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Javarez Willis had 11 points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals for the Red Raiders.

Dec. 18, 2011

Head Coach Billy Gillispie

Opening Statement
Just a great win for us we haven’t played in a long time. I thought we did good things, especially early in the game, moving the ball and most importantly when you make shots your offense always looks a lot better and we haven’t been making shots but we did make some shots, especially three’s, and guarded very well in the game but we showed our amateurism by relaxing when we got a 27 point lead, but it’s the first time we’ve been in that situation, so I was really happy we got the win.

On Tech’s shooting percentage
Well they started out zone and we had three shooters out there basically and Bean (Javarez Willis) can make them Ty (Nurse) can make them and so can Lew (Robert Lewandowski) and they move the ball and it wasn’t a very good zone at the start of the game they play a much better man to man but we were able to get fairly easy shots but when those guys are open they make them.”

On Luke Adams starting
Whoever gets it earns it here. It’s a revolving situation, nobody has a spot there’s no entitlement here and I really believe that’s the way a program should be built and I think a team should be built that way, if you earn it you get it. Probably  wouldn’t started him if Gotcher had been healthy but Gotcher had a nagging ankle injury, so that’s the reason he got to start but he’s been practicing well and played really well this last game.

On if he was surprised at how Luke Adams played
No, he makes shots everyday in practice and he can make shots he led 3A in scoring last year he can really shoot it and score. He’s done a good job of making us better offensively.

On how Javarez "Bean" Willis played
I thought Bean played the best today, and I don’t mean any disrespect to the other guys. I thought Lew played well and so did Luke (Adams) and Ty (Nurse) did some good things, a lot of guys did some good things but I mean especially the way I like to play I thought Bean gave the best effort. He and Lew have been giving the best effort in practice and that’s the reason they play better than anyone on our team because they play like they practice.

Player Quotes

Robert Lewandowski

On Tech getting off to a strong start
First things first you have to thank the Lord for everything he’s given us and thank him for this win. In terms of coming out strong in this win like you asked it really just came down to Bean Willis coming out and defending the ball hard he kind of set the tone like you said it has been 28 days since we’ve played here and it’s been 14 or so day since we’ve played so I think we were ready to beat someone else up. Same way it was at the beginning of the year, just ready to go out there and play somebody and make someone else pay, we kind of need to keep that intensity up the whole game we kind of fell off the cliff there at the end but things happen and we will figure out how to keep the intensity up the whole game, but we played really started out well.

On Jordan Tolbert
One of the things that I love about this team is that Jordan Tolbert and the presence he has down low. Looking back in all the games I may not be the highest scorer but I love passing the ball to that kid because he can catch it almost anywhere and he scores almost every time. I think my big contribution is just letting other people do their thing, Jordan is playing great right now and he deserves the ball and we need to get it to him every time he’s a play maker and I love passing it to him so anytime we can get it to him is a plus for us.

On how Luke Adams played
Luke is a great kind of spark player and he plays hard all the time and he’s a great shooter as you guys saw and he loves to feed the post so he’s great at getting it into us big guys, he’s just a great all-around player. He’s faced difficultly in his life, obviously but I’ve never heard him complain about that so I love the way he plays and he always goes hard in practice and he deserves the minuets he played tonight.

Javarez "Bean" Willis

On his defensive play
Well in practice I’m always going to ball and when I come in the game that’s my job and he (Coach Gillispie) is always telling us to control the ball handler then that makes it hard for everything, people cant’ play the passing lane, people can’t make easy passes, they can’t feed the post and the ball pressure affects everything and it also converted into our offense.


Grambling State Head Coach Bobby Washington

On the play of Luke Adams
He can definitely play…He is the type of player that you need in this league down the road. Once he gets some experience under his belt they well one day be able to win the Big 12.

On making runs to try and get back into the game
It’s the little things. We cut it to 12 and I think it was the front end of the 1-and-1, it came off and went over our kid’s head and they get it and they put it up and get fouled and hit the free throw. Those are the things you need for a team to go on a momentum run, and those are things on our end that just kills your momentum. Those are the things that we are fighting against.





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