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Jan. 4, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Delaware State Hornets

Jan. 4, 2011

Game 15

Delaware State Head Coach Greg Jackson

On Delaware State's game against Texas Tech

"We got off to a very slow start and any time you spot a team on this level the way we did, you're in for a rough night. We basically didn't exhibit any patience in the ball game. We allowed them some easy runs and easy opportunities. In the second half, I thought we exhibited a lot more patience and gave ourselves a chance to get back in the ball game."

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Jaye Crockett

On gaining more confidence throughout the season

"Yes, just through the year I've started to feel more comfortable and got in the groove with the team through practice and some in of the games it just came to me."

Brad Reese

On Tech's game plan against Delaware State

"As a team we try to out rebound our opponent every night and we knew they we're going to be smaller so the whole game plan was to go down to Lew and Coop and play inside out and let them just work and get easy shots. Then we just crashed the boards."

On scoring 21 points against Delaware State

"It was all because of my teammates. They were driving the lanes and kicking it back out. Then, I just had to knock down the shot."

Texas Tech Head Coach Pat Knight

On the game vs. Delaware State

"I thought the game went well. We wanted to get the ball inside to the post because that would shift the defense. I thought our guys did a good job of going inside out and also in hitting the cutters. I just wish I could have played the two big guys more (Lewandowski and Cooper) because they are going to play on Saturday against Baylor. But, it gets to a point where you want to win the game and you don't want to make it as close as it could be if you just rely on your size."



On Texas Tech's rebounding

"It's still shaky, but it's just something we are going to have to work on. I don't think we are going to out rebound anybody. However, if we can keep it within four or five, or don't let the offensive rebounds get out of hand we'll be good. Our rebounding is getting better. Especially when you have players like Jaye (Crockett) or D'walyn (Roberts) who can get rebounds that others miss. So, it's improving but it still needs to get better."

On starting conference play Saturday

"This is the start of the season. You can have a great preseason or a bad preseason, but we're all ultimately judged by what we do in the conference play so the fun is about to start. I'm excited to play, excited to get conference games started, and the players are excited to get the conference started."

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