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Dusty Hannahs has now made a 3-pointer in five straight games for Texas Tech.

January 8, 2013

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening statement
"First of all Baylor played really really well and that's the mark of a good team, they have some really talented players and a great leader in Pierre Jackson and they made shots tonight and you really have to have those guys have one of those nights where they're not playing so well, that's just where we all right now, we need to play really well and they need to play not so well and whether it's a function of them taking you lightly or them having an off game that's where we are. I told the guys that there is a maturity level that we have to muster against really good teams and we haven't yet and we've got to keep working towards that and was it a function of Baylor making us play really really bad or us just playing bad, I thought they did some good things, and at the end of the day we have to regroup, I told the guys you're not 0 and 1, you are 1 and 1 and you have Kansas coming in and that's the beauty of this game you got the next game and this game is over just like the TCU game should've been over and was there a hangover from TCU I don't think that was the case I just think we played against a really good team and they played great and we have just got to get back to the drawing board."

On if this game was an awakening for Texas Tech
"Absolutely, it's just our journey, we can sit here and sugar-coat things however we want it's where we are, I don't want to belabor the point of having new players but it's our reality and our journey and we have to continue to fight and claw and be mature, and you're going to have these days. I'm sure when Scott Drew first got to Baylor they had their days he's nine years in now and we are two or three months and we are going to have these days and it's how we handle them and how we handle adversity and understanding that we are going to be good one day but it's how we take it though, we are going out trying to win every single game but we are such a young team that we can't allow that to hinder us and our goal of having a great attitude and going out and playing hard every time we step out onto that court."

On what changes to get ready for Kansas
"Nothing changes, I said the same thing after TCU, enjoy the night and we have to move on and get ready for Baylor, same thing tonight we didn't play as well and now it's the same thing you are feeling a certain way after a loss but you have to move on and get back to the drawing board. I told those guys the other day that success is very hard to handle, it's harder to handle than failure because they feel bad right now so they are going to try more on Saturday, but when you win on Saturday there is a tendency with young people to get lackadaisical because they are thinking they are great and they can go out and beat anybody no matter what they do and they loose focus of the game plan and when you play a team like Baylor they make you pay for every mistake, that's what talent does it makes you pay for every single mistake and this is just where we are and this our journey and it's my hope that as the Big 12 goes along we will play much better against teams of this caliber."

Freshman Dusty Hannahs

On bouncing back mentally so they are ready for Kansas
"Go to work hard and don't just take a day off tomorrow by just being down because we are thinking about this game and come in ready for the next game and practice hard and keep your habits the same and not drowned with sorrow, that's all you can do to prepare for a team like Kansas who's also an amazing team and we are going to put our best foot forward and hopefully execute the game plan better this time."

On if this game was and eye opener for what they will face in this league
"Definitely, Baylor came out to play and we just made a couple of errors throughout the game that cost big buckets and you can't give a team like that a chance to go on runs and we are just going to go to practice tomorrow and work hard and try and fix everything we did wrong."

Junior Jaye Crockett

On what Texas Tech's biggest struggles were tonight
"We just didn't execute the game plan that Coach Cox went over with us, just a couple of things like on cross strings we didn't have help there or the post didn't sit down and make sure the lob wasn't there and we just didn't execute the game plan."

On if the effort was where it needed to be tonight
"The effort could always be better every game you can never just play hard enough and I feel like we didn't have enough effort from the team total and we could've played harder and we will change it next game."

On if Baylor's athleticism was hard to match up against
"Baylor is an athletic team, we knew coming into the game that they were going to be throwing lobs and that they had some guys that were going to dunk and run the floor, and we just didn't execute the game plan."

Baylor Interim Head Coach Jerome Tang

On shooting 50 percent
"We prayed a lot, we wanted to make shots, our guys were focused from the start of the game, they were focused since yesterday at shoot around, this was a business trip we understood how hard it is to get a road win in the Big 12 and when you have a leader like Pierre Jackson and talent like Isaiah Austin and he didn't let the first half foul trouble bother him, he stayed locked in and it was a lot of fun."

On the transition game
"We wanted to push it and try and score early if we could then we wanted to be real patient and play defense and I thought we did a really good job of that."

On trying to get off to a good start on the road
"It was huge, you give a team confidence and they feel like they can play with you so our goal was to silence the crowd and take away confidence and see what they were made of."

Baylor Senior Pierre Jackson

On the offense
"We were all focused and we were all locked in and that goes to the coaching staff and we executed well and put a couple of new sets in and like I said we executed well and made easy buckets."

On his three-point shooting
"I shot a lot of shots earlier today, I like the ball and the feel of the gym and it felt good every time I shot the ball."

Baylor Freshman Isaiah Austin  

On his high contribution to the team this season
"I came in knowing we already had scorers like Pierre Jackson and Brady Heslip that would put up buckets for us, but I've been taking my role as a scorer for us too."

On the key to being a productive first-year player
"You just have to play hard and stay confident, a lot of guys are a lot stronger than us because they are three or four year players, whereas, we it's our first year and you just have to try and out hustle them."




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