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Jaye Crockett tied his career high with 14 rebounds against North Carolina A&T.

December 28, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
“First of all, once again, the three-point line reared its ugly head at us, I think they made about nine three’s in the first half and that’s something we have to continue to work on. I continuously tell my team that this is division I basketball, we are a young team, and guys are playing with confidence against us and we have to have more of a presence defensively so we don’t have to play from behind every time, that’s just too difficult emotionally and particularly stressful on me to have to come back every single game and I will say this about my team is they fight and just like last game as many three’s they made the first half we were down six and it was the same thing that happened this game but yet there was a different outcome because we did a much better job of getting to their shooters in the second half and we did a great job of rebounding and lastly what we haven’t done well in the last two of three games is not turn the ball over and we had five turnovers the second half and 10 the first half and we had a positive assist-to-turnover ratio and when you do that and you rebound and you contest every shot you have a great chance of winning and I’m proud of my guys for that but I’m still going to stay after them, we have a lot of new players that are just learning, trial by fire, and that’s what it’s going to take for us to have a chance to go where we want to go and be the team we want to be by the end of the season.”

On how key Dusty Hannahs’ two three’s at the end of the first half were
“Dusty is an excellent shooter and I tell him time and time again that if he has any space he has to shoot it, that’s like not telling Josh Gray not to drive anytime he sees a lot of daylight with his speed, Dusty is just lethal from three, I don’t want to jinx him for the next game but that’s his role on the team. What he has to improve on and what he did a decent job of today is not to be a liability on defensively, which is what I’m more concerned with, the one thing I know he can do is make shots, but the one thing I’m demanding of him is to become a better defender.”

On Texas Tech crashing the offensive boards
“You know it’s funny you don’t notice it while it’s happening, and I know we had 15 offensive rebounds in the first half yet we were down in the first half because they made so many three balls and it just lets you know what your team is capable of and unfortunately that’s not the type of team we will be playing in the Big 12, they will be bigger and much more athletic but yet you have to show some signs of doing it, they have to know they can do it and they did it today, and it was a difference in the game. I said it before that when you play against teams that are not in the Big 12 this time of year the advantage that you have is inside and you have to pound them inside. Dejan Kravic showed up and played great tonight and they got on the glass and that’s what you have to do in these games and that was difference in the game. Dusty Hannahs had a good game and that was a difference on the offensive side but I will say the one player I thought was the emotional, inspirational guy was Trency Jackson he went 1-for-12 but he continuously drove the ball and was there on defense and he dove for the ball and got a cut of his eye, that is Texas Tech basketball to me not a bunch of three’s, not the glory stuff or the style stuff, I want guys that are going to get mean, nasty and going to play lunch-pail basketball.”

Freshman Dusty Hannahs

On how big his two three’s were at the end of the first half
“They were good for the team, we were at a low point and they were on a run and those two three’s cut it from I think double digits. I was just happy that I got the team back in striking distance and then we came out in the second and did what we needed to do, it was fun.”

On what he felt during the game scoring a career high in points
“Happiness, it was just a great feeling, everyone was just clicking at the right time to get that come back and it felt great.”

Junior Dejan Kravic

On finding holes in their zone defense
“I think they did a great job in the first half, I think we just weren’t finishing and being aggressive, we just had to go up aggressive and that’s what we realized at half time and that’s where we executed in the second half.”

On if he was surprised that Tech had more offensive rebounds than they had rebounds
“I wasn’t, I thought we went after a lot in the first half, the difference was we were just missing a lot in the first half and rebounding and missing and then in the second half we started scoring more off offensive rebounds and the key was we were aggressive in the second half and we got the win.”

Junior Jaye Crockett

On if he feels like he’s clicking right now
“I just want our team to win, that’s all it is, I’m just doing what I need to do to help our team win and whatever I need to do I’m going to do it.”

On Trency Jackson’s energy
“I think Trency was the key to this win today he came with energy from the locker room to the end of the game and we just fed off of him and I really appreciate Trency coming out and playing that hard for the team.”

North Carolina A&T Head Coach Cy Alexander

Opening Statement
“I want to commend Coach Walker and Texas Tech Red Raiders for out working us on the glass. That was the difference in the game, bottom line, it was the difference in the game, and they had 27 second-chance points. Hannahs made two big three’s late in the first half to give them some momentum going into half time, but the big difference was 49 to 22 rebounds. They got more offensive rebounds then we had rebounds and that was the difference in the game.”





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