Postgame Quotes: Texas Tech 91, Omaha 63

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Junior Dejan Kravic had a career-high 20 points against Omaha.

November 14, 2012

Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
“I thought it was a great effort overall by our guys. It was nice to see that after we started off great in the first two games that we played in the first half and this time we started off pretty good and towards the end of the first half we did not so good, so it was good to see in the second half we actually picked it up and in the second half of the last two games we weren’t so good, weren’t so crisp and I know sometimes it looks a little ragged and like the other team is scoring but as I tell the guys, our style is to wear the opponent down. We wear them down, we have more bodies, I have more confidence in everyone of my guys to get in the game and play and to take whatever shot, I think that if they can make it they should take it and the bottom line is we prey on guys that think there is a weak link among our guys. As long they play hard and together and stay together on the court no matter what the adversity is. If they make the shot, if not keep pushing it, keep going at them every single possession. I think that if we do that it gives us a chance to win no matter who comes in.”

On the message to Dejan Kravic during half time
“The number one thing I told him was hey somebody pinch me because Shaq’s not there. There’s not a shot-blocker there and my thing is why aren’t you just gong at them. They’ve got to foul you and they’re not going to block your shot just go straight up and let the refs decide. You stop deciding in your mind that they’re going to block your shot and keep going at them and play. That’s what he did, he played more aggressive and you know because the first half really got out of hand because we missed so many layups. If you look at the shot chart we missed so many chippers, yeah we took a lot of three’s and we took more shots than them but we missed so many easy layups and you give them that knock out punch in the first half it’s pretty hard to come back in the second half.”

On if not fouling was a point of emphasis this week
“Absolutely, play hard without fouling was the number one thing we had written on the board. Again, they are a solid team, they are well coached and one of the things they like to do is throw it in to the post and split the post, they have no back doors tonight and the other thing we worked on was offensive rebounding. We limited them to five offensive rebounds and we had 21. The other thing we worked on was assist to turnover ratio, last game we had 10 assists and 17 turnovers and this game we had 16 assists and 8 turnovers. They are listening and getting better and like I said as we start playing more games, we’ve only been at this three weeks, and as they start to play more games and get used to playing with each other they’re going to get better and better and the press is going to get better and better and we are going to get more guys more minutes and get a consistent rotation but for the bottom line is for Texas Tech basketball if you asked it’s about playing harder and more together than the other team.”

On Josh Gray’s play tonight
“The bottom line is that Josh Gray just hasn’t ever been taught to play and he’s never been held accountable and today’s AAU and high school basketball it’s all about me, me, me when you’re a good player and it’s all about you and your scoring and now it’s about how to run a team and he still learning everyday, we’re still just chipping away and he’s watching a lot film and dissecting his game and really trying to be a student of the game and he’s benefited from that, and at the end of the day he’s going to make some turnovers but I’m really selective about when I take him out because I want him to have every situation and learn from every situation and as long as he has a great attitude which is what I’m most concerned about I will continue to work with him. I always say that if a kid takes one step towards me I’ll take 99 towards him and he’s taken more than that right now, and that’s why I’m being patient and he’s starting to see the fruit of his labor game by game.”

On Jaye Crockett coming off the bench and being the leading scorer
“He bounced back from last game and I just told Jaye that you’re an older guy and you probably want to be the starter which is fine but guess what you can be the best spark we have coming off the bench with some of these young guys, and he has embraced that role and never complains and I’m always going to have him out there in crucial situations because he presents some match-ups he can rebound, he’s athletic, he can pick and pop and shoot the ball, he can drive it, he can do a lot of things, we can switch ball screens with him out there. So he’s very versatile and when he plays hard he really presents a problem for people and I told Jaye he’s a junior there is expectation from him, step your game up, every single game you have to step your game up, it helps us when you come off the bench and provide a spark, and again that’s what I talk about when giving my guys confidence is I only get mad with one thing is when they don’t play hard and they don’t play together. Other than that I’ll live with whatever else goes on.”

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Junior Dejan Kravic

On coming out in the second half and establishing the their game
“I thought we did it both halves it was just a matter of finishing and being aggressive. The team motivated us and we just got going in the second half.”

On being up by twenty points in the second half
“Yeah it felt really good, we turned it up in the second half. So far we’ve been a first-half team where we come out with a lot of energy and this time it was the other way around, and we’re happy with the win and our performance.”

On what things have started coming on for him
“Confidence, and just being more aggressive. Coach Walker sent the message that I had to be more aggressive if I want to score, and the coaches and players just gave me great motivation and their the reason I played well that second half.”

Junior Jaye Crockett

On how good it felt to put them away in the second half
“It felt great, and like Dejan said we usually do it the first half. We usually come out sluggish in the second half, so I’m glad we came out and put the hammer on them. We just have to be more consistent and go hard that first four minutes of the first half and do the same in the second.”

On getting more rebounds and turning the ball over less
“Coach Walker put an emphasis on that, rebounding and turnovers and that we have to have a better ratio between turnovers and assists and we have to out rebound the other team, especially on offensive boards because in the last two games the other team got about 16 or 17 offensive rebounds on us.”

On him and Dejan having the hot hand
“I mean the guards did a great job when pressure was put on them to attack the basket and their postman had to go out there and guard them, and they were just able to pass the ball down low.”

On coming off the bench and being the top scorer
“I really don’t pay attention to the whole come off the bench or starting thing. As long as I am playing I’m happy, but we just came out there and got the job done and I’m happy about that.”

Omaha Head Coach Derrin Hansen

Opening Statement
“I think coming in when you look at the match up, we are in our second year of a transition to Division I, you’re not going to be able to be as deep or talented as the a lot of the teams we play, especially at the BCS level. I thought that Jaye Crockett and Dejan Kravic were a big part of that tonight, guys that maybe we can’t match up with right now. In our summer league when we play teams like Western Illinois I think we will be able to battle in that league, but BCS teams obviously we are going to struggle some. I did like the way we fought back late in the first half and I thought we made some basketball plays to get it back to six, and then they came out and punched us in the second half, a took the wind out of our sails.”

On what Omaha did that gave Texas Tech trouble
“Well the one thing I thought we did well was our zone but then Crockett made a bunch of shots and we didn’t want them to get in the paint, and we knew they would some on transition and then beat us off the dribble a little bit but we played a little soft in our zone, especially towards the end of the first half but then once we kept with that they made shots. Crockett was a big part of that and Kravic one-and-one was a big part of that and that’s when it really turned and we were out of it from there.”

On what Omaha can take away from this game
“Well like I told them, I thought we played 25 minutes tonight other then the last 15 minutes of the second half. I thought we really battled and executed some things and we tried to run with our game plan and obviously Crockett and Kravic took us out of that but we have to take that 25 minutes and make it into 40 in our league we can be competitive enough that when we are eligible to be where we want to be.”




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