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Jan. 22, 2011

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Post Game Quotes

Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Jan. 22, 2011

Game 20

Nebraska Head Coach Doc Sadler

On the loss vs. Texas Tech - "First of all it's a pretty easy game to talk about especially after the game. Usually the team that plays the hardest wins the game, and gets all the energy plays, especially win the teams are equal, and I think Nebraska and Texas Tech are equal. When you allow a team to get 17 second chance points and get on the boards, we were lucky it was that close, really lucky it was that close, give Tech all the credit they played harder, were coached better, they just did everything better than we did."

On why Nebraska lost - "I thought our energy was bad. I thought losing Roberson was brutal. We are a pretty good defensive team yet we just let Tech rip us apart defensively and exposed us like no team has this year. I think four of their last five possessions came off offensive rebounds. "

On stopping John Roberson - "Nothing I didn't tell them after the first time out, guys they are going to set fade screens for Roberson and we are going to switch every time. He got seven (three-pointers) of them, and if we were still playing, he would still be making them. "

On Nebraska's turnovers - "I don't think we turned it over that much, 18 times, but I think that was from the post though, it's not anything that we tried to do to expose them. "

On Nebraska's defense - "We can't defend like this and win on the road. We deserve to lose they (Texas Tech) played much better and the best team won tonight; give them the credit."

Texas Tech Player Quotes

D'walyn Roberts On making the game winning shot - "The defender left me to go help someone and that freed me to go to the goal. I just took off. It (the shot) looked like it was short, so I got quick start on it."

On Texas Tech's rebounding - "We've been pretty bad at the last couple of years, so it's something we really took pride in this year, rebounding and playing good defense."



On Texas Tech's win vs. Nebraska - "It could really get us started. This is what we have been looking for; just one win to help us get ready. Now, we just take one game at a time."

John Roberson

On the win vs. Nebraska - "It was a must win for us, especially on our home court. It allowed us to get our confidence up. In other games, we've been right there, just a few mistakes have been holding us back and not allowing us to get over the hump. Winning tonight was a great feeling." On the game winning shot - "I saw Mike (Singletary) go to the basket; then I saw it was short and the D'walyn come out of nowhere to make the tip-in. That's what we wanted, something going to the basket and Mike made the right play. We were lucky enough for D'walyn to get the tip, so it was a good play on Mike and D'walyn's part."

On if a win vs. Nebraska gives Tech confidence - "I think so. Especially a close win like this. We played hard the entire game. My teammates played the whole game, so I have to give all the credit to them. Nebraska had a run, but we came back and answered it and that's what we have to do. We were a team tonight and if we continue to play like this we will be good."

On scoring 25 points - "They were just leaving me open. I was just taking what the defense gave me and they weren't really playing me on the three-pointer. They were playing man-to-man I think and just leaving me open. My teammates would find me off the screen and I just tried to knock them down."

On if Tech played hard tonight - "I think we always play hard and I think it just came together tonight. We were really focused tonight and trying not to turn the ball over. We were just focused on the little things tonight and I think that's what got us the win."

Texas Tech Head Coach Pat Knight

On the win against Nebraska - "I can't talk for his (Doc Sadler) kids, but I know my kids wanted it. These kids have not given up and we've just tried to stay the course and keep grinding it out. It's been tough. The great thing is the fans showed up and the students showed up. They were great and we couldn't have won it without them! You have to love them even more for a win like this. I appreciate the fans there tonight. It was a great atmosphere, and these kids deserve it. As long as you have Texas Tech on your chest, you have to root for them. I think these kids made many more fans tonight just by the way they played. I'm really proud of my guys. They really stayed the course and even our second group have made our guys better. We've had great practices and they don't get the accolades the regulars get, but everyone from top to bottom has stayed positive."

On the win giving Texas Tech momentum - "Any win is going to give you momentum. It doesn't matter if it's one point or twenty, and when you start off slow like we have, they you have to get a win."

On setting up the game winning shot against Nebraska - "It wasn't a call and we had no more time outs. However, we play abbreviated games in practice every day. Sometimes it's four-minute games and there is a score, so the guys are used to being down by two and pushing the ball up. All you're just trying to do is to draw some defenders, get a bucket and crash the boards. That's the good thing about the motion offense. The problem is that if you set something up, you can stagnate and then if they (opponents) take something away, you're at a disadvantage. Tonight we were smart. We took the ball to the bucket and the guys did what they do in practice, luckily we got the tip."

On John Roberson's game - "This the way you expect him to play. He had a big time game and he was good during the suspension. He knew he messed up, so we haven't had a problem. It's just trying to get him going since his shot hasn't been falling. We need him to score and for Mike (Singletary) to score. Tonight was a good game for them. It didn't come easy, but John was really good."


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