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Nov. 20, 2011

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Head Coach Billy Gillispie

 Opening Statement
"This was a really big win for us, it wasn't easy, we made it look a lot easier than it was. Hard game, I think they do a great job playing offense playing, defense playing transition they are always very sound you have to play every single play, that's a tribute to Coach Casper and his staff they have good players and they usually don't beat themselves. I was very concerned going into the game but very happy about being able to win the game after it was over, very happy about it."

On Tech's offensive play
"I don't know if we ever ran a good offense we ran a couple of good ball screens, we were really good on defense I thought we had great ball pressure, I thought Bean (Javarez Willis) did a fantastic job just disrupting everything for them, and their offense is really good, a lot better than what it looked today, so he did a great job, but when we got the ball back we didn't take advantage of the way we were playing on defense we didn't move our bodies, you want good body and ball movement and be able to take the ball to one side and to the other and if we would have done that and followed direction a little bit better on going to the right side after an initial cut after an initial pass we would've been able to throw the ball over the top because they were on the high side of the post and I don't know if we did that more than once or twice in the game we should of been able to do that all night but we didn't do a good enough job executing on offense. The reason we made shots, was because I believe we lucked some shots in during the first half but I never really had a comfortable feeling of how we were executing offensively, we made 14 out of 17 and that's very difficult to do."

On Tech's defensive rebounding
"We were very good in the first half, they only had three on offensive and three defensive rebounds the first half, but in the second half they got 10 offensive rebounds and that's no good, and three of them were on free throws and you should never give up rebounds off a free throw and they got three of those and when you have a 14 point lead and they miss a free throw you have to be thinking 16 or 17 point lead and then you end up with an 11 point lead and I don't like that. We are getting a little bit better job of our guards coming back and rebounding the ball we need Petteway in the game more because he can rebound and gives us more size, we didn't have Lewandowski in there, he only played 11 minutes, Tolbert on played 19 minutes, but I thought Jaron Nash did a good job and I thought Jaye Crockett did a real good job he's getting more healthy everyday, it seems like and it was great to see him dunk that ball it was a great pass from Bean (Javarz Willis) and he showed that explosive ability that we all know he has so it was really good to see that. We're still learning but we have to be a really good defensive rebounding team, everyone does if they're going to be any good."

On using a practice gym to prepare Tech for road games
"We don't do it unless we have to, we go to Lubbock Christian when we have to not because we want to but so far we haven't handled change of venue very well and that's all about concentration and learning to take those steps about mental focus and we'll see. We will go over there and we will play hard, I can promise you that, we will play harder than we did today, I thought we played really hard for a long time today, especially on defense and I'm really proud of their efforts and how they are learning to practice the right way, but it's a different deal when you go on the road you have to play at another level and we'll see what happens."


Javarez "Bean" Willis

On what was the biggest factor in today's victory
"The biggest thing was preparation. I think we were very prepared thanks to our coaches and we played the game plan well. We had nice pressure on the ball to stop them from getting into their primary offense."

On being happy with a 3-0 record
"Yes, but we still know there is always room for improvement and we have to get better."

On Tech's offensive performance
"It is just learning and listening to our coaches and taking good shots. Our shots were falling today."

On Stephen F. Austin's defensive performance
"They played in a 1-3-1 press that we didn't prepare for. It was still my fault. I wasn't thinking. I was being aggressive but I wasn't being smart, so I am pretty sure we will be working on that and just being solid with the ball and just executing our offense like our coach wants us to."


Jordan Tolbert

On stepping up in place of Robert Lewandowski
"Yeah, I got kind of nervous but sometimes in practice it gets like that. I knew I had to step up for the team."

On adjusting to this level of competition
"I learned to listen. That is the hardest thing. I found out that I am not a good listener."

 On how he found out he was not a good listener
"In practice he (Billy Gillispie) said something and then he asked me like five seconds later about it and I forgot it."

 On improving as a listener
"Yeah, I think I am getting better at it. It is just paying attention at all times, even when coach isn't talking to me. At all times just paying attention."


SFA Head Coach Danny Kaspar

Opening statement
"First of all I think Texas Tech is getting better with every game I see. There is no doubt in my mind about that. You hired a very good basketball coach, and he has had to reload. From watching some exhibition games to now I think your defense is better, and I think your execution on offense is better. We wanted them to hit some outside shots and they did, not only 6-for-11 from the three but they even hit a couple of long two's. So we are down 15-5 and I think I told the kids, `Don't worry about it, they are mostly hitting outside jumpers and we just can't let them lay it off the glass in their high-low offense or with their drives.' They shot the ball well. I haven't had too many teams give up 63 percent from the field like we did today, so I am very disappointed in our performance particularly on the defensive end. Hopefully this will help us because we have nine new players on our team ourselves and trying to get nine new guys to realize what it is that allowed us to win 92 games over the last four years is very difficult without sometimes getting your butts beat. So I think Texas Tech is improving, and they did a good job on us today defensively and offensively."

On having success late in the game with the full-court press
"We really haven't gotten into that too much with nine new guys, and I don't know if you know this but we led the country in defensive scoring last year. We were second in 2008 and we were second in 2009, we won two championships. We were in the top, I want to say, 15 in 2010 when we finished second in the league. I do believe you have to win with good man-to-man defense, so I am trying to get a bunch of new guys, as I said earlier, to buy into that. I really wasn't worried as much about our performance the first half in terms of they were hitting some shots and we were not. In fairness to my kids we had a three and a half hour delay at Love-Field yesterday. We were supposed to leave at 1:00 and we left at 4:30, and I was worried about that. If we seemed a little dead legged maybe that had something to do with it. They tell us to get there at 11:00 for a 1:00 flight and you leave at 4:30."




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