Postgame Quotes: Texas Tech 84, Jackson State 75

Head Coach Chris Walker became just the second head coach in school history to start 4-0.

November 26, 2012

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Opening Statement
“I think first of all, I want to give Jackson State credit. I think they played very well. We knew they had good guards, we knew they would can shots and we knew they would really give us their best shot. One thing I’m proud of, it’s the first time we’ve been down going into halftime. We had to fight through some adversity, we didn’t shoot the ball particularly well, and it gave us an opportunity to lock in and really get after people. You’re not going to win by thirty every night, you know that’s a teachable lesson for our guys. Our starting line-up has four guys that have never played at this level and everyday we’re teach lessons and teaching lessons. I’m proud of our guys. ”

On Biggest lessons of a game like this
“We preach to these guys about staying together. Sometimes we get down on themselves. They’re playing a fast pace, they make a couple turnovers, and they just get back and lets lock in and play defense. I think they did a good job at handling our press but they still had 25 turnovers. We had 15 steals but they one thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got finish some of those layups. We’ve got to get the ball inside a little bit more and we’ve got to convert those easy shots and get to the line. I don’t think we did a great job at taking advantage of our size inside.”

On too much shooting from point guards, Gray and Robinson
“It could be game by game. Saturday they could make 6 for 12, but what are we saying then? At the end of the day, we’re going to have games like that. But what I’m most proud of is Josh Gray had seven steals. My number one focus for these guys, and I tell them time and time again is we are all about defense. We are about defense and locking people down. And when adversity struck, we had to dig in and we had to get steals. That was the best Jackson State has played this year. I tell these guys,’ we’re creating the expectation when people come in here that they want to play hard and they want to press and they want to prove that they can beat you guys. It’s your fault for creating that expectation so you’re going to have to rise to that level every single night’.”

On Dejan’s effort on the glass
“I think Dejan could be better. I don’t know what his total was but I think he could be a little bit more menacing on the glass and I’m looking forward to him doing that. It’s not his nature, but he’s really trying to be more physical. He’s doing exactly what we’re asking him to do: we’re trying to get him to block shots and rebound but we’ve got to get him a little more involved scoring wise. He’s so versatile. I think he’s only going to get better.”

On shots not falling
“I preach confidence to my guys. The one thing I’d never tell my guys to do is not to shoot.  You can talk all day long about taking a good shot here and there but they missed a lot of wide open shots and they just weren’t falling. You can say you can drive more but at the end of the day we rely on those big shots to get our runs going, to get out press going and in the second half we shot over 50 percent. Tonight it may have looked like it we did not play our best, but an ugly win, we’ll take it.”

On which means more points in the paint or points off turnovers
“Both. I mean points off turnovers. You know you don’t want to have to come down and score on the teeth of the defense every time. But again we want to do it without fouling and putting them on the line and putting them into the bonus early in to the game. There we’re a lot of things that we did that changed the game—getting steals off turnovers. Points in the paint ends up being layups too, I think we had over 10 layups. We try to get 10 plus layups a game. So it comes down to our defensive intensity, which I thought was lacking a little bit in the first half.”

On how much the guys are looking forward to Arizona
“It’s going to be a Big 12 game and we’re going to have a Big 12 fan atmosphere there and we’re excited. But at the end of the day it’s about Texas Tech, it’s not about Arizona. It doesn’t matter who the next game or the next team is, the next game is always the biggest game on our schedule and we’re looking forward to that. Our guys are excited and we’re going to be ready to go and we’re going to play the same way, Texas Tech basketball. We’re going to press them, we’re going to get up in them and we’re going to play harder and more together. It’s about Texas Tech basketball versus Arizona basketball. We’ve got three days to work on them and we’re going to be ready to go.”

On Jaye Crockett’s performance off the bench
“That’s why he’s the spark off the bench. Jaye comes in and provides the spark offensively. It’s his calmness and his experience that helps us a lot and that he settled everybody else down.  That’s why we have him and Daylon coming in off the bench because if some of the guys get erratic then they come in and settle us down, but I don’t think there’s a drop off.”




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