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Nov. 24, 2011

Recap |  Final Stats

TEXAS TECH COACH Billy Gillispie

On team’s first loss
“We don’t like it, but it happened. We have to deal with it.”

“We don’t pay enough attention to detail right now. We have got to get it in there (the post). We still don’t understand that (Jordan) Tolbert needs to have the ball, he needs to have more touches. He was open all day, we just didn’t throw it to him.”

“It’s a long season. You’re going to have a loss and you’re going to have more than one loss. There’s only one team I think in the history of it that never did. We’re not confused as to where we are. We have a long ways to go; we’re taking baby steps. We did a few good things today; we just continue to make too many mistakes. We turned the ball over 18 times, 12 in the first half. Not finishing plays, fouling too much, those kinds of things; we just have to continue to get better.”

“I hope they learned you have to pay attention to detail to beat a good team.”

On tomorrow’s game
“I’d rather have practice. I like practice; I’ve always thought the way you get better is in practice. The games expose what you have or have not done in practice.”

On the positives
“Tolbert was really good. I think that he’s the best player on the floor, no disrespect to them; they’ve got a really nice team. They executed very well and did exactly what they wanted to all day; we didn’t take anything away from them. That’s to their credit, but Tolbert was great. If we throw the ball to him, we’ll start to see some real positive things happen.”

On Ty Nurse
“They played good solid fundamental defense, they were in the right position, but they didn’t really take Ty Nurse away from us. Ty Nurse took Ty Nurse away from us more than anything. Again, no disrespect to their defense; it’s solid, and they’re solid in every phase of the transition – offensive transition, defensive transition, half court offense, half court defense – they did a really good job. Ty just wasn’t aggressive enough.”


On defense
“That’s going to be a key for us. We’ve talked about it a lot. We haven’t played particularly well defensively, and this was going to be a team that was going to come and be very physical, and very aggressive. And our guys, other than a couple little stretches, one in each half, they really did a good job.”

“It’s kind of a football mentality. You got to make it really tough for the opposition and then just don’t turn it over and give them easy baskets. We’ve got some good players, and those guys listen, they’re tough, they’re competitive. We came in here expecting to win and that’s what we’re planning on doing.”

On low shooting percentage – 35%
“Going into the half we were at 28% until maybe that last shot or something, and we were up 32 to 26. That just speaks volumes of how well we’re guarding. These guys really did a great job. We’re not going to celebrate too much on this one, because we didn’t come here just to win one game.”

On physical game
“Other than a couple stretches, Jake and Steve got a little out of whack with the ball handling and being physical. We knew they were going to be very physical and very aggressive. They beat us up a little bit. It was going to take our best effort and we gave it to them.”

On tomorrow’s game
“We’re anxious; I didn’t have to say much to them. I said, ‘hey we didn’t come here to win one game. You’re a tournament tested team; let’s not celebrate too much on this one. Let’s focus on what we did wrong in this game, try to correct it and play a team tomorrow.’”




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