Postgame Quote: No. 17/16 Oklahoma State 91, Texas Tech 67

Josh Gray recorded 10 points against Oklahoma State on Wednesday.

February 13, 2013

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
"Oklahoma State played great, Markel Brown had 30 against us last year and he didn't stop this year, he came out and had seven threes in the first half, had the game of his life in the first half. Our game plan was to slow them up a little bit, start with some zone but they came out and were fearless and we had no sense of urgency and they did a great job of attacking us and keeping us on our heels the whole game. Obviously when it's tough for us to score the way it is we get behind and a small margin of error becomes a cazum very quickly, and we just have to continue to work. They are a really good team, a NCAA Tournament team, they have a chance to do some special things and have a lot of talent and have a chance to do some great things going forward. We are at a point where we need to continue to be as competitive as much as possible, going on the road is tougher for us but I really felt that playing at home we're a little bit more competitive and if we could just get off to a good start they would be able to neutralize some things, we did a better job on Marcus Smart and a decent job on Phil Forte and then Markel Brown does his thing so there were just a lot of different things but we need to play hard every single game and I thought we could have played a little bit harder and we will continue to work on that."

On if he thinks Texas Tech was intimidated by Oklahoma State
"I hate to use that word but I did tell them another way of saying that is we need to be tougher, I think Oklahoma State was very physical and they let us play a little bit and we weren't the beneficiary of some of that and again it just came down to a couple of plays where if we just make those plays it would be the difference because it's so hard for us to score, when we don't make those plays it's so deflating and now we have to come back and defend time after time and in this league there's no rest every single game you are playing a quality opponent and you have to be ready to go every single game. Were we intimidated by them? No, I don't think we were. Do we need to get tougher? Yes. 

On if he thought defensively Tech wasn't rotating to where they needed to be
"He (Markel Brown) was just making shots, they didn't have a fear of us and once they got it going then everybody was joining in, it was like they were playing horse, it's just one of those things where as a coach you play zone and hope they miss, you hope they fall in love with the three and they did but they made them. You hope they can get you some long rebounds and you can get some layups, but even then we get the layups and we couldn't convert them and we just have to keep working. That was tough match up for us and they were really good and hopefully we get a chance to compete against them again, but this is the Big 12 and that's why I like coaching here, and these guys like playing here, and this is the way it's going to be we just need to step up our level of play and be more competitive."

On how he thought Tech played when they got down by so much
"I thought they fought somewhat, our guys never die, they are going to keep playing, obviously there are a lot of things we can point the finger at but they're never going to die and they are going to keep playing. I believe at the end of the day when it's all said and done we just have to be a team in these next eight games that shows improvement and that comes out and plays every single possession, whether good or bad, missed shot, turnover, no matter what it is, or how mad I get, we just have to be guys that come out a play hard and compete every single game, right now that is our challenge not the other team."

Junior Dejan Kravic

On how crushing it is to get down by so much early on in the game
"Very crushing, we dug ourselves into a deep hole and then from there they just kept making shots and we couldn't make shots.

On if offensively they think they did some things to build on
"I think we built on some things, we got some good shots, inside I had some good shots, I just missed some easy shots and I kind of brought us down a bit because we got on a run and I missed some easy shots and they made shots and then we just got down by a lot."

On the loss to Oklahoma State
"We know what we are capable of and when an outcome like that occurs it's really disappointing because we know we let some people down and we know we are better than that, but we just have to keep working and get ready for the next game."

Freshman Josh Gray

On the loss to Oklahoma State
"I wasn't mentally prepared and when you play against a good team and you're not mentally prepared that's what happens."

On how crushing it is to get down by so much early on in the game
"It's very crushing, our student body and university came out and showed their support, they didn't deserve a performance like that."

Oklahoma State Head Coach Travis Ford

Opening statement
"I was happy with the way we started the game, I thought we started it the right way. We started executing it on both ends of the court and we were making some shots. How we were making the shots is what I liked. It was something we worked on, and we needed to get back to passing the ball. I thought the last couple games we were going one on one too much, we passed the ball a lot better tonight. We had the lead like we did the first half so I was anxious to see how we would start the second half. And we started it the way we wanted to start it and how we had talked about it so that was good."

On this game being a Kansas flashback with Markel Brown's shooting
"When Markel Brown's open he has the chance to make them. He had some good open shots off some assists and early in the game I think most of our shots came off assists. We expect him to make them. He shot well here last year as well, so it was good to see him get going. We talked about our guys making a lot of three's early but, we told them `not to let that be fool's gold for them. Don't just get caught up jacking up threes.' It's funny, I showed our guys a segment this morning on West Virginia jumping on Texas Tech early because they made a lot of threes and it was 16 to 4. Then the next thing you know it was 16 to 14 because, they got caught up shooting a bunch of threes. So we showed them that segment of the game and I think they had something to rely back on and to think `hey let's not let that happen to us.' I think we kept extending the lead because we shared the ball and I liked our defense. Our post defense was really good tonight; we have a lot of respect for Jordan Tolbert and those guys."

On his team gelling so well right now
"I think there are a lot of reasons why we are gelling right now. We have good point guard play and Markel Brown showing some good leadership for our most experienced player. As a junior he shows a lot of leadership on and off the court; things that you guys don't see in practice and stuff. He has embraced that role pretty well. We have some pretty decent guards and then when you get Michael Cobbins to play the way he is playing that really helps our team. I thought Philip Jurick had the best four minutes he has played in weeks. I think all of that attributes to it. And we are young; our top six scorers are three freshman, two sophomores, and one junior. That is a young team and I think our team shows a little bit, at times, some maturity for their age. Some of these guys are used to winning, like Phil Forte and Marcus Smart, and some guys who are hungry to win, so that makes for a pretty good combination.  We are just doing it one at time at this point. We are trying to keep things as light as possible at this time because of our youth."

OSU Junior Markel Brown
On playing lights out in this gym

"I think it's the balls, I like the feel of the balls. Other than that I think it's my teammates, they find me in open spots and they run the floor in transition and look up and find me."

On being tied for first place
"It's a blessing to be able to come out here and be tied for first. We were picked third in this league and now we're fighting at the top to win the big 12. We just have to take each game one at a time and hopefully we end up at the top."

OSU Freshman Marcus Smart

On Markel Brown's shooting

"He definitely helps us a lot. He takes a lot of pressure off of Le'Bryan Nash and me. It opens up a lot of things. It helps our big man Michael Cobbins to get open down there because, they have to contest his shot and play him so hard, so we can feed the inside."

On Michael's contribute to the team
"He is a big part of this team, especially his presence down low on the defensive and offensive end. Especially on the defensive end because, the guards can actually get up and pressure the guys and not worry about making a mistake because we have

Michael Cobbins and Philip Jurick back there to give us some momentum on the defensive end. And we turn that momentum from the defensive end to the offensive end and that's just a quick way we can make some points."

OSU Sophomore Michael Cobbins

On first career double-double
"I just credit my teammates; they found me in open places and I put extra effort into my shooting. I like it."

On being on the top
"It feels good to be on top. Coming off from where we were last year to this year and how the teams gelling and playing as one, as a unit. It just feels good. To have an opportunity to do something great with these young guys, I just hope we can keep it going and we can go out there and get it."




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