Postgame Quotes: West Virginia 66, Texas Tech 64

Chris Walker's Red Raiders converted 25 points off of turnovers on Saturday.

February 16, 2013

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West Virginia coach Bob Huggins

On the difference between the last six minutes in Lubbock and the last six minutes tonight
The truth of the matter is, to go 24-for-41 from the foul line and turn it over 18 times and still win, is really pretty remarkable. Obviously Deniz (Kilcli) played very well. I think that if we could pass the ball better, I think he could have gotten 40. He did a great job of sealing. I thought he was open quite a few more times than when we actually did get him the ball.

On Eron Harris
The battle is to play every play and in the first half, Eron was really loose with the ball and turned it over and I thought he came back in the second half and really responded. The good thing about Eron is he is not one of those guys who pouts and sulks. He keeps playing. What we have to be able to get across and get better at is you have to play every play. You cannot take plays off. We take plays off. We get a little bit of a run going and because we don't play every play, they take advantage of you. People at this level are too good to not play every play.

On how Harris has developed
I didn't know. I thought he was a good player and I thought he was going to be a really good player, but how do you know? We got Jabarie (Hinds) and Gary (Browne) back and really for that matter, AB (Aaron Brown), (Juwan) Staten practiced all year, so you think those guys would be a little bit ahead just because of their experience factor. But he has learned pretty quickly.

On Harris and Terry Henderson being on the floor together more
I'd love to play them, they just have to do a better job defensively and they have to pass the ball better. I think you noticed that when Deniz didn't get the ball, they were in the game together. Deniz has got to get the ball. They have to learn and continue to work and expand their games, but putting those two guys on the floor because of their ability to make shots is where we have to get to. At the same, they have to be able to throw it to the big fella whenever he is open and guard their guy.

Texas Tech interim coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
First of all we give credit to West Virginia, it was a hard fought game, coach Huggins deserves a lot of credit for the way his guys fought. They got to the foul line and were physical, and I think that was the difference in the game. There were a couple of 50-50 balls that I thought would have made a lot of difference for us. I thought my guys represented themselves very well, giving ourselves a chance at the end to either tie or win the game. It is very difficult, especially this time of year, when you have a young, inexperienced team, to come out here, which I think is one of the toughest places to play, to come out and represent themselves the way they did. We are going to try and build on this and take it into our Oklahoma game on Wednesday. I am very proud of my team, and definitely want to give credit to West Virginia.

On the final play of the game
I asked the guys at the timeout if they wanted to win the game, or go to overtime. What was in my mind was, Tolbert was out, Crockett was out and Dejan (Kravic) was out. Gotcher was in at the four, and Ty (Nurse) was hurt. So it was going to be very tough for us to play another five minutes. I ran a play for a three; I knew they were going to guard Dusty (Hannahs) so we brought Jamal (Williams Jr.) through the gate, and clear out Dusty. If they tried something tricky, we wanted Josh (Gray) to drive it because the side was cleared out. He's a good player, he decided to take a three, we would have suggested that he drive it, but if he made the three we would be having a different conversation right now. It is just something that he has to learn and build on.

On the foul trouble and free throw differential
Just do the math, it's a huge key. Every single time we are trying to be physical and play hard. I'm not going to blame it on that. We had more than enough opportunities to do what we needed to do. It certainly makes it tougher, but we had more than enough opportunities to make plays, we had a shot at the end of the game, and that's all you can ask for. We had an opportunity, I don't want to sit here and blame it on that. There's enough offensive rebounds that we gave up, there's enough 50-50 balls that we could've gotten, we are not going to make any excuses as a program, of that being the reason we lost the game.




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