Postgame Quotes: Texas Tech 65, Angelo State 46


November 1, 2013

Pooh Williamson, Assistant Coach, Texas Tech

Opening Statement
Angelo state did a really good job by having some tough kids and I give Coach Beard a lot of credit, they never gave in. They scrapped, they clawed, they fought and gave us a good game actually. And I think both of us learned something about the new way the new game is going to be. It was probably not the prettiest game, I know it wasn't the prettiest game, but I know it was a good learning experience.

When you play a Division II team, do you enter the game with certain expectations?
No, it's just what we talked out yesterday, which is getting better. We were active, aggressive, playing as a team, defensively helping one another out. We had guys at the help at the midline, we were doing the things that Coach Smith talked about since day one--they were doing it. And I don't know if we lost focus, but we didn't have the same zest, the same juice in the second half and that's just a sign that we've got to keep working.

What do you think you have to enforce with the guys with the new hand-checking rule?
Play with your feet. It's what we've been talking about. It's college basketball in general, not just tonight's game that's been the case. If you go back and research most of these exhibition games, that's how it's been.



Did anyone in particular stand out in their Tech debut tonight?
Rob Turner, he's still in the process but he had a good game. Randy Onwuasor, who had 11 points in 16 minutes, wish we could have got him some more minutes actually. We played a lot of guys on the front line, but Alex Foster had great energy. He did a great job guarding Williams, their best player. Alex, for a freshman, came in and didn't back down so I give all our new guys credit. They gave impact and put their fingerprints on this game.

Junior Jordan Tolbert, Texas Tech

You outscored Angelo State in the paint, what do you attribute that to?
It was obvious that we were a little bit bigger than them so when it got to the crunch time where neither team was scoring and we started to pick it up a little bit. That's just what coach wanted us to do and just force it in the paint and just get easy baskets.

What was it like having Coach Williamson kind of be interim tonight?
That was his first time being a head coach, I think and he was like real strict like he just wanted it to be perfect, almost perfect. So, we just tried to go out and be perfect.

The bench came in scoring 31 points, how much does that help going on in to the season?
That just makes it a lot easier knowing the starters can start out the game and get it going. Having a bench like that makes it a lot easier for us.

Jordan, what did you think about Randy's performance?
I feel like Randy played well. It was his first college game so he was probably a little nervous, but I feel like he was aggressive and he played good defense. He attacked the basket, so I feel like he played pretty decent.

Junior Robert Turner, Texas Tech

What was it like playing your first Tech game?
It was amazing. The fans were great. Even though our head coach wasn't there, our coaching staff gave us a great game plan.

What was going on with the shooting in the second half?
Some guys just stopped hitting shots, that's all. It's all about mental toughness. But that's uncharacteristic of us, that's not going to happen all the time. But everybody's not perfect so they're going to miss shots sometimes.

Was Angelo State doing anything to cause that drop?
They're a quality opponent and they have a really good coaching staff. They teach them to stay out in the passing lanes and kind of jab at us and get back to the shooter and contest shots and they kind of did a better job of that in the second half.

You guys had more turnovers than assists tonight, how do you correct that moving forward? What do you focus on to tilt that step back in your favor?
Simply take care of the ball--just more focus. The way to score the ball is to keep the ball and make every possession count, so basically we've just got to protect the ball.

Rob, with these new hand-checking rules, we saw that they made 31 free throws, what do you have to do to make sure you don't get called for those?
Well, hands off, basically, and just slide our feet. We work on that every day: defensive turns, staying arms-length of the defender. We were real aggressive, but that's the style coach teaches us to be--real aggressive, and we got up in them. Tonight they blew the whistle a lot and that's going to happen. Even though we were at home, that's going to happen really happen on the road, so we're going to have to get used to the refs blowing the whistle like that.

Chris Beard, Head Coach, Angelo State

How did it feel to be back?
It felt a little weird going into the visitor's door instead of the home door. This morning at shoot around, I pulled into the wrong parking spot, I went back to my parking spot. Then I remembered I had to go park on the other end. It guess it's a question we all get asked as coaches going back to different places we've coached and as much as I wanted it to be like a business trip and just another game, it wasn't. A lot of family and friends and stuff in the stands--it was just kind of surreal being here. I was proud of our guys. We were down a lot at half time and we really challenged them and we came back. I think we cut it to nine three times in the second half. We've got a long ways to go, but I think we have a chance at being a good team in Division II.

What's your experience at Angelo State been like and how much experience did you pick up at McMurry and the American Basketball Association?
It's been great. You know McMurry was a special school, I'll always be thankful for that opportunity, we had great season. It was difficult to leave there. But I think the Angelo State job is somewhere we can win a championship. We've got great administration, a great athletic director and we're going to do great things. We're just getting started, we've got a long ways to go, but we'll keep improving. We'll get there.

Looks like you were having a lot of fun in the middle part of the second half, what was going right for you all at that point?

It's funny how that works when you're getting your butts beat in the first half, it's not very fun, but in the second half, when you're playing better, then it becomes fun. I was just proud of the guys. I thought as to be expected in the first half we were a little nervous, had some jitters; but in the second half we calmed down and played a little bit. We're a better shooting team than this. We shot the ball terrible tonight. I give Texas Tech some of the credit for that, but we'll shoot the ball better as the season goes on.

What did you think of the effects of the new hand-check rule tonight with all the fouls and free throws?
I thought the referees did it well. I've been in college basketball 18 or 19 years and we hear that every year: that the game's about to change. And then when you get out here and the lights come on, it doesn't. But I think this year it has. I think we've had one scrimmage before tonight's game, and it was certain that they were calling it. And I think tonight the officiating was good. I think overall, it's going to clean up basketball, it's going to give more flow to the game and turn it in to the sport that I grew up watching instead of how physical it's been the past few years. So I thought the officiating was good tonight.


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