Q&A with Texas Tech OF Brennan Moore

Moore led the Red Raiders with 14 hit-by-pitch in 2012

July 11, 2012

Texas Tech athletics communications caught up with Red Raider outfielder and senior-to-be Brennan Moore to see how his summer has been in the classroom, working on his baseball skills and hitting the weight room.

Moore is currently in the process of waiting to be placed on a summer league team once a roster spot becomes available. Moore is coming off his junior season where he batted .267 (40-for-150) while playing in 52 games (46 starts) with 32 runs, six doubles, 13 RBI, eight stolen bases and leading the team with 14 hit-by-pitch.

What you have been doing this summer?
Brennan Moore - "School has been wearing me out. It's been pretty much class, workout, go home, homework, study for tests. I have a couple tests a week, so I've been focusing on that."

How much have you been able to focus on the classroom this summer?
BM - "It's allowed me to focus a lot more on my degree. I was talking to my advisor the other day and I had a figure in my head on how many hours I had left and then we actually looked at the actual numbers. You kind of lose track of that stuff during the season because it's all about keeping up with classes and baseball games. It's helped me figure out my degree and get all that in line and definitely focus on the career aspect of why I'm here as opposed to simply being all about baseball."

How much time have you had to work at baseball and spend time in the weight room this summer?
BM - "We've been doing a good job, honestly. There's a day or so here and there when you don't feel like getting up there, but it's really not that bad. Class doesn't start till 10 in the morning and you get out around 2 p.m. You get in the habit of going straight to the gym and knocking it out. It's been a daily thing for us. We've been consistently doing five to six days a week getting stuff done. We've done a pretty good job of staying in there."

Do you have any plans of getting into a league for this summer?
BM - "My plan is to fly up to the Northwoods League and play with the Mankato MoonDogs. The same team I played for last year. I've had those conversations with the coaches. It's just a matter on waiting to see if there's a spot that opens up. It's a fun league."

What are the pros and cons of playing summer league baseball?
BM - "My last summer (2011) is an example of the pros of going and playing. You bond with a bunch of guys and have a great time. It's a little more relaxed environment. You're there the whole time, so you gain a pretty good relationship with your host family. You also get at-bats. It can never be a bad thing to see live pitching, which is what you're doing every single day. That too can also be a con. You play a good season, and you're rolling into the summer with a good mindset. If it's a bad season, you're rolling in with a bad mindset which can almost be kind of cancerous for your game. Last summer I played 30-something games over a month and next thing I knew I was hurt. I came into Tech as an injured player instead of a healthy player. The at-bats helped experience-wise, but it was kind of a bad thing for me to an extent because I came here with an injury."

What are your thoughts on Tim Tadlock as the new head coach and the new coaching staff?
BM - "I've heard nothing but good things. The people in the community are really excited about it. I know J-Bob, from what I hear, is a really good recruiter. You have to get players in here. Tadlock has been lining up the right guys to get quality players in here. Tadlock is notorious for his work ethic, working hard, and I think he's brought in guys that are going to portray that hard work ethic just like he does. Good things all around. J-Bob has a good track record at Howard. He's the one I'm most familiar with."

What are your thoughts having now played one season at Rip Griffin Park?
BM - "It's pretty big league, man. It's nice. Especially when you have the Texas series and the other big series when a lot of people come out and watch. It's a little different from the little hill behind the field of my junior college where 20 people came out to watch our games. It's been kind of humbling coming in here from playing in front of 20 people a game to a couple thousand is pretty cool. Not to mention the field and the stadium. It's one of the top around, I know that. It's pretty cool I get to play there."

You made some tremendous plays in the outfield this past season, what is your mentality on defense?
BM - "That's one of those things I've been notorious for. I've been given a hard time for laying out for a ball that might be a little bit out of my reach. That's something you get comfortable with in practice. Some people think it's stupid to dive for balls in practice, but that's just always something I've enjoyed doing. That's the best way to get good at it, is just practicing it. I was always a middle infielder. It's in your nature in that sense. In moving to the outfield in the past couple of years, you kind of have to become comfortable with what balls you can dive for and what balls you can't. There's kind of a risk/reward involved in it. This year, it just kind of worked out where most of them ended up in my glove and not on the ground behind me. I was fortunate for that."

Now that you are a senior, do you see yourself in a leadership role for this coming season?
BM - "It's one of those things when you have a lot of new guys coming in, it's exciting because this next year is going to shape the face of this program for the years to come. Nobody coming in knows what to expect. It's exciting to have an opportunity to be in a leadership role. It's kind of one of those things you embrace as the year progresses. You see your role on the team and the reliance of other players on what you do and kind of a lead-by-example position."

What are some of your thoughts on the returning players who will be back for next season?
BM - "Andre (Wheeler) showed a lot of glimpses of the potential to be dominate on the mound. It's hard to find a lefty that slings it like he does. Trey Masek is obviously tearing it up right now in the Cape (Cod League) which is impressive. He's one of those guys that every year seems to get better from what I've seen of his track record. He's got really good stuff. I can see him coming in and having a really good year. You also have Jerad McCrummen, he is a guy with experience, good stuff, also throwing well right now. Hopefully that confidence carries over. And then you have Tim Proudfoot who went out and showed this year he can play shortstop at this level as a true freshmen. He can hit and he can field and he can do all the things and be a leader. He's a likeable guy that everyone gets along with. Everyone coming back has got the ability to make a big difference. Like Bryant Burleson. That guy is as fundamental as they come. Everyone coming back definitely has a chance to make an impact next year, for sure."

What are your thoughts on the 2013 season?
BM - "Fresh start. Fresh start to a year that ended up differently from the way a lot of people would've hoped and expected. It's a fresh start for the program. It's a year that's going to be the foundation for, hopefully, a lot of good years to come for Texas Tech baseball in the future."




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