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Kader Tapsoba had a career-high eight points against Florida A&M.

December 31, 2012

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Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement
"First of all it's really good to finally be over with the preseason or should I say the preconference season, we played a lot of games at home and it was good it taught us a lot of lessons for our team to grow a little bit. Now we are on to playing in the Big 12 at TCU is our primary focus right now. As far as the game is concerned we just have to continue to work and continue to mature and to start the game off with a little more fire, teams have made three's the last four games against us to get us in a hole and they didn't make three's against us this time but now turnovers rear their ugly head and that's the constant battle that you try and fight everyday with a team of players that have not played at this level and they just have to understand that every game we have to come out with fire and come out and defend and take care of the ball and we can't do it one game and not the next game and then all of the sudden we pick it up and turn it on and I have to continue to press upon them is they have to be a little more consistent, which they are trying, and the good thing about these guys is it's aggressive mistakes, they're trying and not trying to do things wrong and trying to do what we say to do and a tipped pass here and hustle play there we sometimes come up a little short, but I will say this about these guys they never lack effort and we just have to play smarter down the stretch and we just have to understand that now we are facing the most difficult task of going on the road in the Big 12 and I expect us to come out and after a couple of days of practice to go to Fort Worth and give it all we've got. "

On if he was pleased with the post play defensively
"Yes, they weren't a team that really went inside a lot, they shoot three's and they actually made some in the second half and I actually told the guys at half time that the only way this game could get out of hand is if we let them make three's and they did make four of them in the second half but we did want to limit them to five for the game because we'd been giving up 10 plus the last four games, that was just our awareness of the game. The guys did a great job of that and we limited them to 60 points and they got 56 so we really weren't worried about what we were scoring it was our defensive goals for the game and those guys did a good job of accomplishing that."

On if he was pleased with how Texas Tech came back after the first 10 minutes
"Yeah, but we have to stop digging holes for ourselves. There are going to be games, particularly on the road, that you're going to dig too deep of a hole and you're not going to have the fans and you're not going to have the comfort of home to help you or cushion the blow and give you that safety net to come back and that energy and enthusiasm to come back from behind, again it comes down to being solid and not being hurried and it comes from just getting more experience and Saturday is another dress rehearsal for experience for a team of guys who have really played nine game in their college career and even though some of these team are coming from MEAC or the SWAC they have upper classmen and it's tough to play against upper classman because they are stronger and smarter and we just have to understand that we have talent but we have to harness that talent and we have to make sure the guys understand it's not just about having talent it's about how you think the game and we are just continuing to work on their minds, and they have been great at receiving things it's just going to take some trial and error for us to get to where we need to be."

Sophomore Jordan Tolbert

On holding Florida A&M to 30 percent shooting
"We had stressed that from the beginning of the game and in practice that we didn't want them to get 60 points and we just came out and executed and did what we were supposed to do."

On what they need to work on for the next game
"We had a lot of turnovers so taking care of the ball, knocking down free throws, and just getting in the gym and taking more shots so we are more efficient."

Junior Kader Tapsoba

On how it felt to have a good defensive game
"It felt great, it's been awhile, it always feels good to be there for the team when they need me."

On how they changed their play after the first 10 minutes
"After the timeout we talked about it that we have to pick it up and we can't go out sloppy like that and we just talked back and forth and got it straightened out."






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