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May 2, 2010

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Texas Tech Head Coach Dan Spencer

On his team's 16-15 series-clenching win over Missouri today:
"A team win. Really a team win. We had a lot of guys have great days. A lot of offensive guys made some great plays. I know it's hard to believe it but in the middle of that, we had a couple guys pitch well. The innings that Brennan Stewart gave us were huge. The outs he got for us, the outs (Justin) Cooper got for us were huge. The outs (Jeremy) Mayo got for us were huge. The out (Brett) Bruening got was gigantic. We answered with runs when they scored and we never lost contact with them. We were scoring them in different ways. I thought Missouri swung the bat fine but we helped them out a lot. We gave them a lot of walks and hit them. For the most part, we had to hit because they threw more strikes. We've got work to do but we're extremely happy with where we're at, at the break. We'll heal up and hopefully be better when Baylor shows up."

On making the decision to have Stephen Hagen pinch it in the bottom of the ninth:
"We knew we were playing with time limit. We knew weren't going back on the field. It was hitting that pitcher's hole and see what you got."

On today's walk-off 16-15 win was a fitting way to finish the series:
"It's always better to win. It's a deal where if you look at the series, they could've swept us or we could've swept them. It was a dogfight. I really tip my hat to the way Missouri played and competed in a hostile environment, not with coaches but with players to players. It's a very combative environment, which is the way it should be. The thick skin guys stay and the thin skin guys go somewhere else. That's how it works."

On making the decision to have Jeremy Mayo pitch:
"I never told him till I just changed them right there. I talked to him in about the fifth and he said something about it and I said `yeah, I'm thinking about it.' I don't think he took me seriously. Then when I went out, first I had to get it cleared up with Ray (Leible, umpire), and make sure we were on the same page. Then it was Jeremy, go. You get to the point where you are just trying to find a competitor. Throw it out there and see what you got. We didn't have a lot of options. We knew (Brett) Bruening was going to be a short burst deal today after throwing a lot on Friday. Then Bruening came in and got his man, so it worked out."

On whether or not you will see Jeremy Mayo on the mound again:
"I think I'll spend some time in the midweek working on his second pitch but yes, I think you'll see him again."

On Taylor Ashby's performance today:
"The thing about Taylor is he hasn't been swinging the bat very well. We pinched hit for him Friday night, which pissed him off. Which is understandable and he understands that. What he's done all year, even in streaks when he's not hitting, he's defended. He makes two highlight-reel plays today that are huge, that are game-changers and hits a three-run home run and steals a couple bases and scored some runs with his legs. You can't say enough for a guy that's struggling a little bit offensively that just stays with it. Taylor Ashby whether he hits .240 or .280 on the year, he's going to be remembered as a warrior at Texas Tech."

On this series win making it five conference series wins in a row, first time that's happened since 1997:
"I hadn't even thought about that. It's a bad recipe (losing Friday, winning Saturday/Sunday). But so far, it's played out. It's very special for our kids to win series and to win them back-to-back. They deserve all the credit and all the accolades and everything they get. They're competitors. They compete well. They stay involved. They've had a taste of winning. I was hoping this would happen. Once you get a taste of winning, it's like a perona when it sees a little blood-it becomes addictive. You want to win again and again and again. You get the ball rolling a little bit and you got something special."

Catcher/Pitcher Jeremy Mayo

On today's series-clenching win today over Missouri:
"We scored more runs than they did to win. That's all we needed."

On his first collegiate career outing as a pitcher in the eighth inning of today's game:
"(Coach) Spence went out there to the mound to change and he said that he might throw me in there. To me, it's whatever for the team. Whatever we can do to win and we did. Then Brett (Bruening) came in and got a big out for us. That's all we needed."

On when was the last time he pitched:
"A couple summers ago. I pitched in high school too at (Lubbock) Monterey behind Chad (Bettis)."

On his teammates laughing as he took the mound today:
"If they wanna laugh, they can. It doesn't matter. Like I said, we got the win. That's all that matters."

On Taylor Ashby's off-the-wall catch in the eighth to help Mayo out in the outfield:
"He's been doing it for years. I've played with (Taylor) Ashby all through high school and here. I wasn't worried about it. The ball went up and I thought, `alright, Taylor's got it.' That's all I needed to know-Taylor's out there."

On the many lead changes and momentum swings in today's win:
"We just blocked out a loss. A loss wasn't in our head, ever. We were just fighting back. Every time they got a run, we got more. That's all you have to do. When you have guys giving up runs, you have to pick them up. It's a team win."

On this series win making it five conference series wins in a row, first time that's happened since 1997:
"I didn't even know that. That's awesome. That's huge for us. They picked us last in the Big 12 and that's fine too. We don't care about that stuff. We just go out there and play day-to-day and do our thing."

On the 11-day break coming up for finals week:
"It's going to be good for us (to get a rest). Sometimes you take off a few days and you get out of whack. We're just going to take it and rest. Keep swinging and keep rolling."

First Baseman Stephen Hagen

On the last at-bat of the game where he had the game-winning RBI single:
"It was pretty intense. Time after time, our coaches told us to be ready to come off the bench and perform or ready to come out of the bullpen and throw strikes and I kind of got out there. If I were to tell you everything that was going through my head we would be here for a while. I relaxed and got a pitch to hit. I tried not to do too much with it and I guess it worked out for us."

On the excitement of being in the position to get the walk-off hit:
"Oh yeah. Sitting on the bench I was itching to get in and then to finally get in and get an opportunity to really come in and perform and turn out and win the game for us. It felt really good to be the one called up for that position to get into."

On the team staying focused throughout the entire game:
"Everybody stayed confident. Everybody was swinging the bat well today and we never really got down or mad at our pitchers or anything. We kind of went back and forth with the runs. We scored and they came back and scored. We made sure to keep a cool head and came out and kept swinging the bat."

Outfielder Michael Reed

On staying in the game offensively:
"We just had to stay focused the whole game. We knew there would be a lot of runs scored today with the wind blowing out and everything. We just had to have good at bats all day."

On hitting a career-high two home runs today:
"The wind was blowing straight out and if you got the ball up it was going to carry a lot."

Outfielder Taylor Ashby

On staying focused in the game:
"That was fun today. It was kind of tough. We kept scoring and they kept scoring but we won so it was fun."

On being able to win the game with so may lead changes:
"I think we just kept our heads in the game. No one really started freaking out whenever they took the lead back. I think, offensively, we just stayed with our approach and hit balls like we have all year. I think we didn't really let losing the lead get in our heads. We just kept our approach."

On the last time he remembers Jeremy Mayo pitching:
"I think it was in high school. Mayo went out there and threw strikes and saved us. It was like the old Monterey (High School) days. It was awesome to see."




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