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Quoting Players and Coaches following the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game




January 17, 1999


Quoting Texas Tech head coach James Dickey

"Oklahoma State did exactly what they needed to do to win. They guarded the three-point line extremely well. We turned over the ball way too many times. That's something that I worried about before the game. Their defense was outstanding and that was they key today. When the game was on the line, they elevated on both the defensive side and offensive side of the game. Our post-game was a non factor. Our impatience on offense and turnovers had a lot to do with their victory. I was impressed with the way they used their two stars-Peterson and Mason. Right now we're not handling pressure defense real well. We also need to do a better job of executing on offense. Oklahoma State did a great job of being patient, screening and executing. They were as patient as we were impatient."

Quoting Texas Tech guard Rayford Young

"Oklahoma State did a good job on defense the entire game. They really did a good job on offense and executing. The turnovers are a credit to their defense but I felt the turnovers had a lot to do with the intensity of the game. I felt we had a chance to win but we just had too many turnovers. When you have that many turnovers, it's pretty tough to beat a team like Oklahoma State. A lot of guys were trying to put pressure on themselves. Every time the shot clock went down to three, four seconds, it seemed like Mason and Peterson always hit a big shot for them."

Quoting Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton

"Both teams played well defensively. It was an ugly game. Our defense forced turnovers and that helped us. We were also able to excecute better on the offensive end and we got better looks at the basket than Tech did. We had been playing poorly on offense. I was pleased in the second half that we were able to play so well and execute so well on offense. Coming in, we thought one of the keys would be our transition defense. We also felt we had to take away as many three-point opportunities as we could. I have a lot of respect for their guards- Stan Bonewitz and Rayford Young. We did a good job on Bonewitz and Young and that was a key in the game."



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