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May 16, 2010

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Texas Tech Head Coach Dan Spencer

On what he told the team following the loss:
"Well, I just said we basically just got beat. We didn't do enough of anything to win. We just got outplayed, we really did. We got outpitched, and then they swung the bat better than we did. I thought we had some chances early. We had a chance to score early in the first, and we didn't. Then we had a chance to get off the field with Jay (Johnson), and we didn't. Then (Chad) Bettis got behind and the guy hit the home run, and then a couple infield hits the next inning and a ball that Barrett (Barnes) catches most of the time, and then we get another home run and we're in trouble. What I told them was we did what we had to do this weekend, but obviously we're trying to win a series. We did what we had to do and clinched a spot in the Big 12 Tournament, and we go to Nebraska with work to do to push our season farther."

On whether the fifth and sixth innings were the two worst innings of the year:
"I think as far as the timing and where the game was at that time, no doubt about it. We were obviously trying to get a little bit farther along to get to Chad (Bettis), but we also wanted to get him into the game when the game was still tight. He just got behind and got hit with (Gregg) Glime. Credit Baylor. They got the hit they needed at that time. We just needed to get an out and get of that field. Even if it's 3-3, or 3-2 us, we're still in pretty good shape at that point, but that's not the way it played out."

Infielder Nick Popescu

On how the team moves on after today's tough loss:
"There's not really much you can say. Sometimes losing is beneficial, knowing the things you need to work on and practicing through the week. We're going to take that from this game and work on again tomorrow."

On the ejections of Chad Bettis and Jay Johnson in the sixth inning:
"It's tough in the fourth, fifth and sixth inning. Jay pitched great the first four or five innings. Sometimes those things happen. You just have to regroup. If we did it all over again, we'd have Jay (Johnson) on the mound-one guy we'd like to have-and then Chad (Bettis). We would not change one thing."

On today's 12-5 loss to Baylor:
"They outplayed us. That was it. It was their game. The pitchers pitched. They threw strikes and they had some timely hitting in crunch time. I think five or six of their runs were with two outs. Those kind of things happen in a big victory like that."

On clinching a berth in the Big 12 Championship with yesterday's 5-3 win:
"That's one thing we took away from this weekend. With that one win yesterday, we clinched that big spot. We still have a lot to do in Nebraska and take the series there."

Baylor Head Coach Steve Smith

On today's 12-5 win:
"I think yesterday's game had an effect on today. They brought their closer (Chad Bettis) in the game yesterday for 40 pitches or so. You're going to have a hard time being the same guy from day to day. He's a great competitor. He's got great stuff. We just got hot at the right time. Gregg (Glime) did a great job and got a good swing on it. If he (Bettis) hadn't have had to throw yesterday, I think it would have been a little bit different thing today."

On the great weather conditions today as opposed to the rest of the weekend:
"Although I'll say, this is the most normal weather conditions we've played in here particularly this late in the year. It was relatively calm and the park played pretty fair. It wasn't extremely hot. It was a little easier time than a lot of the times in years past."

On pitchers Craig Fritsch and Josh Turley's performances today:
"I thought they were gutty. Their starter (Jay Johnson) was too. You look at his numbers and know that he's got trouble throwing strikes and stuff like that so we were trying to make him but for the most part, he did a pretty good job of that. He just gutted it out. Craig (Fritsch) did a good job of doing that. I thought maybe that one inning, the first inning, we left bases loaded after we got the called third strike to end that inning. That was a pretty big inning right there. Obviously in games like this, the team that leaves the most on base is probably going to come up short. You try not to leave those guys on."




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