Post Game Quotes: Texas Tech 89, Prairie View A&M 79

Jamal Williams had 15 points and six rebounds against Prairie View A&M.

November 9, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

On what was good and bad about the first game
"What I did like about game one is that we got the win. I also liked the fact that we were ahead again and just like in the exhibition game we had to fight through some adversity. We got seven new players, we got two freshman and two guys who are primary ball handlers that have never played at this level and we played against a very experienced team. They grinded it out and once again we almost scored 90 points again and that's something we want to do. Obviously in the second half we need to limit our turnovers and I think we got a little careless in the second half and we just have to work on our focus."

On Jordan Tolbert's performance
"He played a pretty good ball game, that's the reason they went to a zone. We didn't think they could guard us man-to-man so obviously that's why we played zone because it stymies people and that's a way to neutralize our game inside but he did a good job getting to the glass and running the floor and that was one of his better games. After the passing of his dad it's taken him a week or so to get his mojo back so it's nice to see Jordan back tonight."

On Jamal Williams' response to adversity late in the game
"It's interesting just a couple of days ago I really had to get onto Jamal and for his attitude and how he shut it down after a little adversity came his way and it just so happens, look what happens this game. That's the funny thing about kids you never know what's going on in their minds, he's dealing with his dad and the hurricane back home and he has his good days and bad days because he's an energy guy, I always call him Bruce Bowen, that's his nickname, and today he played like that. We just got to get him to play better defense and rebound better but he really had a great game shooting the ball and he was an eye opener for us because I hadn't seen him play like that before."

On if the team fouling in the second half were because of first-game jitters
"No question, we are a pressing team and at the end of the day we just have to become smarter and I just keep bringing it back to the fact that we are young and getting over anxious. We just have to really work on not fouling so much, we are an aggressive team and some people say if you keep doing it they will stop calling it but tonight they just kept calling it. If we didn't foul as much they wouldn't have gotten to the line and it would have been a completely different game and it's just something we have to work on."

On how much being young attributed to the turnovers
"I attributed that to being young and obviously being game one was a part of it. We just have guys that can make plays without passing it to each other and they have to realize as we start playing stiffer competition and people start understanding how to play us that you are going to have to learn to play with each other, and it's a good thing these guys can make plays but it's a bad thing if they are trying to make plays and they're not making shots, it doesn't look as good and we just want them to keep playing together."

On getting his first win
"I mean it's a great feeling Kirby Hocutt gave me the game ball, in the locker room and the guys clapped it up for me. That's the first thing I did was thank my player because like I told them this will be etched in stone I'll always remember you guys no matter what happens in my lifetime. It's gratifying to have been on that journey for such a long time and now to finally get your chance and get your first win, it's just something you always dream about and now that it's happened I want number two."

Sophomore Jordan Tolbert

On how the team stuck together towards the end to pull out the win
"We felt like we had to stick together to overcome that, it was a tough point in the game, it felt like we weren't getting calls, but that's what it's about sticking together and coming out with a victory."

On taking on the role as a leader this year
"It's a bigger responsibility and I know I can't be fooling around and I have to be more serious."

On being able to depend on more guys this season
"It takes a lot of pressure off me, having guys that can create their own shot. It just makes it easier for me and makes it easier for the team."

Junior Jamal Williams, Jr.

On what he said to the team when the game got close in the second half
"Not to keep their head down. When times get hard we've got to come together and pick it up."

On what message Coach Walker sent to him this week
"This week I had a tough practice and he was on me mentally, mentally getting me stronger and it made me prepare for the game. I played with passion and everything came together."

On what looks the defense gave him early and then later on in the game
"At first it was kind of hesitant on me, if I saw it was open I shot it, but later on they started to play me close and I had to start driving and make plays for other players."

Prairie View A&M Head Coach Byron Rimm II

On the resolve that Prairie View A&M showed in the second half
"I was quite proud of our guys, it was a lot of our guys first division I basketball game so I was very happy with that. We are a lot better basketball team, we had a little adversity from some of the foul calls, some of our bigs are overly aggressive their first game, so we kind of figured that was going to happen but our guys did a good job. Two of our starters couldn't play, Demondre Chapman, who started every game for us last year and Jourdan DeMuynck couldn't play because of injury, and so our guys had to step up. I'm very proud of them they played hard, moved the ball around and got the ball to the right people. Carl Blair did a great job, a transfer that came in here, he's going to help us out a lot, he hit he hit 15 free throws, it's just the little tweaks in our offense and defense that need to get us to the next level."

On Texas Tech's up-tempo play
"Well we've known Josh Gray and how good he was in high school. Some of the guys we didn't think would shoot the ball well for Tech did tonight. They were more aggressive than us on rebounds and they were just a bigger, stronger team, but like I said I'm very proud of our team. I kind of wish our bigs would have played a lot longer, considering the foul trouble, but Tech is going to be a really good basketball team they just need a little time to make a little tweaks here and there."




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