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Jan. 25, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Billy Gillispie

Opening statement
"We just got physically whipped, I thought they played with a lot of toughness and a lot of grit for the most part but just too many errors that you can't have against a good team and errors that we just keep repeating and not finishing plays, that's the story of the game. I thought we fought hard, I thought we fought physically hard for the most part of it and I'm proud of their efforts."

On what Tech struggled with
"We struggled a lot, we couldn't get open on the wing and then we couldn't deliver the ball to the low post, when we did catch I to n the wing they just physically man-handled us and wouldn't let us do what we wanted to do."

On if catching the ball way past the three-point line was affecting Tech's offense
"It is when you don't catch the ball, the whole thing is you have to learn how to catch the ball and work hard enough to get open, that's perfect the further they extend it because it lets them play one-on-one in the post but you have to catch the ball on the perimeter and deliver it to the ball and we weren't able to do that. So basically in the first half we had nothing except a flat ball screen and some of it was good but not good enough over 40 minutes to beat a really good team."

On how Jordan Tolbert played
"I thought he played great, I thought he battled the whole time, and for us to only get him eight shots is not very smart and he was six for eight and he should have had the ball almost every single possession and because of the pressure they had on us that extended us really far up the court if we were really really smart and deliver the ball like we needed to he would've had 25 shots but we just did a poor job of doing that."

Freshman Jordan Tolbert

On Kansas State's performance
"Coach told us after the game that they were a disciplined team. The last couple of days we had some good practices, but we haven't been doing that the whole year and they have been doing that the whole year. So we knew what to expect."

On growing as a post player against Kansas State
"A little bit. My coaches stay on me. They are always on me, so I really cant slack. Some days are harder than others, but today was a good day for me."

On Kansas State's defense
"I couldn't even tell you. I guess it was one-on-one. I really couldn't tell. I guess it was like a zone and they just got through the creases and got me the ball.

On what worked so well for him against Kansas State
"Kevin Wagner. Kevin Wagner played really good tonight and got me the ball and just finished."

On having a good game against Big 12 competition
"It felt really good. I was really stressing these first couple of games, the six games before this game. It feels really good to know that I played well even though we lost."

On having more consistent practices
"These past couple of days we had very good practices. We expected to beat them before the game started, but things just didn't go well."

Kansas State Head Coach Frank Martin

On defense
"I thought defensively we were really good. When we play the way we play we are going to commit some fouls. But we committed some backcourt hand checks and silly fouls away from the ball that you can't commit. We have got to clean those up. But when we're good defensively we try not to let teams get in rhythm. Offense is all rhythm; it's all about what you practice the timing of the play getting guys the shots from the places that they are comfortable from. We've been a lot better here since the Oklahoma game and we continue to get better. "

On conference road wins
"People take winning for granted sometimes. They think that winning is like shooting an uncontested layup in your driveway. Winning is hard. Winning at home is hard; winning on the road challenges you every single time. It is difficult. You should understand why, after that Oklahoma State game I was so proud. We beat a team that protects its home court like not too many people around the country. Obviously you saw that tonight in the way they played Missouri. You get two consecutive road wins in this league, your kids are doing something right."

On offense
"We didn't score the way we needed to, but that happens on the road. If you depend on outscoring people on the road, it is going to be hard to win on the road. You have to make sure that you can protect the basket and be solid with your principles and have some toughness. And then offensively you have to be who you are. The thing I was proudest tonight was, we missed a bunch of shots, especially early in the game. But we didn't settle for 3-point shots. We had numerous opportunities where guys could have said `Oh let me just shoot this one.' And we didn't do that we continued to make the extra pass continued to attack and we created a presence at the rim with post-ups and dribble drives. I'm proud of where our guys are right now. "

Martavious Irving

On coming in when game was 0-0
"I just want to provide a spark off the bench and just pick up and do something that was positive because a lot of things wasn't going too well. We were just missing shots so I just wanted to bring a lot of energy."

On Tech's 25 turnover
"It provided us and let us get out on a break a lot. WE got a few transition buckets in the second half because of turnovers and that was because of our d, and a lot of it because they are a young team also. Just pressuring teams is what we have always been about. It helps us get out on transition and lets us finish."

Victor Ojeleye

On what allowed him to be open and hit shots
Oh, nothing special. Just K-State team basketball, just take advantage of opportunities and trust my teammates. I know Martavious had a couple passes to me and I credit him for that. Going out there and being ready to bring energy and play as hard as I can."

On total bench play
"I think the guys did great, Adrian Diaz, a lot of those guys coming off the bench being able to do what we do. I am really proud of them. I told Adrian to just continue to build and continue to work. I think that is what we are all about, each person continues to do what they do to help us then we will just continue to get better. "




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