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May 1, 2010

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Texas Tech Head Coach Dan Spencer

On today's win over Missouri 5-4 to even the series at one a piece:
"They're not ever going to be easy in this league. The way it broke for us, the weekend like it did, we drew their number one guy today. So we knew it was going to be a dogfight. I thought we did a nice job with him offensively not a great job but a very good job. He's a high-end guy. But Bobby Doran is really the story. To get 8 1/3 (innings) out of him and he really locked them up. Striking out all those guys is a lot of pitches. So he was getting up there into uncharted waters. We knew we had Chad (Bettis) there one more time. He wasn't quite the Chad Bettis dominant like he usually is. But he's the guy we want to pitch at the end."

On starting pitcher Bobby Doran's performance today:
"In order to do what we wanted to do and to have (Chad) Bettis shortened today, we really felt like Bobby (Doran) had to get into the eighth inning. He had to give us seven and get into the eighth. He did all that. He had a big league start. With a club and a game you thought you had a chance to win last night and we didn't. Then, he went out there and matched up with their lead dog and won the fight."

On the offense's performance today at the plate:
"At one time, I looked up and we had seven hits and one run. Their guy made pitches. We had, for the most part, a lot of good approaches at the plate. I was very, very pleased and very happy with our club. I'm proud of them."

On Bobby Doran's productivity in the middle innings, throwing five straight scoreless innings:
"I think he smelled the finish line a little bit. Once we got even and then went ahead in the same inning, he really started smelling the end. I think the effort and intensity were there. You just didn't want to get him in a situation to get him beat in the ninth after pitching that kind of jam. Then Chad (Bettis) came in and we made a play at the end."

On extending Bobby Doran today after not having Chad Bettis available for as many pitches today:
"We felt like we had him (Doran) for 10-15 more pitches because we had the break behind it. He won't pitch again for two more weeks. We thought if he was sharp, we were going to ride him as long as we could."

On his team going into tomorrow's series finale:
"I feel pretty good about our club. Whenever you go with our bunch on a Sunday, you feel pretty good about it. We're resilient. They feel like they are supposed to win. They feel like they're a good club and they have a lot of respect for Missouri but we feel a lot better winning today. We'll line up and go again tomorrow."

Pitcher Bobby Doran

On his performance today:
"I tried to help the bullpen out. Obviously, I didn't quite get it done. I tried to help Chad (Bettis) out and give him a day to rest and throw on Sunday but he had to come out here and do what he had to do. We tried to get it done."

On his productivity in the middle innings, throwing five straight scoreless innings: "I clicked in about the fifth inning and I found it. Up till then it was ugly, but I managed. I did what I had to do. Once I found my rhythm, everything was golden."

On getting out of the jam in the eighth inning:
"It was a tough inning. I got up there and was messing around a little bit-throwing a change-up and I shouldn't have been right there. I should have just stuck with what got me there. I had to bear down a little bit, get a groundball and get out of it."

On how the team will be going into the series finale tomorrow without Chad Bettis available:
"Bullpen's got to get ready. Jay (Johnson) is going to go five or six and then it's the bullpen's job. We're going to score some runs, we always do on Sundays, knock on wood. Let's hope the bullpen can bear down a little bit and get us through it."

First Baseman Barrett Barnes

On coming off last night's tough 12-8 loss:
"It was huge. It's been happening a lot lately. We've been losing a lot on Friday night and then winning Saturday/Sunday. In my mind, as long as we get the series, that's all that matters. Coming and winning on Saturday is huge because it keeps you in the series and keeps your team motivated. That's how we pull a lot of our Sunday victories."

On his burst in home runs lately:
"It just happens, I guess. Squaring up on balls. It happens mostly when a lot of people lay off the bad pitches and then you get the good pitches to give yourself the opportunity. It's been going my way lately. It's just a blessing."

Missouri Head Coach Tim Jamieson

On today's game being the complete opposite of Friday's with Missouri having a chance at the end:
"Well, I thought we did a good job in the ninth inning. Most of it was done with two outs during the rally again on (Chad) Bettis, so hopefully that will help us tomorrow. We just gave away too many at-bats. I thought their starting pitcher did a great job, but we gave away too many at-bats from the third inning to the eighth inning and weren't very competitive in my opinion at the plate (with) too many called third strikes and not too many great adjustments by our hitters.

On whether Missouri now has an advantage in the Sunday game with Chad Bettis likely out:
"The whole key is going to be starting pitching, obviously. If our guy can go late in the game, then I like our chances because I feel our bullpen is a little bit deeper. But if their starting pitcher does what their guy did today and our hitters don't do a better job than they did, then it's really going to come down to whose starter gives the better outing."

On starting pitcher Nick Tepesch's performance:
"It wasn't his best, but I thought he pitched well enough to give us a chance to win. But it certainly was not his best outing. Too many mistakes, too many balls on the barrel even with two strikes and on some of the foul balls, and he's better than that, but he still found a way to keep us in the game."




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