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Billy Gillispie discusses strategy with Jaron Nash on the sideline against Southeastern Louisiana.

Dec. 30, 2011

Head Coach Billy Gillispie

Opening Statement
“It was a good win for us and we did a lot of good things early. We started executing a little offense and they were doing a good guarding our base offense, they had some big guys, some athletic guys so we weren’t able to move easily to where we wanted, but we still had some good possessions and we had some great possessions, defensively and then all the sudden it seemed like we kind of lost interest and didn’t play competitively enough and started making bone-head plays, and so they had kind of a chance to get back into the game but I was hoping we would really widen the margin and play better than we did. We had some good possessions that happened but not nearly enough for the last game going into conference.”

On the mistakes Tech made
“That’s just us catching the ball in the press offense and not facing our basket or catching it and just not securing the basketball or when Jaye (Crockett) drove it down and gave it away and anything you can think of that wasn’t smart basketball we did to let them have a chance and come back. There was one guy out there making everything, number 32, and we let him catch it and then if it got to the end of the shot clock we’d foul them for no reason in places they weren’t about to score, they’d throw the ball out of bounds and then we’d save it under their basket and you just can’t do those kinds of things. Our margin of error is too small and so we have to cut out the bone-head plays, and we just had too many of them and if they would have made a couple of shots they’d of been right there with us. We made our free throws down the stretch to really widen the margin or keep the margin as it were but we didn’t finish the game anywhere we needed to.”

On how physical the game was
“It was physical, they let it go pretty good and especially down low I think we got a taste of what Big 12 play is going to be like, as far as the physical nature of the game goes. I thought they did a good job, I like it being physical but I thought they were much more physical than us and we fouled more than them so that doesn’t add up to a good solution normally, had they made free throws and some shots it would have been an ugly night for us, but they didn’t and so it was a great win for us and we have to get better obviously, a lot better in every single aspect but we did some good things and we have to build on the good things and try to correct the ones that we didn’t do so well.”


Player Quotes

Robert Lewandowski

On the defensive performance of the team
“As a team that is all we can do really to put ourselves in games, is defense. We have, I am not going to call them excuses, but we have a lot of reasons not to be good, but I think defense is one thing we can control and our effort is one thing we can control, and so we have to get after people on defense to really keep ourselves in games. We are not going to go out there and score 100 points every night, and that is what I meant by my previous comment. We have some weapons but sometimes it is going to be hard to use those weapons every night. Defense is really going to keep us in games and put us ahead too. So, like you said, it did start the game out right and we came out there and had some good steals and some good plays that really got the momentum in our way.”

On picking up two fouls early in the first half
“It is one of those things where fouls just mean you’re not hustling, and I wasn’t doing my job, defensively and rebounding. I wasn’t doing my job in terms of keeping (Elgin) Bailey off the glass, and if I hadn’t had two fouls I thought I would have sat anyway because I just wasn’t doing my job. (Jordan) Tolbert did a great job in the first half and so did Jaye (Crockett), they are really stepping up as the big guys inside and playing inside and playing that whole 20 minutes. I wasn’t doing my job so I wasn’t surprised at all, but I was glad I could come back the second half and help out.”

On hitting a shot early in the second half
“Buckets always help, but I knew that wasn’t why I was struggling. It was purely on the defensive end and purely on rebounding and stuff like that. If I score zero points but play well, if anyone on this team scores zero points but plays tremendous defensively, I think we would all be happy with that. You can’t win games without scoring points but at the same time a defense is, like I said before, our emphasis, and we need to play defense in order to be in games. It was a great pass by Tolbert and a good little momentum goer.”


Sophomore Jaye Crockett

On his performance against Southeastern Louisiana
“Every game I go out there and I try to play my best and the last game I didn’t do too well. Coach talked to me and we watched film and everything, and I just went out there and tried to change mistakes and hustle a little more.”

On bouncing back from an injury early in the season
“It took me a little while. It didn’t take me too long though. We go so hard in practice you kind of get used to it, and I wasn’t too bad out of shape. I was alright when we came back.”

Head Coach Jim Yarbrough

Opening Statement
“We have had a steady diet of these big games. The last three since going to break have been two SEC opponents and Texas Tech and the opposite team scored 62 points three straight times. It becomes a race to 60 for us right now and I don’t want to dwell on the fact that Brandon Fortenberry, 18 points per games is sitting over on the bench. It is disappointing but we are trying to build our team in a different way while we wait to get him back, but we just have to reward ourselves better. We had some opportunities tonight but I give them a lot of credit for grinding and hanging in there and defending and blocking and contesting shots. They made some nice plays down the stretch and it was a good win for them as they get ready to go to conference play. A little disappointed for us, but it is all about our conference race coming up for us as well. It is the 16 games and then the tournament afterwards that is so important. It was a good crowd tonight. I thought the crowd helped them a good bit, and it was a good environment for us and hopefully we get better and more ready and more experienced for the conference race ahead.”

On the disappointing free throw shooting
“Oh remarkable. It is almost like a golf game. As soon as you get one portion or something fixed the other part goes. It has been a problem for us all year. I think our rebounding has gotten in order, our front line is pretty solid in some ways but it still needs to get better. Roosevelt Johnson we have been working on very hard. He goes 7-for-9 tonight and I thought he was exceptional from the line. Elgin Bailey, who has been a 60-70 percent shooter goes 2-for-10. No one was really good from the outside and I thought we had some good shots especially in the first half. Darrin Populist, who has been very steady. He has hit some shots for us with under 10 seconds to play in games, he has made two big free throws to ice games. No one seemed to have, other than Roosevelt, the touch tonight and it is very frustrating. You cant do anything about it, you emphasize it, you keep working on it, but the team is frustrated afterwards but it is those little things, it is execution and finishing off plays. I think for us, and probably Texas Tech too, finding consistency with new parts. For me I have been here seven years, but I have one guy with a senior experience DeShawn Patterson and I have new junior college transfer, freshman and second year guys and getting them some continuity and confidence and rhythm is really difficult right now and even Jan Petrovic, just a language barrier and I am sure coach feels the same way. Coach Gillispie has young players, a very good couple of young players, trying to find consistency in how they are going to generate their points defend and so forth. It was kind of a battle of two teams, maybe different levels, trying to find that consistency. I think we felt comfortable, I think we felt confident but we can’t reward ourselves right now.”




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