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Trency Jackson had seven points and four assists against TCU in the Big 12 opener.

January 5, 2013

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On play of team as a group in win:
"I am very proud of the way the guys came together from the start of the trip. We came a day early because we had not had a road trip this year. There was maximum focus at dinner last night and shootaround today. It was much better than we have had all year. The reason that we wear black every day at practice is because practice is about being in the most difficult situations. When you are in the most difficult situation the habits you have from practice will carry into the game. We got a win against a very well-coached team."

On how team played for all 40 minutes:
"I would have to say it was our best game because it was on the road. They fought us and we executed, which I was proud of. I was not particularly crazy about our rebounding and I felt we could have limited some second shots. We tried to force them have their big guys make plays. It was not always pretty, but we did a good job keeping it out of (Garlon) Green's hands and to limit Kyan Anderson. That was the game plan. We had to live with whatever those big guys did. It was not a perfect game, but we followed our game plan. TCU played really hard. They are a tough team and coach Johnson does a great job."
On the youth of Texas Tech:
"We had eight players who had never played in a Big 12 game, and that has to be a concern. It is our habits. We slowed the pace down a little bit we don't press as much. I have to cater to a younger team, so I can't do all the things I want to do. I tell our guys before we go out every single time that even if they make shots and make free throws and they do things that they don't do in the scouting report we must do two things. We must play harder and more together than TCU. I think we played harder than them tonight, and, for us, we played more together."
On team's awareness of game plan:
"It has been a work in progress. Earlier in the schedule we could just run up and down on teams and score easily. It is the evolution of the team. To be honest with you, standing around is not that bad sometimes. It is a matter of what is going on, and how we want to score. Sometimes standing around is good for us because we turn the ball over too much. That is what we have to learn, to have a high volume when things go wrong. Those same guys made some big plays. Josh Gray made some big played and Dusty (Hannahs) made four 3-pointers. For two freshmen to come in and make key plays, how can I not be proud of that?"
On the play of Jaye Crockett:
"He is an energy guy. He has been our heartbeat all year. He is playing great and with a swagger and a toughness. He is one of our most experienced guys on the team. He is doing a great job. I cannot be any happier with Jaye Crockett and what he is contributing to the team."

On getting their first Big 12 win:
"It definitely feels good. It is something that you can build on. Everybody came out and played their roles and we executed everything in the game plan."
On the win compared to other wins:
"It is way better. We fought hard for it and it was a close win. I am glad with the way we all played together."
On playing in his hometown of Fort Worth:
"It always feels good to play in Fort Worth. I love playing here."

On team chemistry:
"It felt really good. I was always stressing that the best teams everyone played their roles to the best of their ability. I think we did tonight. Everyone played their roles. It feels good. We stuck to the scouting report and played defense. We executed on the offensive end, which the coaches have been stressing. We executed tonight and we have to keep going."
On what coach Chris Walker told the team:
"It was a great win, and it feels good to win on the road. We have to keep going and prepare for Baylor on Tuesday."

Opening statement:
"Going into this game after watching some tape, quickness was a big concern to me. Obviously, (Texas Tech is) a much different team from last year, and they have six guys now who can create or take their own shot. We couldn't guard them. For the most part, they did an excellent job on Kyan (Anderson). When you watch us, you know you have to be physical with him and put as much pressure on him as possible, and that means other guys have to make shots and make plays. As I told our players in the locker room, (this season) is an 18-round heavyweight fight, and in Round 1 we got staggered a little bit. The key is on shots and turnovers, many of which were unforced. In this kind of league, you can't do it."

On how Tech's defense put pressure on TCU:
"The only thing they did defensively, which other teams didn't have, is that they had the personnel to get Kyan (Anderson) like they did. They chose to make our post beat them. Devonta (Abron) for one did a good job at being aggressive and Adrick (McKinney) did a good job. If you look at non-conference games, Kyan was the key, and teams have to get him out of rhythm to get the rest of the team out of rhythm. Again, you can't fault our effort, but our margin of error is real slim. We can't have bad starts to games, and we had one tonight."

On his team's physicality:
"We were physical. It speaks to that in rebounding, where we won 35-30. You see when there's a breakdown defensively and they get a dunk. We outrebounded some inferior opponents, but unlike this team, they can handle it. We were physical, but we didn't execute, especially with open shots. We were down six, I believe, and they come up wide open on a 3 and hit a 15-footer."

On Tech forward Jaye Crockett:
"He's hard to guard, and I love guys like that because he doesn't care. He's what's good about college basketball, because he's about energy. He doesn't care about rebounding or shots and I wish I had more kids like him across the board. Obviously, we don't have a kid like that who's quick to the ball and quick to his feet and strong. He's the glue to that group in my opinion."

On TCU's adjustment to playing its first conference game:
"We had shots, and if they we are going to change defenses, they were going to make it tough for Kyan to get the ball. We would have to get it to Nate (Butler Lind) . That was the first time we had been in that situation, and it's a matter of executing against bigger teams. There were two guys they wanted to make it tough on: Kyan and Garlon (Green)."

On playing when team was struggling:
"We told each other that we had to keep our heads up no matter what and keep fighting. We know we had to lock down everybody and had to keep playing defense. Our coaches told us that we have to keep our heads up and play through the toughness."
On the play of TCU's offense:
"We were getting good looks. We were just trying to rush through our offense, because we felt like we needed to hurry up and score and get back on defense. We kept going with what we felt would work. We were shooting ourselves in the foot. We were playing great defense and forcing them to make tough shots."
On playing with Adrick McKinney:
"I felt like playing with Adrick gave me a big boost. Starting is not my option. I just do what I have to do when I get on the court."
On play of Texas Tech:
"We knew what we were getting into when the Big 12 schedule started. Coach (Johnson) has been telling us since day one we have to be ready for when the conference started. We knew what we had to look forward to."




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