back into a game, and we just couldn't close it out."

On tonight's game and the missed opportunities to win the game:
"He (Jeff Emens) did a good job and made some pitches. I don't know if we overtried in a couple of situations at the end. But unfortunately, that's baseball and getting beat late hurts the worst especially when you come back from seven runs down to tie and in a position to win it, but you don't get it done. We'll come back tomorrow, get after them and see if we can't win a ball game."

On Chad Bettis' extended performance tonight affecting his availability for the rest of the series: "I know he'll be ready to go tomorrow, probably in a shorter deal. It's hard when you fire your bullet and you don't win. We need a good start out of Bobby (Doran) and we need to score some runs early."

On the momentum swing to Missouri after leaving three men on base in the bottom of the 10th inning:
"You can feel it in baseball. You can feel it swing a little bit. You get right to the end with a chance to win at the end and you think you are going to win it and it's going to be over and done. And then it doesn't. Then we give them more opportunities in their half and we got beat."

On if he ever considered pulling Chad Bettis earlier to save him for the next two games:
"We had a guy getting hot but then they scored some runs, so we had our guy hot and in the last hitter, Chad (Bettis) got him out. That would have been his last hitter."

On how he feels the team will respond to tonight's tough loss:
"I'm not really worried about how they will respond. I think they will respond with a lot of fire and take care of their business. They understand that they have a good club, we have a good club. We're going to need to show up. I expect us to be good tomorrow."

On if the familiarity of being down 0-1 in a series will help the team going into the rest of the weekend: "Yeah, just a little more painful because you got close and had the thing in the deal. It's not different though. They've always fought. They always fight back. I don't worry about that."

Third Baseman Nick Popescu

On tonight's game and too many missed opportunities to win the game:
"That's just part of baseball-sometimes you win, you lose. Part of the big test is coming back the next day. That just shows the character we have. We were down 7-0 and we came back, fought back. Sometimes things just don't go your way and you have to battle and regroup. The good thing about baseball is you always play the next day."

On the momentum swing to Missouri after leaving three men on base in the bottom of the 10th inning:
"It's never fun when you have opportunities like that and then not succeeding. But at the same time, with Chad Bettis on the mound, we knew we had a chance to win and that's all that matters. All we were looking for was to compete at the plate and that's what we were getting with Chad on the mound. He did a great job."

On if the familiarity of being down 0-1 in a series will help the team going into the rest of the weekend:
"It surely helps. We always have faith in Bobby Doran and Jay (Johnson) coming through on Sunday. We're looking forward to coming out here tomorrow. We had a great finish-things just don't always go your way."

Pitcher Chad Bettis

On his performance tonight:
"I made a lot of bad pitches that last inning. My change-up just flattened out on me. I should've recognized that a little earlier in the inning but I kept throwing it thinking it would break a little bit more. I threw that ball a little wide to Jamodrick (McGruder). It's really disappointing this outing."

On how throwing as many pitches as he did tonight affects his availability for the rest of the series:
"It affects me just because I'm ready to get back out here and go again. But I don't think it will affect us much. I know Bobby Doran is going to give us a great start tomorrow and Jay Johnson on Sunday. Hopefully, I can get back in shape and do enough things tonight that I can be up tomorrow."

On whether or not he would be able to throw in both Saturday and Sunday's games:
"It'd be tough to see Sunday but it depends on how long I go Saturday, if I get extended or not. I'm going to do everything I can to get back out here Saturday and Sunday."

On if the familiarity of being down 0-1 in a series will help the team going into the rest of the weekend:
"It just teaches us whether it's this bad losing, in the 11th inning or getting beat real bad by Kansas, it just teaches you we are really close to being a great team. We're just still good right now. We've got a lot of things to keep doing and keep doing right. We just have to come out here tomorrow and get a `W'."

Missouri Head Coach Tim Jamieson

On both teams using their closer for an extended time:
"Whoever won that game was going to be in a lot better shape because we used our closer and they both threw about the same amount of pitches and innings. If you throw either one tomorrow, then, you also worry about what they are going to be like on Sunday. We did a great job pitching out of an inning and then setting up another inning with a really great pitcher."

On the change of momentum from the 10th to the 11th inning after Tech left bases loaded:
"Well, everyone in the ballpark thought the game was over and I think there were probably some guys on our bench that thought it was over as well. Then, when you get out of it then they believe in you. You are dealing with college kids so momentum got back in our dugout."

On this game being a growing up experience:
"Hopefully. I think we have had some along the way and this is just another one along the way. This is a big win for us because they are playing good and they have always played well."




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