Red Raiders React to New of Dan Law Field Renovations

$5 million renovation is scheduled to be complete in February 2012

$5 million renovation is scheduled to be complete in February 2012

May 16, 2011

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Written by: Sarah Salazar

After upgrading the clubhouse and locker room of Dan Law Field in recent years, the Texas Tech baseball program had some of the nicest facilities to offer future Red Raiders. However, stadium amenities were still lacking for the Texas Tech faithful fans.

With the announcement of Dan Law Field at Texas Tech Stadium, the Red Raiders can look forward to a home-field atmosphere that will lead them to numerous victories in the future.

Freshman pitcher Trey Masek said the renovations to the field, including adding 1,154 chair-back seats, will give Tech a home-field advantage that will rival the best in the Big 12.

"It is never easy playing on the road, especially in the Big 12," Masek said. "We have good attendance now, but once we get this upgrade to the ballpark, hopefully we can draw even more people to the park. It will make a really good environment for us to play in."

The renovations include a tensioned back-stop netting that will provide fans a completely unobstructed view of the field and also with the addition of 10 luxury suites.

"We have great facilities here," Masek said. "We have a great clubhouse and a great field, but obviously our stadium has been needing a renovation. When that gets done it is all going to be top notch, and we will be able to compete with the best in the Big 12, as far as baseball and facilities are concerned."

Freshman Mason Randolph said he has several memories of Dan Law Field from his childhood as a Lubbock native, but he is excited to see the improvements to his hometown ballpark.

"Ever since I was a little kid I used to always come out to the games and watch all the players and look up to everybody," Randolph said. "The stadium isn't that great right now but the memories make it that much better. With the renovations it will be awesome. Everybody is going to love coming out to our ballpark."



Along with drawing a larger crowd to Tech baseball games, freshman David Paiz said the stadium renovations will also help with recruiting.

"The renovations will help with a lot of things," Paiz said. "I think it will bring more fans, and it will help recruiting on a national level. Normally the stadium is one of the biggest things you go off of when deciding on a school. Other schools have big and new stadiums, and that is what you want to play in. Now we are going to have that. It should help a lot with recruiting."

Dan Law Field at Texas Tech Stadium will involve the creation of a new entrance. Fans will pass by a newly created landscaped seating area and a brick inlaid Double T that lead up to the iron-gate entrance.

Reid Redman, a junior from Midland, said the stadium renovations, including the striking new entry way, will also be effective in drawing more students to the games.

"I think it will be really different," Redman said. "I think kids across campus that walk by are going to think, `wow I didn't even know we had a baseball field,' when they see the new stadium they will probably want to come check out a game."

Redman said the renovations to Dan Law Field are a sign of the bright future of Tech baseball and will only help build a young, budding program.

"I definitely think renovating the stadium will help," Redman said. "People wouldn't be investing in a project like this if they didn't see success in the future for the Red Raiders. This group that we have together here, as well as the group last year, played a huge part in getting people to buy into the program and wanting to make it successful."

However, in the midst of exciting changes and growth, Redman reiterated the focus that has become a staple of Dan Spencer's Red Raiders.

"If you look at what Coach Spencer has done in the past couple of years with all the clubhouse renovations, they do nothing but help a program and help recruiting," Redman said. "As excited as we are about the stadium renovations, we still have business to take care of this year."


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