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May 22, 2009

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Head Coach Dan Spencer
On Missouri:
"They only got two, holy smoke. It seems like they had two before they started hitting them in when we were in Columbia. We got great pitching. These two guys were outstanding. If you can look in the crystal ball and draw it up, that's how it looks.

On Missouri pitcher Ian Berger:
"We didn't see him in Columbia. We saw him last year in Lubbock. I thought he was great. I thought he did a good job. And I had seen him. I sat here and watched him throw the inning against A&M, and obviously he went longer today. He'd throw that big looping breaking ball, then he'd sneak the fastball and he threw it where he wanted to. He just made very, very few mistakes. I don't know if we even hit three balls hard. I thought we could get to him a little bit if we could get him into the stretch, but we didn't hardly do that. We couldn't get him in the stretch enough. Thank goodness they got him out of the game. We had better swings at their bullpen guys."

On the play at home plate that brought in two runs:
"It looked to me like he was going to be out if he held onto the ball and I think just the momentum and I don't know if he hit but Nate thought he saw it hit the foot but he was swinging the glove far back to make the tag and it looked like to me that the ball just came out because he threw it 100 feet up the line. But it looked to me like he was going to be out. Fortunately we got that break.

Sophomore pitcher Chad Bettis
On Texas Tech's mentality coming into the game against Missouri:
"We got embarrassed against Missouri earlier in the year, and we didn't want to go 0-4 and definitely wanted to take it to them and also keep our hopes alive for making the championships. Everyone came out with one goal in mind and that was to win. And I think we did a very good job of that."



On Missouri taking a 2-1 lead in the top of the eighth inning:
"I kind of went into the dugout hanging my head a little bit, and a couple of the players came over and said `Hey we'll pick you up and get this win for you.' And that's what they did, and I'm very happy to have them as my teammates.'

Junior pitcher Nathan Karns
On what kind of adjustments against Missouri:
"I tried to throw more strikes. Last time I didn't do a very good job. When you're falling behind every hitter, they kind of get to see the pitches they want to see rather than the pitches they don't. My main goal was to work ahead and have my game instead of theirs."


Head Coach Tim Jamieson
Opening Statement:
"As much as we want to get to Sunday, I still think that is real possibility. We are basically in an elimination situation, which we may experience next weekend, so it's helping us prepare for that. "

On keeping starting pitcher Ian Berger in the game...
"We thought they were starting to measure him a little bit, and he hasn't been that far in a long time on a hot day. We thought he was pitching well, so we thought we'd leave him in as long as he could."

Senior pitcher Ian Berger
On his pitching performance today:
"I thought I threw pretty well. I kept the ball down most of the game and mixed all three pitches. I tried to keep them off balance as much as I could. I was working my fastball on both sides of the plate, and I thought that helped me get some outs."

On being called on to pitch in this game:
"I felt great. I have been pitching a little bit in the last couple of weeks and had some success. I was excited for the opportunity, but when my name was called I stepped up and was ready to compete and win a ballgame."

Junior outfielder Aaron Senne
On being prepared to face Texas Tech again:
"We were definitely ready for the challenge. He came out was throwing mid-90s and had a good breaking ball today. We had good base runners and got hits when we needed to and Berger pitched a heck of a game for us. That tough play at the plate was the difference in the game."

On Ryan Ampleman's error at home plate:
"He definitely had him from my view -- and that's a long ways away -- but I thought he was out until the ball came loose. It's a tough play, and that's just how the game goes sometimes. We had our chance. The throw was there, the tag was there and the ball just popped loose."


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