Postgame Quotes: Texas Tech 72, TCU 63

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Chris Walker's Red Raiders swept TCU marking the first Big 12 sweep for Tech since 2010.

March 2, 2013

Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker
Opening Statement
“First of all I want to make sure that TCU knows they played hard today. I thought that was a good game, both teams are at the bottom of the league right now but that’s just reality, and I knew it was going to be a dog-fight game because I don’t thing we are that far from each other and Coach Johnson is a great coach, I have a lot of respect for him and he’s a competitor, and I thought our guys just made plays today and rebounded the ball well enough and I think we still need to get to the foul line more and make more shots from the foul line. But four-from-nine from three, we just played with poise and again I continuously tell our guys not to look at the scoreboard because that’s not where we are at right now, but at our effort and things that lead toward winning, like diving on the floor for loose balls and assists, or hitting open men and rebounding, and not giving teams second-chance points. It’s our belief inside our program that if you do those things you don’t have to talk about winning because you’re going to win games because you are doing things that lead to it. I thought our bigs played great, we had a great scouting report, we threw it inside and we had to take advantage of them because they can’t foul and Jordan Tolbert and Dejan Kravic did a great job of that today and played well together and I thought Josh Gray did a good job of distributing the ball and all I care about is that our team is the best it can be at the end of the season.”

On 11 of the first 13 points come from Tolbert and Kravic
“I consider Dejan Kravic a freshman, he didn’t play against great competition in Canada and he sat out last year so this is his first real experience against good competition and he has to be playing in one of the best leagues in America. I don’t look at him any different than I do Josh Gray, he’s just a little bit older and it’s just going to take him awhile to get his mojo and get his feet below him. There are going to be games like this and like Oklahoma where he plays well and then other games like we’ve seen. As a coach I have to be sure and keep him motivated and make sure I create a situation in his mind and keep his head up where this game can actually happen instead of beating him down and tell him he’s no good because that’s what he’ll start believing and that’s not what we are about at Texas Tech and that’s why he can have a game like he had today because he’s always confident. Things don’t always happen the way we want and we don’t always play well but if he has a great attitude then games like this can happen. Now the test is can we duplicate that on Monday in Lawrence, Kansas.”

On Jordan Tolbert’s play
“He played better, I told Tolbert before the game that it’s all about what side of the bed he wakes up on, that’s the bottom line. I told Tolbert that he’s a much better player than you’re showing but it’s just a level of concentration and want to, he has it in him but we just need to see it on a consistent basis. I’m not being critical about him but it’s my job to push them to be the best person they can be and the best player they can be.”

On playing Kansas on Monday
“I tell them like a former player, I’ve set in that seat before where we beat the number one team in the country in Syracuse and I’ve sat there and people give you no shot, but it’s not about that. This is why I love coaching in the Big 12 because I get to coach against guys that have been in the Final Four or win all these games and you guys get to play in these arenas on national TV against these players and there’s no better way to be in a competitive situation and enjoy that, you have to embrace that, you don’t run from that and there is no fear you just go in there and as I told the guys there is only one thing we are responsible for and it’s playing harder and more together than the other team. I don’t know how the refs are going to do the game or if the ball is going to go in the basket, I have no idea what’s going to happen but I do know two things we can control, we can play harder than them and we can be more together and after that we will see what happens.”

Texas Tech Sophomore Jordan Tolbert

On if going inside was emphasized for this game
We know that it would give us the advantage to win.”

On how it feels to break a losing streak
It feels real good.”

Texas Tech Junior Dejan Kravic
On his what his focus was for this game

“I was just trying to be confident. I've been in a slump lately and they said they were going to keep going to us in the post so that means my team believes in me”

On how it feels to break a losing streak
“It feels great to get a win, especially going into Kansas next week on Senior Night when four of their starters are seniors and their other starter's possibly the number one pick in the NBA Draft next year. So it's good to get a win out now and bring that energy to Kansas and try to compete with them.”

On if going inside was emphasized for this game
“It was a big emphasis. We thought we had the advantage in the paint so we tried to keep going inside, tried being aggressive and tried making plays."

TCU Head Coach Trent Johnson
Opening statement

“I felt like this the first time we played Tech, I think they’re extremely talented, I think they’re extremely skilled and it’s a shock to me that they’re won as many games as they have. Tolbert, Crockett, and Kravic—they can score. And we knew going in that they were going to attack us in the post because we’re limited in terms of our size and strength. I don’t want to take anything away from Texas Tech: I thought they were the aggressor, they were more physical than we were, and, we have guys still going through the motions. But I thought Kyan Anderson been really good the past three or four games. Charles Hill, who is no longer a freshman, has played well for us. Devonta Abron is a battle contestant because he played in the SEC. Those are three bright spots, but we put a lot of pressure on our offense when we can’t get stops and we put a lot of pressure on our defense when we can’t shoot the ball. That’s been our theme all year.”

On what TCU did well on to make a run after being down by 14 points
“For the most part, this group hasn’t quit. I thought our zone caused little problems and when we went to man we cause little problems.  But more importantly, we made some shots. Usually we have one guy making shots. Everyone wants to go back to the Kansas game, but, all year long our execution has been good; we’ve got open shots, we just we haven’t made them. I think that speaks every time we go to the free throw. I think we’re shooting between 60 and 70 more free throws than our opponents. So basically that says is, offensively, we’re getting the ball in spots where people have to guard and foul you. But we don’t shoot good free throws. But I thought the way Devonta got the ball in the post was effective, Charles Hill made a couple of nice plays, and Kyan played well.”

On Dejan Kravic’s versatility offensively
I’ve been around my share of ‘bigs’ throughout my career, so when I saw him on tape, I just said ‘My goodness, he’s really skilled’. Tonight, I don’t know if it’s because he was playing against us but he appeared to be under control. When Gray is taking care of the ball and distributing the ball the right way, they can beat a lot of people. They have a lot of parts: a kid that can shoot, two explosive kids in the post-- Crockett and Tolbert. They’re talented. They’re going to be something to be reckoned with.”

On what Tech has improved the most on since their first meeting
“Throwing the ball in the post. But I mean, let’s be honest, me and you could probably score on us in the post. So I think their emphasis was to just attack the post and go inside out.”




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