Postgame Quotes: West Virginia 77, Texas Tech 61

February 2, 2013

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
"First of all tip your hat to West Virginia, it's very hard to win on the road in this league and they came in and took care of business and one thing they did was make shots and that's something we didn't anticipate because that's something they've struggled with all year and that actually helped them. Having said that I think we still had an opportunity to win this game and the way we started off the game digging ourselves in hole and having to comeback and then as the game progressed in the second half with six minutes left we were down by four we turn the ball over which has been our Achilles' heel all year long, and is for most young teams, there just comes a time where we have to mature and get passed those tough times where we just throw the ball to the other team and those are the turnovers we can't recover from and we just have to keep working on it and I told the guys in the locker room that there are signs of improvement but there are also signs where you don't even want to look at it because what it looks like sometimes and it's just the turnovers and I  know they are better than that they just make careless plays and we've just got to continue to progress and I think there is progression and I'm certainly looking forward to Tuesday, if the guys and I believe that if the guys work for the next couple of days and it's my job to make sure they have the right energy and enthusiasm I believe we can beat Kansas State on Tuesday."

On why the game got away from Texas Tech at the end
"We just turned the ball over, we're trying to run plays to take advantage for a switching defense and we throw the ball away and then we call a time out and throw the ball away, but give them credit they switched it up on us and our guys weren't able to adjust and they made key turnovers that really just turn the game, it was kind of like the Iowa State game in the first half but we made plays to counteract some of those things and every time we make a play to stop them we have to make a play and we just fell short today and again I'm discouraged because of the loss but I'm encouraged to know we can play with quality teams, earlier this year that hadn't happened, so you know that you can play with these teams it's just matter of playing for 40 minutes, you have to play for 40 minutes."

On what the slow start was attributed to today
"I would just say they have to come out prepared to play, I told them all week long that West Virginia was going to hit them in the mouth and they are going to come at you and I don't think our guys were nervous at all I think it's just the way the ball bounced and then they got after it a little bit and they kind of rattled us a little bit but we got back into it. The one thing I worry about with this team is I'm always concerned about offense because I know at some point they are going to score points, you are not going to shut people out, this isn't soccer, but the way you play on offense can hurt you on defense, we had 22 points off turnovers, it's going to be very hard to win with that many turnovers, last game we had 22 turnovers and this game we had 20 turnovers it's going to be very hard to win if we turn the ball over and that's what we have to fix and what we have to continue to build and work on."

On changing the starting line up
"I was trying to jump start Dejan Kravic a little bit, I thought Kader Tapsoba could come in a provide us with a little bit of toughness but he didn't play as much as I anticipated and Dusty Hannahs had a sore knee and really wasn't mobile in walk through, and it actually ended up being a good thing because Ty Nurse played decent this game. As a coach you have to really rely on feel and for us right now it's really going to come down to who and what group you can put on the floor that you can run your offense with fluidity and you can get to the foul line and you don't turn the ball over. I told these guys that they will watch the Super Bowl tomorrow and the team with the most turnovers will probably lose the game because that's how crucial turnovers are."

Texas Tech Senior Ty Nurse

On being shocked by how fast the game got away in the last six minutes
"When the game was over we were kind of shocked. We just kind of let it slip and turned the ball over too much. During those times its crunch time and so every possession matters a lot. We let it slip."

On what to do to get over their slump
"Learn from our mistakes. Don't make the same mistakes. You know we've done it in the past you know. We have some young guys but, they're going to learn from this. And hopefully down the road when we're in situations like this again we won't make the same mistake."

On their slow start
"We just had a slow start. Coach got on us in the first media and told us that it was all about rebounding and toughness and that's the only way we would win the game. So once we buckled down we made it a game but, a loss in the end."

On being shocked by West Virginia shooting three pointers
"On the scouting report we weren't afraid of them hitting threes. Then they came out and hit a couple and so we had to change our defense a little bit. That's what happens in basketball though, you have to adjust."

On struggling to capitalize on the momentum to have comebacks
"We just have to learn. Good teams don't kill their momentum with turnovers or allow a three to kill their runs. A good team will just keep their foot on the gas pedal and keep going."

West Virginia Head Coach Bob Huggins

On how well they were playing
"There are a lot of things these guys have shown me that I thought I'd never see. We've done such bonehead things and we kind of had the game going the way we wanted it to go and then we just kept throwing the ball to them. I think we had 10 turnovers, with like 12 minutes to go in the first half. We just continually do things to shoot ourselves in the foot. Then we came out in the second half and kind of took pretty good care of the ball. And then we made a run and threw it away twice. It just blows mind that that's there a shot clock up and there and you can't look at it."

On his guys concentrating on building on the things they did well today
"In all honestly we came in here thinking we were going to see a 2-3 zone and we saw a little of it but, not much of it. You know, you can't do everything so you maybe don't spend as much time maybe on our man-to-man stuff. We're good when we get people spread. That's when we can make some shots. You have to make some shots to get them spread is the problem."

On their shooting today
"Gary Browne had a big game. Gary came in shooting sixteen percent from the three. So did Ty Nurse too though. Those are two guys who statistically haven't made shots and they were making shots. Eron Harris has shot pretty consistently for us and Terry Henderson's starting to get well. All along we thought Terry was our best shooter."

On their defense in the second half
"We changed defenses. We were trying to keep them from reversing the ball and they got some back cuts which, they raised us. You have to be smart enough when they raise you not to overplay as much. We changed defenses so we would have people back there."




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