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Trency Jackson Had 15 points against Grambling State on Tuesday.

November 20, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
"I thought that the guys came out with good energy, the guys had a great walk through today. We started off a little bit sloppy, Josh Gray started off a little sloppy but we kind of got it back together again and Jaye Crockett played great, another great game from him, and Jordan Tolbert another solid game. Our guys they play hard, I know at time it may seem a bit sloppy and it's hard for young guys to play with a lead but I will say this in the last 10 minutes they kept pushing that lead further and further, we kept subbing and we keep subbing and putting fresh bodies in and I wish I had more minutes to put more guys in, but they've kept a great attitude and we play for 40 minutes, we press and even if we were down 40 I would tell those guys to play hard to the end and if we are up 30 we are going to play hard until the end. It's just a habit we have everyday in practice and we are going to continue it as games get tougher and tougher. Our next opponent, we are going to get ready for them, it's the biggest game on the schedule for us and we are going to take a couple of days off and enjoy Thanksgiving and be together and be thankful for the team that we have and thankful for the time that we get to spend together and we will be ready to go on Monday."

On if pressing in future is a viable option or will Tech have to scale it back a bit
"It's just a matter of scouting and at the end of the day there is a lot of full court man to man and that's calculated risk but at the end of the day it's not just about playing better teams the bottom line is we just try to speed people up that's our style. Somebody else's style may be to play man to man the whole game, or somebody else's style may play zone like Syracuse for an entire game. Our job isn't necessarily to press them every game, pressing always sounds like you're taking crazy risk, the bottom line is we are attacking them on defense every possession down that could be a zone, sometimes we don't even trap, you know we almost got three or four 10 second calls today. It comes in many forms, the bottom like is we want to play 94 feet whether it's on offense or defense and they may simply be just man to man and turning them, and then acting like we are going to press but that is an attitude that we are bringing, we are bringing the fight to them."

On Jaye Crockett embracing his role coming off the bench
"He's like a sixth starter, I trust him completely, he changes the game, the one thing he is doing that is changing his game is and making his game a lot better is his rebounding and the other thing is he's healthy. At the end of the day his attitude is great and I tell these guys attitude is everything you have to start with a great attitude. I know you want to start everybody wants to start, but he knows his best asset is bringing production of the bench. Last game we had 39 points off the bench and this game we had 41 points off the bench and that's amazing. That means half the points are coming off the bench, I could play any of those guys that's the great feeling that we have and even as we start playing better competition we are going to play the same way no matter what. This is the way we are going to play."

On if Jaye Crockett playing for 26 minutes was by design
"My assistant coaches did a great job with subbing, I give them the freedom to sub in and out, we always sub on free throws so we can set our press up and again it comes down to fresh bodies. There are going to be some games where that may be a little bit different but I like that, I like the fact that 26 minutes and I'd like to be at 20 because I think they are optimum if they are playing to exhaust themselves, which is our goal. I mean you can't play longer than 25 minutes that way, pressing the entire game, I think it's a good thing for us and the amazing thing is in 26 minutes he got 17 points and 14 rebounds. That is extremely productive of Jaye Crockett."

Texas Tech Player Quotes

Junior Jaye Crockett

On having how Tech feels they are equipped on the front line
"I think we are great, Dejan Kravic has size but he can also move and he's real quick on his feet, so that will help us along with our size and Kader Tapsoba he can shoot a little bit from the outside and he's strong too so I think that will help us too  is using the speed against the big guys we will be playing against."

On how much better he feels this year rather than last year
"Well I worried about my health a lot this summer and got real healthy after that surgery and it helped me our a lot and I just feel like our team and especially the guards help me they're so aggressive attacking and they are opening up the post a lot so I think the guards are helping a lot too."

Sophomore Trency Jackson

On how the press defense turns into offense for Tech
"It does a lot, I've never been part of a team that presses a lot like we do and it turns into offense a lot. We get a lot of layups and a lot of fast break points and we get a lot of three's and this is our third consecutive game in the 90's so it does turn into offense a lot."

On how it good it felt have a good game after not playing as well last game
"It feels great, this whole week I was in the gym, after practice me and Jaye would go to the gym, after study hall go to the gym, to work on my shot and like my old coach used to say when I was in Jr. college if you get up shots you deserve to make them in the game, so I guess I deserved to make three's in the game and have a good game."




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