Postgame Quotes: Texas Tech vs. Iowa State

Chris Walker's Red Raiders improved to 9-8 overall and 2-4 in Big 12 play with the win against ISU.

January 23, 2013

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
"First of all what an awesome feeling for my guys, I'm very happy for the fellas, particularly the game coming off of Saturday, again this season may be filled with peaks and valleys because of our youth an inexperience but what I love about these guys is every single day they come out with a great attitude and when you have young, inexperienced team that's what you fight, you fight being down about losses and stuff and I tell them that's part of our journey there's no reason to be ashamed, I'm going through it with you, it's my first year and people may say a lot of things but the perception is we are a young team there's  a lot we need to work on but reality is there is a lot we can control and the number one thing we can control is our attitude and that's what we did tonight. I'm very happy for the guys I don't think Iowa State played bad they played like they usually play I just thing we did a decent job of defending them at the three and rebounding and we just didn't let them do what they normally do and I'm proud of our guys because they followed the scouting report to a T and the thing we hadn't been doing, we made a couple of shots and that really felt good, making a couple of key shots down the stretch and we made a couple of key free throws and that's what it takes to win and I definitely want to thank the crowd tonight, the students, the United Spirit Arena was rocking and it felt good, and I think it really gave guys momentum to get stops down the stretch and I really want to thank them and hopefully that continues in the future."

On Josh Gray playing clutch down the stretch
"He was a little bit frustrated after the Oklahoma State game and I said to him and to the staff that we need to turn him loose a little bit, we've got to let him score and there may be some times where he makes some plays that make me want to pull the rest of my hair out but by the same token he can make some plays that other guys on the team can't, and you need some guys out there like that, there are great coaches in this league I'm not going to out coach anybody so it's going to come down to they know everything we are doing and somebody is going to need to make a play, and he made plays tonight that really helped us win the game."

On what he did during the first five minutes in the second half to turn it around
"Well I wasn't going to let it get out of hand and I said to the guys here's that point again where we loose focus and the big thing we've been talking about was 40 minutes, we play good for 28, we play good for 30, or for 32 and then in that last 10 minutes or that last eight minutes we loose focus and the game goes awry for us and we have to do it for 40 minutes and I was very proud of those guys because they did it against a quality opponent and that's another thing they haven't done this year, we proved we could play against a quality opponent and win."

Texas Tech Freshman Josh Gray

On not being denied in the game tonight and his mindset
"Before the game coach pretty much came into the locker room and told us to play our game, have fun, and play with confidence, and that's what I did."

On what was working for him tonight
"Normally guards back off because they know that our guards don't score. So coach just told me to come around the picks and attack the hole to make everyone else open. That was pretty much our game plan, for our guards to get into the paint and make plays."

On getting the last rebound and running down the court knowing they had won the game
"That was a big win. I have never won like that before in my life, so that was big."

Texas Tech Sophomore Jordan Tolbert

On what the locker room is feeling like after the win
"It's a great feeling. It's a feeling that we need to get more wins like that."

On this game being a needed confidence booster
"It was definitely a confidence booster. Coach always says perception and reality, and no one probably thought we would win tonight."

On not letting emotions get too high off this win
"This win was really to boost our confidence. Since we got this win tonight now we know we can do it. Now all we have to do is get a win on Saturday. Play the same way we played and play for each other. So it really just boosted our confidence and made us realize we could do it and be good the good team because we are a good team."

On how much of a team oriented win this game was
"That was great. Like I said, our coach came into the game and told us to have fun and play our game how we know how to play. That's what everyone did and that's why we won."

On focusing on rebounding being huge tonight
"It was a big focus. I just kept it on my mind and I knew that rebounding was a big part of the game. I knew that if we controlled the game with rebounding then we had a better chance to win."

Iowa State Head Coach Fred Hoiberg

On what plays he had drawn up for Iowa State in the 20 seconds
"One for us to get a three and try and tie it, but when it wasn't there I wished we would have been more aggressive taking it to the hole but we settled for a bad step-back shot."

On Josh Gray's play and what they did at the end to try and stop him
"We switched on a ball screen and he got into the paint and made a nice play, he's a nice freshman, the kid has a chance to be a very nice player, he's crafty with the ball, he stepped out and hit a big shot when they really needed it and he played with poise down the stretch."

On Iowa State's shot selection
"We missed some open ones, there is no doubt about that and we forced some as well but we hadn't been in this situation in a while and we were fighting from behind and it seemed like we forcing some."

On Iowa State's offense
"We were out of whack, and in the first half I put a lot of that on myself they were switching all the ball screens and I thought we just got too stagnate and force it in high low we were telegraphing passes instead of continuing to move, our best stretch was the first five minutes of the second half we came out and we were moving and setting ball screens and playing for each other and that's what you have to do for a full 40 minutes, anytime you play on the road you have to come out and be a much better team and they were definitely the better team."




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