Postgame Quotes: Alabama 66, Texas Tech 62

Texas Tech out-scored Alabama 35-23 in the second half on Wednesday night.

December 19, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening statement
"Great wind-west Texas day, but first off I want to give credit to Alabama they came in and did what they had to do. They played hard, they finished the game and Coach Grant is a great coach and I give him a lot of credit as far as we are concerned. We played a very good second half, I thought we played tough, I thought we executed, hopefully a couple of shots would have gone down, we missed couple of chippys that I thought would have helped us. I'm proud of my guys and the way they grew tonight, they played against a tough opponent and we competed but we still came up a little bit short. I'd love to have that second half back, where we weren't playing so well, we weren't playing Texas Tech basketball and they came out and right away hit a couple of three's and hit us in the mouth and I think the second half this young team grew a little bit and we found a couple of guys that did some things and at the end of the day it comes down to how we finish games and how we look and if we are progressing as we start playing against Big 12 opponents and I think in the second half we played like one of those teams that can compete in this league."

On what was the difference between the first half and the second half
"The big difference, I told the guys is it comes down to one thing if you want to play in the Big 12 and have a chance to compete it comes down to toughness, we can scout and we can put every way to stop every play on the board but at the end of the day they're going to shoot the ball and they're not going to make it every time, even the best teams miss half the time, and if we play really good defense they are going to miss more than that and it's going to come down to getting loose balls and not giving them second-chance points and in the first half we gave them 15 second-chance points and in the second half they got none, and that's what it comes down to, but unfortunately with a team with this magnitude, a young team, a team that's only eight games into the season it's going to take some hard knocks, it's going to take some lessons, it's going to take some guys not playing, it's going to take some things for guys to understand what we are trying to achieve and what we are trying to build. It can't just be about winning the game because at the end of the day we are teaching lessons and we are trying to find the right guys so when the Big 12 comes around they give us the best chance to be the best team that we can be buy the end of the season."

On how frustrating it is to not be making the three's
"It comes down to this, defense, we had enough chances to stop them, and that's what it comes down to. If you want to win a championship, and be that caliber of a team then forget about playing up and down it comes down to stopping people. We had a chance at the end of the game with a 50-50 balls, I remembered Trevor Releford knocking down a shot at the end of the shot clock, it comes down to defense shot clock comes with one second left and we foul a guy or reaching from behind. It comes down to stopping them and that's why we got back into the game not missing or making three's, it comes down to stopping them and that's what I'm going to hang my hat on. We are going to continue to shoot the ball and obviously we shot the ball better from the foul line but at the end of the day it comes down to I want us to be tough-hard-nose-type team that doesn't give up 43 point in a half, that stops them and if we play the same kind of half we played in the second half in the first we win the ball game."

Texas Tech Junior Jaye Crockett

On how much he learned about his team from the second half
"I mean we learned a lot, we just learned that we've got to fight for 40 minutes and we can't come out there at this level and play for 20 minutes because the other team had the lead and we fought back in the second half but we let it get away too much in the first half that the second half was kind of like a waste because we just let it go away in the first half."

On the team morale when Tech is down by 20 points
"It's great, it brings the team together and let's everybody know that going hard will help you win. We were playing together and playing hard and we came back so it's something to learn and do it the next time we are in a situation like that."

On what they can take away from a high caliber team like Alabama
"To be physical, they had some size and we are a little small but we can still be physical and use our speed and be fast and not give up second chances because that stuff hurts you, you play for 34 seconds and then they end up getting a shot on that last second it just drains you."

Texas Tech Sophomore Jordan Tolbert

On if he feels like he's getting to where he needs to be
"Definitely, it all came from my teammates, the way we fought back, there is no better feeling than that when you are down 20 and you fight all the way back and just being with my team, there was no better feeling than that."

Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant

Opening Statement
"I thought tonight, the first half, our guys came out with great energy and great focus. We were able to build the lead, offensively and clicking in terms of guys doing what we needed to do. Defensively, I thought the zone bothered them and in second half they did a very good job of turning up their energy and we didn't respond like I would have liked us to, but proud of our guys for weathering the storm so to speak and coming out with the win."

On what Tech was doing so well in the second half to get them back in the game
"Well we turned the ball over 12 times. Some of it you have to attribute to them some to us. Then they did a really good job getting on the offensive glass, they really hurt us, I think they had eight second-half offensive rebounds and probably most of them were converted for points. Their aggression and ability to get on the glass and our inability to take care of the basketball attributed to that and when I think back there was about a nine minute stretch there where we had one field goal. Those droughts will allow teams to obviously give the team a chance to get back in it which happened tonight."

On breaking their three-game loosing streak on the road
"Proud of our guys for sticking together and our focus today in shoot around was really good and I felt like it was good to see that type of focus going into the game and I felt like we came out and got off to a great start and we did that. I told the guys after that I think everybody in the locker room realized we almost let one slip away unnecessarily today and our focus throughout the last three games we've lost has been hey we are learning what we need to do to get better as a basketball team and I think the guys have committed to wanting to get better and we are going to do what coach is asking us to do and try to do what he is telling us to do so we can get better as a basketball team, and tonight is no different. Had we lost the game we would be sitting here saying everything that we didn't do that we should have done and we can't accept in winning what we wouldn't in losing. We are happy that we won but we also understand that we have to do a better job of playing for 40 minutes."

Alabama Sophomore Trevor Lacey

On what was working so well for him and Alabama early on
"We were just getting out on transition and moving the ball well and I just was moving around the guys and took open shots."

On his impressions of Texas Tech's Jaye Crockett
"Coming into the game we knew that coming off the bench he was going to be one of their best guys and he was a finesse four man as far as stepping out and shooting the ball and banging inside and we were just trying to maintain him and keep him off the glass."




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