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Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M




Clark Lammert had a career-high 10 points against Texas A&M in College Station.

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Jan. 14, 2012


Opening statement
Not very good, we got our tail kicked and I don't like it. The people who are here know that about me. It's a business venture for us, and we came down and didn't take care of business.

On A&M's defensive pressure and Tech's struggles
They played good defense, we knew that going into the game. We haven't finished plays, we haven't been finishing plays.

On the lack of production from starters
We didn't get hardly anything from those guys. If you're going to try to win on the road, you have to do better than that.

What caused some of the problems today?
We had too many turnovers, number one. But a lot of the times we just didn't get in the right spot to make the right play.

Was it weird being back, but in the visitor's locker room?
It wasn't weird, as a coach you get used to going a lot of places. I think they have a different locker room now than what we had. It wasn't weird at all. It was great to be back, but it wasn't our number one objective.

On the A&M community.
There's a lot of great people here and a lot of great relationships with players. I'm just disappointed that all those people that know what we can do saw us not compete better than what we did.


What things were going wrong for you at the start?
We didn't execute on plays, people weren't going to the right spots, cutting hard, running screens; real simple things.

Did you guys get stuck in a hole early?
We dug ourselves in the hole and tried to fight back at the end, and we just can't do that.

Was this game different with coach Gillispie being back in College Station?
Coach is the same every game, he's going to go the same every game, 100 percent, and try to get us to do the same.

What has helped you start to be a bigger impact on the team?
My health has a big part of any athlete, but a lot of people like Jordan Tolbert have been doing well and they doubled him and opened up shots for me. Other people have been playing well and opening things up for me as well.

Is it difficult to take a few steps back after getting on a positive streak?
Yeah, it's frustrating to lose when you take steps back. Like I said, digging yourself in a hole and then having to fight back is rough.


What made you fight so hard even until the last minute?
I think it came down to pride, when you wear this jersey, you have to give it all you have. We came to the end and tried to give our best.

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