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Robert Lewandowski recorded his sixth double-digit scoring effort with 14 points on 7-of-10 shooting.

Jan. 31, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Billy Gillispie

Opening Statement
“Disappointing loss, we didn’t do enough to win. We weren’t nearly good enough defensively, we did enough offensively, especially early on and parts of the second half but we couldn’t get a stop and you have to do that to try and win games in the Big 12.”

On Tech’s defense
“We let our man catch it too much instead of playing our man before the catch and we’re not fast enough to allow our man to catch the ball like they did tonight. So what we wanted them to do was our guys to try and play them before the catch especially the way it was tightly called game, I’m not griping about the officials it was the same on both sides, but that’s what you have to do, you have to adjust as the game goes on and we didn’t adjust very well and then we just made so many dumb plays. I’m trying to bite my tongue as much as possible but man alive just so many dumb plays, fouling at the end of the shot clock, coming out of a timeout and missing the ball, it’s just frustrating to make those kinds of plays where you don’t think enough and we’ve got to get over that. It’s January 31st and we have nine games left to play and we are making some of the same mistakes we made on the first day of the season and you can’t do that.”

On Tech shooting 50 percent
“I was just saying we missed a bunch of wide open shots that we should make and we have to finish all the layups and we’re not very good at finishing that, and the other thing is when there is 35 shots taken from the foul line of one team you have to realize that ok what I need to do is drive it to the basket and make them stop me. Like Lew played a really good game I thought but he didn’t get a foul shot, our point guard hasn’t had a foul shot in like three games so you have to be a little bit smarter of what’s going on around you and take advantage of that.  So offensively shooting 50 percent with that many turnovers against their defense tonight it’s probably still too many, you’re going to have some turnovers during the game but the careless turnovers need to be eliminated and they haven’t been so far.”

Texas Tech Senior Robert Lewandowski

On the loss against Oklahoma State
“Like always give glory to God and hope he’ll help us turn it around but it’s been tough. I felt like we were going to win this game, I honestly did, we knew last game we had a couple of defensive flubs, I’m not sure what a good word for it is, when we played them and knew we could change that but we didn’t, unfortunately. We let one guy go for 30 points and let them shoot a lot of free throws and it was just the way it happens sometimes and we’ve got to get back and practice. We are better than how we played today and we keep saying that we but we play well for twenty minutes and not 40.”

On how OSU was able to get to the free throw line
“Give them credit they have really good guards that know how to attack and their post guys attacked the basket and power it up there. Personally, I didn’t go to the free throw line once, Jaye (Crockett) did a good job, he went eight times little things like that we’ve got own the paint that’s where the game is won or lost and we lost it tonight and we’ve lost it nine in a row now. When we own the paint then we will win, it’s something we work on everyday and we just need to have everyone on board and own the paint.”

Texas Tech Sophomore Jaye Crockett

On not able to make a run that gives Tech the lead
“We’re just not consistent, like you said Ty (Nurse) hit that three and after that we should’ve gotten a stop and a bucket and another stop and a bucket but we end up making three and giving them five or six and we’re in a slump by then.”

On if this loss hurts emotionally
“Oh yeah definitely, but you have to be mentally tough when stuff like this happens, it’s a tough situation but you have to be tougher as a person then the situation.”

Oklahoma State Head Coach Travis Ford

Opening Statement
"Very proud of the effort our team put out tonight from the beginning until the end that’s something I didn’t see in our last game, as far as the overall effort, our team normally plays pretty hard we don’t usually have a problem with our effort but our last game our guys intentions bu t tonight our theme was keep playing that’s two words we kept saying lets keep playing, keep playing if you’re up 10, keep playing if you down 10, and keep playing if they’re out rebounding you or if they’re scoring or we’re scoring just keep playing don’t worry about the score don’t worry about what’s happening behind you and I thought we did a very good job of that because I we took on a few runs from Tech tonight they started to make some three’s the second half and with our basketball team, with the make up of our team is short hand and everything, they cut it back to six with some three’s and our guys responded. We got to the free throw line when we needed to which helped slow down some of those runs and helped us rest a little bit too which we needed, but very proud of the effort very proud of the focus that our team played with. We were a little short handed but we came in here and got a good road win.”

On OSU’s free throw shooting
“I wish I could say I said something at practice but when you shoot foul shots like that it just shows your focus. I think it shows you really focused in to the game, we’ve talked a lot about getting a road win and this is how we’re going to do it. It wasn’t so much about X’s and O’s as it was just about playing hard and keep playing, and don’t worry about the score, do the things you can control, and our guys did a good job of that and they stayed focus and free throw shooting was a result of that.”

On staying positive
“The only thing I’ve down with this team in the good times and the bad we stay away from negativity and that’s not always my personality but we are being extremely positive with this basketball team and I told the team before we went out is to go out and play hard, win or lose just look back and say hey we played hard, we focused we executed the scouting report and I thought they did that. They didn’t worry about a lot of the little mistakes we made at times, but yeah we are trying to stay very positive, positive through anything.”

OSU Sophomore Markel Brown

On winning a conference game on the road
“It feels great, I don’t think we’ve won a road conference game in a minute, it just felt good going out there and getting a big win on the road.”

On what was working for OSU tonight
“The drive and kicks, we got some good penetration and the team made good passes and knock down shots.”

On not letting Tech make a run
“We just went out there and tried to get stops, we knew Tech was going to make a run at us but we just had to counter it with a run of our own and get stops at the other end.”

OSU Freshman Michael Cobbins

On what was the key to getting to the foul line against Tech
“Just really being aggressive and going to the hole, that’s something they’ve really been on us in practice about that’s what they’ve been hounding us about in practice and going to the hole strong and that’s what we did.”




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